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#BREAKING: Anonymous statement from a past victim of #PizzaGate including its connection to MKULTRA & Tavistock

from Reditt:

An anon came forward with this statement:

“I experienced ritual abuse, or MKULTRA type abuse. I saw the trafficking of children in cages myself. I saw murder. I was given drugs and I experienced near-drowning. I saw others tortured and die. I saw rape, experienced sexual abuse. I was used in child porn. I saw birth, I saw abortion. I saw people cut open, I saw worse.

I was electroshocked and I was terrified of masks, and people in costumes. I was utterly traumatized to the point that I had hysterical fits that looked like seizures. I was to the point of being in altered states with names.

I thought I had a different family. My life has been severely affected by these events. Years of time have been taken away from me by regression and PTSD/DID.”

Anon submitted the following drawings made as a child, as well as excerpts from medical records of medical testimony and an EEG reading as a small token of proof:

Do not ask for any more proof as none will be given. The story is much bigger than anon.

Spanning from Anon’s testimony and its ties to Harbin Hot Springs, we have uncovered a network of ritual abuse, child trafficking and evidence of Project MKULTRA taking place at institutions ranging from Harbin Hot Springs and Esalen Institute in CA through Ecstatic living, HAI Global and the Human Potential Movement through to The Haven in Canada, Findhorn in Scotland and more. These organizations are tied via the International Holistic Centers Gathering to the United Nations via the Findhorn Foundation, GEN, and Kitezh orphanage and Ecologia Youth Trust. They also share mutual ties and ancestry through the Psychosynthesis Institute, Teens & Toddlers and ARK (a part of the Clinton Foundation) with Tavistock, the Huxleys and Military Intelligence in Britain and the US. Psychosynthesis’ founder then ties back through Alice Bailey to Lucis Trust and finally returns to the occult foundations of the UN.

We have just begun to develop this investigation based on publicly available information. Every link we found important has been archived, but there is so much more out there. We did our best to archive enough so that this investigation can continue without obfuscation. We are asking for help and more eyes on this topic to to see if more proof can be found of any illicit activity by these groups. This may be a piece of the architecture behind pizzagate.

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