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Brutal Reality Check Coming To Most Of America The First Week Of 2017 – More Proof Emerges The American People Are Being Lied To In A HUGE Way!

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

The new story from The Weather Channel tells us that a brutal reality check is coming for much of America during the first week of 2017. With temperatures once again expected to be dropping way below normal with single digit temps to well below zero across much of America by the end of the first week of 2017, this ‘roller coaster’ ride we’ve noticed recently of warmer temperatures quickly leading to brutally cold ones will continue. As this new Weather Channel video reports, brutally cold air is returning for the new year.

According to Rory Spencer PHd in his latest forecast, single digit temperatures could push as far south as Florida by the end of next week with temperatures going down to 30 degrees below zero or colder in parts of the US. As seen in the GFS model forecast for Friday, January 6th below, by next week, another frigid blast of winter will have arrived across America.

It is increasingly looking like the first full week of 2017 will be greeted with a cold air outbreak over the Lower 48 states that will be widespread and persistent.

Early next week the cold air will enter the U.S. through Montana and the Dakotas, where temperatures will likely plunge into the minus 30 deg F (or colder) range.

By the end of the week, single digits could extend into the southeast U.S., and a hard freeze could push into central Florida (graphic courtesy of

And while most of America prepares to once again go into a ‘deep freeze mode’, we’re getting more and more evidence that a humongous hoax has been played out upon us all as detailed much more below. We also take a look at several video reports of next weeks brutally cold weather onslaught upon America.

The story that the Drudge Report linked to on Wednesday from the Real Climate Science blog makes an astounding claim when we consider the globalists drive to impose taxes upon the world due to global warming: “100% of US ‘Warming’ is Due To NOAA Data Tampering” according to their story.

While the Washington Post recently picked up on a claim made by Climate Central that the US was ‘overwhelmingly hot’ in 2016 and temperatures have risen 1.5 degrees F since the 19th century, we hear from David Knight from Infowars in the 1st video below that Americans are being misled by our public servants once again.

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