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Breaking: Drudge Report Under Unprecedented Attack. Republic in Crisis

from The Alex Jones Channel:

The Drudge Report sustained the most intense attack of it’s existence today. Many indicators point to the fact that the attack was caused domestically. What does this mean for freedom of speech and the agenda of the globalists? Alex Jones breaks it down in a rousing and insightful analysis.

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8 comments to Breaking: Drudge Report Under Unprecedented Attack. Republic in Crisis

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Psychotic, psychopathic dictators, greedy, self absorbed criminal tyrants do not understand or grasp the concept of losing a contest or sharing power. They will always double down and triple down and keep going until they either gain control or their hearts and brains fail from heart attacks and strokes.

    Those criminals are often very charismatic, and seem friendly, but they smile only when they are on top and winning everything. They go nuts when they don’t get their wishes. The rage and rant more and more.

    This is a fight of honesty, honor, truth and goodness against evil, rage, lies, and powerful lunatics.

    Keep up your honor. Never give up, never surrender.

    • glitter 1


      Here is some insight on who/what humanity is up against.The enemy is hidden everywhere and in every organization of influence on the planet.Regardless of what we see/read and hear these people are in control,they have infiltrated every thing and control everything.

      Now bare with what I’m saying.Listening to these two pieces,which provide the necessary insight(s).The first on John Todd is old recordings from the 70’s.I first heard them back in the 70’s.Make note of the names he throws out.It’s actually two similar recordings spliced together,~ 2.5hrs.Pay attention towards the last few minutes where he talks about the witchcraft rune/rude: “Let the kings be kings,the bankers be bankers and the priests be priests” It spells out their power structure,take note that the Bankers do not rule,it’s the Priests who dictate to the Bankers.Who are the Priests?That’s a guess,since there are most likely only ten/twelve of them.

      This next piece is from an ex-Illuminati(The Family),who was no where near Todd’s level,however she supports/corroborates what Todd says.You will note that she explains how The Mafia is afraid of these people.She also gives her opinion on how many people make up The Family,it’s millions and they’re in everything/everywhere.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Yes, it’s sad (& scary) that they are infesting so much of our world. Time to “flush the handle” on them.

        • glitter 1

          How do you finger an enemy that is hidden in plain sight.Now Svali explains that Bill and Hillary are an arranged Illuminati Bloodline Marriage and looking back one can see who/what they are and represent based on their corrupt actions.Yes,Hillary and Bill are Illuminati and she was destined/promised to be the first woman president,but she failed even with all the lying.deceiving support she received from every quarter.Yes, “they” were dealt a temporary(perhaps) setback.However all the hidden players are still in place,doing their part.How many do you think Trump has,wittingly/unwittingly, surrounded himself with.Time will tell.
          “They” may experience setbacks,but they are not going away.They have been at it for centuries and will continue.It’s sad,but it’s reality.

          Like AJ stated,if they see too much of a setback they may just kick over the table and start a/the war.

  • videoctr

    I remember watching on television the unfolding of Iraq War 1. The military announced how they were taking out Iraqi communication technology first, General Norman Schwarzkopf, and General Colin Powell had their charts and briefed us, the citizens of America, in real time, their plan to take out “command and control first in Iraq, and hearing the mantra, this was to be an effort by the “coalition of the willing nations.” These are the propaganda words the media used often reporting the “news” to us in real time. I remember hearing other propaganda words, “the fog of war”, “weapons of mass destruction.” The internet was still young and most relied on the 4 major television networks for news. Shaping public attitudes was easier then.

    Fast forward to now, on the eve of the last day of 2016, we can plainly see how the US Government is controlling communications with DDOS attacks and demonizing the “new media” calling it fake news, and passing new restrictive laws. The globalists and Obama have tipped their hand. We can plainly see their modus operandi. They are now dangerous and desperate and look very foolish as they attempt to demonize Putin, coordinate restrictive laws, and report propaganda using discredited main stream media.

    I am afraid we may be witnessing a precursor to war. Putin should continue to call these fools out and treat them like petulant children. I hope Obama and his minions don’t take us to war before Trump is sworn in, or worse deny him his place in history as president.

    Country, after country, year after year, we see what the United States has done, “spreading democracy” really means take over the resources and war profiteering and kill millions of people in the process.

    Obama, take note, America is sick of war and we are sick of the globalists. We are sick of you. Stand down now. Pack up and leave the White House now before you FUBAR this country. You cannot destroy America to cover your crimes, and the crimes of your party. We will prosecute you, we are a nation of laws.

    Obama, you have not built “a coalition of the willing.” And please, no false flag attacks. Don’t even think about it. You, your party, and the globalists have committed enough sedition against the American people and the constitution. You are a liar, not a leader.

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