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CIA Pushes for New Elections?

from The Daily Bell:

Calls Grow For A New Presidential Election To Be Held After Russia Meddled To Help Trump … It is finally being said out loud, in public, on national television. America may need to hold a new presidential election after Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump.   –Politicus

We can see the tide building to challenge Trump before the Electoral College votes to install him as president.

Now a former CIA official has gone on television to say that the only solution to questions being raised involve an electoral “do-over.”


Former CIA Operative Robert Baer brought up the idea of holding a new election during an appearance on CNN:    Baer said, “The Russians, it looks like to me did interfere in our elections.

“We’ll never be able to decide whether they changed the outcome, but I’ll tell you having worked in the CIA if we had been caught interfering in European elections, or Asian elections, or anywhere in the world, those countries would call for new elections.

“Any democracy would. I mean, I don’t see it any other way. The Electoral College before the nineteenth has got to know whether the Russians had an effect, Whether they went to Wikileaks, whether they hacked email, and whether they affected American opinion. They had a good reason to go after Hillary Clinton. Putin hates her for the Ukraine.”

The CIA has already made news for suggesting that Russian hacking of the US elections was credible and may have done significant damage to results.

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4 comments to CIA Pushes for New Elections?

  • Global Grist

    The bogus multi-state recounts didn’t work.
    Threatening the Electors doesn’t seem to be working.
    Hillary, the maven of hackable computer networks who allowed our country’s most critical secrets to intentionally fall into our enemies hands sets up the false narrative during the debates that those dastardly Russians, you know, the ones she sold Uranium to, are behind the unveiling of intimate evils perpetrated by those within her campaign. Now they’re pushing treasonous CIA operatives into the public eye with a totally unverifiable report in order to sway people’s opinions and further sully the Electors to try to prevent the duly elected President to be Trump from taking office.
    Criminals never sleep, and they don’t go away just because they lose an election.

  • Millicent

    The Clinton’s are shameless… The PTB are really afraid of Trump and are pulling out all the stops to derail his presidency. They will have to produce the “evidence” and that will be interesting.

    • Videoctr

      Agreed, the powers that be are afraid and they have been wounded. This makes them dangerous and desperate as they cling to power they think they have left. We the people are less influenced by their entrainment and manipulative propaganda. Hopefully more of the population will wake up and see that we are dealing with a corrupt and evil infiltration in high office. Continuous violations of the laws without penalty as they continue to double down to the extreme with lies and deception. Trying to keep things as they are. They are bad magicians and we see through the tricks.

      Obama, the DNC, the Clintons, CIA, FBI, collusive main stream media, drop your weapons of fakery and come out with your hands up. You’re under arrest! It is time for the people to govern with Trump as our president. You had your time and we see where you are trying to take this country. You lost, now get out of our way scum! We must heal, rebuild, and end the wars and return to sound money economics.

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