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Carly Fiorina Destroyed Her Secret Server Too

from Bill Still:

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4 comments to Carly Fiorina Destroyed Her Secret Server Too

  • CalSailX

    Princess Fiorina almost mathematically destroyed HP, myself I only took it personally when HP merged with Compaq. At the time I was involved in the Linux port to some really small cool hardware. I spent over three grand out of my own pocket because I understood just what that technology could do!

    Personally I believe Carly’s job was to keep the iPAQ pocket PC, from being what it should have become! It was ready to stand the world on it’s head, a small hand held computer that you could be trouble shooting a computer network problem with one minute, and answer a cell phone call the next.

    Personally Fiorina, and who ever gave her that leg up at HP, I hope they burn in hell!

    • CalSailX

      It was a modular path… it was going to be “your computer” and you just plugged crap into it to do the “job”!

    • Steelerdude

      I too took it personally when Fiorina did away with HP’s main frames which were all over the place and doing a great business for them….very profitable.

      She ruined so many people when she was at HP….she is absolutely worthless from any point of business or govt position.

      • CalSailX

        I hate to say this about anyone, but in my own nose I get the smell of the cult of Death and Debt about her. If they can’t control it they will try to destroy it. Make no mistake a woman can get away with crap that would have a man hanging from a tree branch from his favorite parts.

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