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COMET GUNMAN PSYOP: Comet Ping Pong Gunman Report – Search Engine Anomaly #PizzaGate

from FaceLikeTheSun:

Weird inconsistencies with search engine results of when the Washingtonian article about the Comet Ping Pong gunman was reported. Yahoo and Google but show that the article was published well before the events allegedly took place. This is a common problem with search engines, but to have Yahoo show is a day before is strange. Also, the gunman himself seems to have a direct connection to the military industrial complex.

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2 comments to COMET GUNMAN PSYOP: Comet Ping Pong Gunman Report – Search Engine Anomaly #PizzaGate

  • Stuck

    Hello again Sean.

    For the benefit of your readers I will share here the ‘gist’ of my hypothesis which you are now aware of.

    From my experience I can offer an informed oppinion that there is indeed MUCH more to this than meets the eye.

    My informed oppinion would suggest that a professional ‘deep clean operation’ has just been carried out over at the Comet Ping-Pong restaurant.

    This is a MAJOR development in the ‘Pizzagate’ scandal and one which has been hidden in plain sight as a lone gunman incident.

    Typically, when the PTB require a ‘deep clean’ involving the destruction and removal of any and all evidence of an event/occurance/’crime’ then something will be staged to justify the closure (from public view at the very least) of the site of the operation. If the site cannot be completely hidden from public view (as in this event) then it is common for such a site to become a ‘hazard to health or safety’, such as a gas leak or a chemical spill, or have the ‘scene’ restricted to offials only, as in this case because it is a ‘crime scene’. Basically, anything approprite which allows prying eyes to be kept well back.

    This also justifies and gives cover for the movement of large numbers of people and equipment, but especially provides cover for the removal of many items hidden in ‘evidence’ bags, or ‘contaiminated waste’ containers, etc.

    This seems to be the case over at Comet Ping-Pong. A crime scene needs to be processed and ‘evidence’ removed.

    I wont explain how such things are done, but I assure you they are.

    I suspect that whatever ‘evidence’ for anything pizzagate related has now been ‘cleaned’ by some of the ‘official pesonnel’ attending this ‘crime scene’ to ostensibly investigate the ‘lone gunman’ incident.

    The problem for anyone now seeking an official investigation, or even just a search of that place, is that no future investigators will ever find anything even resembling forensic evidence at that place. It is now likely ‘sterile’.

    This sort of stuff goes on often under the noses of good people and loyal Police and Military personnel who are not tuned to what is afoot. It is even sometimes aided by unsuspecting personal who genually think they really are processing a scene and recovering evidence for investigation, or clearing away ‘contaminated waste’, only for that evidence to get lost in the system, or otherwise made unavailable to the courts.

    Of course, I have no way whatsoever of knowing for sure that a ‘clean up’ really has taken place under the cover of this ‘incident’, but my experience and my gut are telling me that this just is not right, not now, and not in that particular place.

    Finally, it may be that now the ‘clean up’ has been done, the local law enforcement will actually investigate some pizzagate claims. This will be encouraged by the PTB in order to discredit ‘conspiracy theorists’ by showing that pizzagate was indeed just ‘fake news’ as they said it was. The complete absence of any forensic evidence being found will be said to ‘prove’ this.

    Be prepared for that and attacks on ‘fake news’ in general. Its a multi-pronged attack seeking to discredit any references to a global network of child rapists and satanic ritual abusers of children by the so called ‘elite’.

    Anyway, I’ve said way too much and likely put my head on a block just by mentioning this.

    May God protect, strengthen thier resolve, and guide the research of all those good people who refuse to let this story and other related issues drop, and who continue to shine light into the darkest of places.

    • willygroper


      another great post…not nice 😉
      they always destroy the evidence, waco, okc, 911, ad nauseum.

      i was shocked yesterday by a story of 2 state workers of 2 different burbs.

      1 was a cop that was fired, served his sentence, then rehired & participating for $$$ as a foster parent. can’t remember the amount per child but it was substantial. knowingly or not, it’s damn obvious what he’s participating in. it’s a cattle chute for these chillens. prolly never to be heard from again unless it’s a really twisted incident.

      tptb manipulate via human’s basest instincts. greed/lust.

      God can’t come soon enuf.

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