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C A S H L E S S = S L A V E R Y

from Dees Illustration, via SGT

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68 comments to C A S H L E S S = S L A V E R Y

  • Chuck Reid

    Yup! Dees nails it, again.


    • mike

      BTC $831

      AG $7.01

      Think Erics call was AG to the moon and BTC to top at $580 THEN CRASH TO $100 LOLzz.

      BTC has this cashless society thing covered, so no worries, just dont listen to Eric or Krell, Eric especially.

      Wish these guys could understand only BTC is real money nothing else. Not controlled by gubberment and controlled markets, controlled entirely by the free market.

      I dont know about other dealers but when you buy PMs from JMbullion with BTC you get the bankwire price..”No extra fees” thing Krell was rambling and jibber jabbering on about? Think that almost won him the 2016 alltards it was so stupid..

      • Eric

        mike is a funny guy. Always measuring everything in US Titanic Dollars. If one measures the value of things in Silver Dollars or honest money, they will see that everything is cheap as shit right now. I’m glad I didn’t buy any blipcoins. They are in a bubble and way overvalued.

        I think I might buy some orange juice because not only has that just about outperformed everything else in US Dollar terms, but the body needs lots of Vitamin C to survive. It doesn’t need blipcoins. Speaking of which I wonder if mike wants to buy my used patio furniture since that is about the only thing you can buy with blipcoin.

        I never said First Majestic Silver was going to the moon. And I said $580 was resistance in blipcoin which is where it stalled so I was right on that one. It will still crash in terms of Gold. First Majestic has still way outperform mike’s silly cryptocurrency in 2016. I wonder if he wants to place any bets on 2017. I’m guessing bitcoin crashes as more people realize it’s just digital air while Gold skyrockets. Otherwise mike wouldn’t be buying Silver with his blipcoins.

        Yes blipcoin is cashless because you can’t even hold it in your hand and every transaction is recorded so it’s basically worthless. In the words of Rob Kirby when speaking about the debt jumping up 340 billion in one day, “It’s laughable!”

        I feel the same way about mike and his silly digital currency.

        • mike

          I dont measure everything in dollars I measure in purchasing power..BTC has a whole lot of purchasing power and it has grown..I told you dolts the 20 year top of AG and to buy BTC…Why would I even try you like being poor? Everything you do is ass backwards?

          I have explained to you before the massive loss in purchasing power over the years PMs have suffered. I have explained to you that Quantity and rarity actually do play a roll in its purchasing power aka value, you just didnt understand. Quantity as far as PMs go is unlimited now and PMs are only as rare as a gallon of diesel. PMs can be mined from material that has zero visible ore,virtually no human labor. Literally grams per ton of material and mines still make the dollar. Mines are the first to trade you the metal for the dollars.. When PMs had the most purchasing power in the past they had to be mined by human hands and only visible veins so it was really rare 1000 years ago, not today hence the purchasing power of 15 USD if someone would take it as money but they wont because it is not money just a relic of the past.

          For instance BTC is, as of this moment able to purchase 400 gallons of gasoline.

          Silver if it was money which it has no attributes of money such as divisibility, spendable and with little intrinsic value could buy you about 7 gallons of gasoline if just 1 person in this world would take it as money. You cant purchase anything with it so it has ZERO value and NO intrinsic value. It is all indeed perception.

          You can buy anything with BTC and all your favorite bullion dealers take it

          • Eric

            Some of us are on a longer than 6 year timeline. Silver is trading at 1979 price levels. What was the price of blipcoin in 1979? Oh that’s right it wasn’t munny then. Or now. Or ever. I can’t wait to see mike buy the hype on the next technologicmacal breakthrough. Cuz brawndos got electrolytes!

            You have explained exactly nothing exact how dumb and ignorant you are mike. That’s why they call you dumbshit.

            Where are these large stockpiles of Silver you keep yakking about? Put up or shut up. How many ounces have you pulled out of the ground with “no human labor?” lol!

            Please point me to the gas station that accepts bitcoin. I haven’t seen one yet. Nobody wants your CIA blipto currency which records every transaction on a blockchain which slows down transactions because of the size.

            Gold (and Silver) is money. Bitcoin is an overvalued tech stock in a bubble.


            I haven’t seen one “we accept bitcoin” sign in all of Los Angeles. Step out of the matrix once in a while dumbshit.

            • mike

              If you had listened to me and sold whatever you had in AG at 18.40 and purchased BTC you would be sitting pretty..

              I know you like the stuff that is why you ass backwards logic about wasting dollars confounds me?

