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BERLIN’S KNOWN WOLF: Prior Criminal Plot, Watched Before Christmas Attack – Mirroring Nice Attack

by Shawn Helton, 21st Century Wire:

It’s a familiar theme: Berlin’s Christmas Market Attack perpetrator Anis Amri, was watched by authorities for months in the lead up to committing an act of terror taking place. The highly dramatized and supposedly “ISIS-inspired” attack produces yet another ‘known wolf  that’s inextricably tied to terror (and security services). Meanwhile, Germany launches a fake news witch-hunt. Another prefect storm.

Below we’ll examine the Berlin attack, its relation to past terror events, as well as its potential use as a media smoke screen while major developments continue to unfold in Syria

‘WATCHED’ – (Photo illustration above created by 21WIRE’s Shawn Helton)

The Berlin Dossier 

On December 19th, Armi was said to have driven a semi-trailer truck (articulated lorry) into a crowd of people at a Berlin Christmas market nearby the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at Breitscheidplatz, leaving 12 people dead and (initially 48) another 56 injured.

After locating the alleged attacker’s ID in the footwell of the truck’s cab at the crime scene, along with his fingerprints, a massive manhunt led investigators to Milan, Italy on December 23rd. After supposedly refusing to show his ID, Amri allegedly engaged in an apparent shootout with police, resulting in his eventual death.

Case closed? Not quite…

Reports stated that Amri “used different names and thus his identity could not be clarified, the Deutsche Presse-Agentur learned early in the morning from security crises.” 

Following the attack, Amri was said to have travelled through at least three countries.

The black Scania R 450 semi-trailer truck involved in the incident had Polish license plates and belonged to a Polish delivery company, Usługi Transportowe. The truck was said to be transporting steel beams and was returning to Poland, from Turin, Italy after making a delivery to a Berlin warehouse operated by German steel giant ThyssenKrupp.

According to the UK’s Telegraph:

“Amri had been arrested earlier this year and was known to be a supporter of the terrorist group thought to be behind the Sousse terrorist attack in Tunisia, as well as being a suspected disciple of a notorious hate preacher.”

Continuing, the Telegraph also stated that “[Ralf] Jäger said an investigation had been launched against the suspect earlier this year on suspicion of “preparing a serious crime endangering national safety”.”

Considering Amri was under a major investigation for plotting a serious crime that could endangernational security – why on earth would German authorities drop their surveillance of him?

From a conventional perspective, this doesn’t make any sense, but from a clandestine perspective, it makes perfect sense.

There are a few distinct possibilities here… 

Informants and Patsies

When analyzing this high-profile story, one should not immediately rule out the possibility that Amri is more than just your garden variety ISIS fellow traveler reeking holiday havoc across free Europe.

Just like the Nice attack truck driver, Mohamed Lahouij Bouhlel, Germany’s Amri was both Tunisian and on record as a ‘known wolf’ to police and security services.

According to the Guardian, “Amri, who had previously spent time in prison in Italy, arrived in Germany in July 2015. German authorities tried this year to deport him to Tunisia after his asylum application was rejected.”

In addition to this, German authorities are insisting that Amri was spotted meeting with “Germany’s top ISIS recruiter” (which also begs the question how, and why they would allow Amri, much less a ‘top ISIS recruiter’ to roam the streets of Germany).

Adding to the confusion German authorities have now released an unidentified 40 year-old Tunisian man, a supposed “accomplice” who had initially been linked to Amri via his cell phone. Early reports suggested that man was considered to be involved in carrying out this Berlin attack.

When analyzing what transpired this past week in Berlin, we must consider a deeper agenda that may also be at play, as the Christmas Market Attack might have also been a part of a larger geopolitical plot designed to boost the War On Terror – while simultaneously detracting from other vastly under-reported events – like the historic liberation of East Aleppo in December.

There is also a very strong Germany political theme at play too, which is also geopolitically related. A string of apparent German terror incidents have been fused together with the migrant crisis – which has meant that tremendous national political pressure has been put to bear on CDP leader Angela Merkel. This is most certainly setting the scene for a major political clash approaching with the next two electoral cycles in Germany. How these supposed ‘terror’ events factor into the direction of a political Germany must also be seriously considered when mapping out the possible modus operandi of this and similar high-profile media ‘national security’ events.

BERLIN ATTACKED? – A Berlin Christmas market attack tied to a ‘known wolf’ terrorist. (Image Source: jpost)

Closed Investigation?

According to reports within a 24-hour period, Berlin Police have announced that the forensic work at the Christmas market has been completed.”

QUESTION: How would it be possible to determine a cause, examine evidence, define a clear motive and perform all forensic duties at the Berlin crime scene within a 24-hour period?

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