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Celebrites Who Blocked Me on Twitter This Year

from Mark Dice:

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  • Ed_B

    Not being a twit, I have zero need for Twitter… or FacePlant either. Both of these web sites, IMO, are being run by leftists who force their agenda on others via their leftist use policies. It’s interesting that conservative users get into trouble for saying what their political beliefs are but lefto-communists never do… even though, from what I have heard, their comments are often quite vile.

    Unfortunately for the so-called social media sites, they are working hard at going the same way as the so-called Main Stream Media… or Main Scream Media, since that seems to fit them better. By continuously injecting their politics into everything they do, they will eventually run out of people who agree with them. Those users will be up for grabs and any conservative versions of these sites that come along will serve their needs FAR better than the current social media sites.

    In the same manner, the leftist press is dying off in this country and is having a very hard time staying in business. Their profits have nearly collapsed and it won’t be long before they can no longer afford to keep the doors open and the lights on. But not to worry. Big-time leftists with billions at their disposal will ride to the rescue of these media companies with open arms and BIG checks. The NY Times and Washington Post WILL be supported. Probably the Chicago Tribune and LA Times as well. But the lesser knowns in this business will be decimated via their own stupid policies. It’s a Darwinian thing.

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