              Lets say you had 100k in AG and sold when I told you it was going to crash..
              Now you could have taken you money and bought roughly 5k ozs of silver then.
              If you had bought 178 BTC with it and waited you could go to JMbullion today and buy 9646 0z of silver.
              I told you AG was going down, PMs are heading for all time lows and BTC is going straight up.
              Instead your a bitter clinger and a penis.

              • Eric

                That’s funny. If you had listened to me and Sean and bought First Majestic Silver instead of bitcoin at the beginning of the year you would be up 134% instead of 92%. But simple arithmetic escapes your simple mind. That’s why you’re a dumbshit.

                I’m already sitting pretty. I was sitting pretty last year and I will be sitting pretty a year from now because I don’t buy the hype and do my due diligence.

                Why are you buying Silver with bitcoin? You could have saved all that wasted time and effort and just bought Silver direct.

                I shit out 9646 oz of Silver for breakfast each morning. Don’t forget to pay your capital gains taxes.


                • Eric

                  lol! He’s a pistol packin mama.

                • mike

                  Eric you are a penis and have some big dreams. Not to mention just waste money and mke terrible calls…You didnt buy AG until it was 16 like Sean lol you in the RED ah hahahahahahaha.

                  Krell..That was kind of funny but you do have a fascination with the Penis.
                  On this board your the Penis’s best friend and you seem to like pictures of penises…You guys are soooo Gay! Thats Ok if thats what you love?

                • Eric

                  Actually my average price paid is $0.00

                  Did you get free Silver in the mail this year mike? I did twice.

                  mike, lay off the froot loops and the prescription medication. Your world is scary.

                • KRELL427

                  Mike, you are the one that mentions it in all your responses, not me.

                • Eric

                  That’s because he’s gay.

                • mike

                  This started with your fascination with Testicles..Remember. You said you were a man surrounded by Testicles where you come from and thats how it is>. Then you just posted a picture of a man holding a very large black Penis laughing? I really don’t care if you and Eric are gay. I suspect Krell your from somewhere in occupied Europe where the vast majority of men are indeed super gay. I understand its part of your backwards culture and Im fine with it so long as you never come to my country.
                  Eric is probably from some back woods throw back place here in America where its normal to engage in such activity..Like Deliverance.

                  Now Eric is just a penis which explains your attraction to him and Testicles. He wastes money but loves money?

                • Eric


                  The law of total probability SUGGESTS that you have pseudologia fantastica.

                  You may be aware you are lying, or may believe you are telling the truth. You may be lying to make your life seem more exciting when in reality you believe your life is unpleasant or boring.

                  Pathological lying can be a symptom of other disorders such as psychopathy and antisocial, narcissistic, and histrionic personality disorder.

                  You may want check into a hospital for a while and get yourself checked out thoroughly.

      • MarcS

        Hey, what happens when the guvmint shuts down the internet?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Cashless society?

    I can foresee a time, where the government may outlaw any transition from the “official cashless” items or digits, being interchanged with BTC. (Rise, rise, rise & then VANISH into thin air.)

    The times of bartering & bootlegging are coming back. People will be growing a lot of weed, poppies, making moonshine, growing tobacco, etc.

    I still think it would be a good “hobby” to be making black powder revolvers in a home workshop, along with powder, balls, caps, etc.

    The big problem, is how to make the caps. They are chemically a bit complicated because they actually use some explosive chemical formulations.

    • mike

      You can use regular toy gun caps and the heads of light anywhere matches etc. There are some youtubes vids on the subject. They would work perfect in a black powder gun and even work in a regular bullets.

      Gubberment can not control the BTC..It is beyond their reach and have already given up on it by not labeling it as money or an asset.

  • Steelerdude

    I still havent got my OBAMA phone! He cant leave office until I get my OBAMA phone!

    I did collect on his cash for clunkers program though…..


  • Kakistocracy

    Will you Americans WAKE UP?

    I have my doubts.
    WE NEED TO STOP ALL DEBT-based currency.
    Federal Reserve
    Bank of Canada
    Bank of England
    Bank of Japan
    Bank of Spain


    NOTE: The Rothschild money since 1697 MUST BE RETURNED TO THE PEOPLE !
    This amount is greater than $500 TRILLION.
    Rothschilds OWN half the world through their three centuries of CENTRAL BANK OWNERSHIP!

    Jews are NOT a semitic people.
    Only the Muslims from that area are.
    So even, Anti-Semitism is a lie, just like everything about their TRIBE-Chosen-culture.
    All lies.
    Especially CURRENCY.

    CURRENCY: Debt owed to a European Jewish Family.
    But idiots will cry rayciss, because they are disgusting spineless jellyfish COWARDS who will not face up to the truth: AMERICA IS OWNED BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE OWNERS.

    LOOK :

    Every last cent must be returned !


    For example, you idiots continue to support a ruinous and barbaric Military Industrial Complex that LOST over $10 TRILLION dollars.
    And you idiots have how many people on FOOD STAMPS? Infrastructure problems?
    No clean drinking water? Inadequate health insurance?
    Support the troops?! F*cking idiots.
    Hope and Change version 2.0 with Trump right?
    F*cking idiots.
    How many times does the monkey have to pull the frakin lever before it realizes their is no banana?
    Wake the f.hell up you idiots.
    You have been played by the ROTHSCHILDS who now want to move to a CASHLESS society.

    And you idiots still have no idea what really is happening and who is responsible.

    You Americans are like HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. Pathetic and very painful to watch just how easily manipulated you idiots are.

  • Kakistocracy

    You Americans are idiots
    Once a great nation now reduced to high school status
    Unable to see the idiocracy of their own actions
    They plunge head-first into oblivion
    Dragging the entire world with it
    And when they finally wake up
    Will they admit to their errors and mistakes?
    No , these idiots will simply fall into fascism and communism
    And more centralization of Power.

    Why are Americans so foolish?
    Because they have been traumatized and tortured into a child-like emotional existence.
    They are consumed by fear created by their tyrannical federal traitorous government.

    While I feel empathy for some Americans, I recognize you idiots allowed your Military to destroy in-numberable nations over the years all in service of the PetroDollar and Greater Israel. You could have tried to become more conscious but instead you choose and continue to choose to update your Facebook profile.
    You deserve what is coming because of your own willful ignorance.
    I wish it were otherwise.
    Having said all of that, I will pray for one thing.
    I wish for courage to come to the American people.
    They will decide the world’s collective future and fate.

    Can they finally begin to think for themselves?

    • mike

      Can you think for yourself? Where are you from? Europe, Canada, Australia?
      Canada embraced the mental slavery even when the US attempted to free the people from the chains of the English? Canadians are truly disgusting lemmings propog up thier masters. Europeans have been 100% self destructive from the start and are simply vile backwards creatures…Germans, English, Polish, French, Russians etc..All the same exact people but almost succeeded in completely destroying themselves twice in the last century alone. Unfortunately we as Americans have to maintain European bases to keep the backwards natives in check. Today Europeans have hammered the last nail in the coffin with the Muslim invasion and truly succeeded in finally destroying themselves.
      The Truth is the entire world is ignorance incarnate with the exception of the US.
      I dont care about the world only the US. I have no problem leaving the native beasts to rule the hell they have created and defend and protect their own if they can.

      • MarcS

        Pure BS.

        “The us has to maintain bases all over the world?”

        Waste of money, that is why the founding fathers said to resist foreign intervention, and we see the results of a powerful MIC, also warned of by President Eisenhower.

        No the american & european banksters wanted war for profiteering, not to save lives. American blood spilled for nothing but debt to the banksters and ruination of a country

        • KRELL427

          Mike, I did not think it was possible for you to stoop any lower, but that comment puts you at the head of the complete arsehole society.

          • mike

            There is something truly wrong in the mind of the Euroman. Something only Americans have been able to shrug off..Not sure exactly what it is but the Euroman is 100% self destructive. The Euro self destruction works like a Swiss watch ..Every 30-50 years the Euroman does something beyond stupid and essentially attempts to commit self genocide. WW1,WW2,WW3 fought without a whimper giving up everything their fathers fought so hard to protect, sovereignty under the thumb of the Eurocrats? Now WW4..Muslim invasion.
            America is what kept it together but I agree with the MarkS and we need to stop helping out Europe. It is time to let them sink or swim..But we already know they will sink……..

          • mike

            Sorry Krell Truth hurts sometimes but it is simply truth. Maybe you can start trying to be like the Chosen aka American and explain to your violent peoples the evils of self genocide? That would be a good start I think?

            • KRELL427

              I was born and still live in Toronto, why don’t you go bang your sister and brush your buck teeth while your at it. Mike Dirt the caveman .If you want to play the stereotype game.

              • Eric

                But mike is “very wealthy.” That’s why he digs around in the “muck” looking for clams and plays with Mario coins instead of real munny. Lol. Now watch him call me names since he’s too dumb to learn truth. He lives in the land of make believe.

              • mike

                Okay so you are by nature a loyalist and anti freedom. The US attempted to throw the English shackles off the treasonous “Canadians” but they rallied behind the English oppression and accepted and embraced their slavery. They have all proven themselves as lemming slaves and even burned down the White House, the bastion of human freedom?
                Lesson learned you can not hand someone freedom they must earn it and Canadians will always go down the road of self destruction like the Euro people. It is their nature. Not sure what happened and why since your so close to the Chosen aka America.Why would you people would act so primitive and deny individual freedom? Well its not up to me to figure out your genetic malfunction only expose it to light to hopefully warn others not to go down the same genocidal road..

                • Eric

                  The White House is the bastion of human freedom?

                  mike, do you know the difference between “The US” and “America?”

                  You’re the one that’s addicted to the price of things. Who is the slave here? You can’t even figure out the difference between value and price or currency or money, so why would you be able to figure out your own genetic malfunction let alone any else?

                  Seriously mike… you should drive to the nearest mental facility and ask them to admit you as soon as possible. You need a lot of help obviously.

                • mike

                  Did you not see the question mark? You do understand what a question means correct? ..The you go on to quote it?? Ah hahahaha tardo.
                  You are the one in the bubble of your own backwards world not me.
                  You deny innovation, basic math and the only true money on earth not me.

                  You are the bubble boy…

                • Eric

                  You’re the one who keeps making assumptions and talking out of your ass making stuff up. Why would you ask such a silly question in the first place if that is what you are saying? Did somebody tell you the White House was the “bastion of human freedom?” I know you didn’t read it anywhere.

                  I don’t deny innovation. I embrace it. But there is no point in exchanging one worthless digital currency for another worthless digital currency at this time when I would rather have sound money. This is where you and I differ mike. I have principles whereas you do not. Why are you buying Silver when I told you that you should sell it since you don’t think it is rare or money?

                  As for basic math, I have yet to see you post any statistics, data, or numbers.

                  Seeing through you is not hard to do.

                  “Habitual liars invent falsehoods not to gain any end or even to deceive their hearers, but to amuse themselves. It is partly practice and partly habit. It requires an effort in them to speak truth.”

                  -WILLIAM HAZLITT, Characteristics

        • mike

          I agree 100%..The minute we take out our bases Europe will be in flames by their own hand. It is what they do, they are animals. Africom once that is gone you will see barbarity beyond what is happening now in Africa.
          It is not our job I agree let the world burn. The only thing I care about is our country.
          Of course if the Euro trash started doing something that would affect our country negatively.. I wouldn’t have a problem lobbing a few nukes in their direction to just smoke the backwards sickening Neanderthals once and for all. Think we could probably shoot off about 300 Nukes without it having much of an effect on our environment. I think there have been around 400 total above ground nuke test already in the world with no detrimental effect beside Bikini Island. The day after movie really did a number on people thinking there would be no winner in a Nuclear war..There would be and the world would go on.

  • knowtoomuch

    Without a doubt a fake tweet (almost no followers), but I appreciate it anyway :

    Concerns also the “Pizza Gate”

  • Fern


    Please listen……

    Scott Roberts: How Did We Get Into This Mess? How Do We Get Out of It?

  • knowtoomuch

    Thanks Fern !

    I’ve only seen 7 minutes and S.R. (never heard of honestly) already spoke about “jew awakening” and “obvious and objective reality” ; VERY good !

    But I’ve gotta work tomorrow ; here in France it’s almost midnight, so I’ll definately look the rest of the interview tomorrow.

    But it looks FINE to me so far 😉

  • knowtoomuch

    By the way Fern, did you ever hear a rabbi telling the Historical Truth ?

    Me personnally, NEVER, up to a week ago :

    What “they” inflicted on (christian) Russia from 1917 to 1950, will be the near future for Europe as well as the USA.

    No shit.

  • Howard Roark

    Perfect thread for fonemikestar to chime back in on…Cashless = Slavery, CIA, bitCON…CASHLESS SLAVERY…how ironic…

    IP tracked on every transaction unlike PMs…

    But, but muh paper wallets…blah, blah, blah…hopeless dupes.

  • d

    When and if these scumbag politicians try to MAKE us go cashless…which by the way is UN CONSTITUTIONAL…since gold and silver are legal tender in our Constitution….then it will require from everyone that wants to remain FREE…too resist will all the force you have at your disposal, and the aim will be at those that want to impose their evil will upon you and yours….remember digital numbers in a banksters control…MEANS you have ..what ever they want you too have…MERRY CHRISTMAS / Happy Holidays to all

  • Fern

    Alex Jones — caught with hot mic(3 min)

    • Eric

      Wow he really lost it at the end there bloviating the ad hominem attacks when asked about Benjamin Freedman.

      AJ used to have a CIA handler (wish I could remember the name) that when confronted about he supposedly turned pale white and had to leave the room.

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