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Berlin In Lockstep With US — Planning “Center Of Defense Against Disinformation” Ahead Of Elections

by Claire Bernish, Activist Post:

Germany — In response to putative chaos in the U.S. election putatively caused by “fake news” and Russian hackers — for which no evidence has yet surfaced — Germany plans to create a center of defense against disinformation in advance of its elections next year.

Der Spiegel reports that the Federal Press Office in the Chancellery will take a sizable role in creating this fake news defense center, which will roll out a dystopian “intensification of political education work,” specifically targeting those the German government feels might be impressionable to ‘fake news’ — particularly “Russian-Germans” and “Turkish-speaking people.”

Fears that “false” reports could sway elections in Germany led officials to surmise arrangements for the center “should be negotiated very quickly,” and rules for the 2017 election should be decided among the various political parties.

Plans for this center to slay false information sound eerily akin to the recent passage in the U.S. of the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act, which included blueprints for a wholly Orwellian “Global Engagement Center” — effectively writing into law an American Ministry of Truth. As text of the new law states:

The purpose of the center shall be to lead, synchronize, and coordinate efforts of the Federal Government to recognize, understand, expose, and counter foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining United States national security interests.

However, trepidation about fake news and covert but direct Russian influence over an election derive from a narrative posited by American officials — who have yet to proffer a shred of evidence backing the claims.

Although the Washington Post published an article declaring, in essence, every independent news outlet that discussed the content of WikiLeaks documents detailing corruption within the Democratic establishment had been a willing or witless employee of the Russian government — by publishing “fake news” and thus influencing the election — the once-famed media organization subsequently partly retracted its report, in part, due to lack of evidence.

But the Post — incidentally revealed in emails leaked to WikiLeaks to have colluded with Hillary Clinton’s campaign — didn’t stop there, and proceeded to publish an article asserting unnamed officials in the CIA had performed a secretive assessment which concluded The Russians had somehow hacked the U.S. election.

Again, however, the Post failed to provide even a thin shred of evidence to back the information it published, and — although the article claimed a consensus in the Intelligence Community — the FBI and others argued officials did not agree on the direct Russian interference account.

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1 comment to Berlin In Lockstep With US — Planning “Center Of Defense Against Disinformation” Ahead Of Elections

  • Ed_B

    There was NO chaos in the recent US election, except among the whining sore losers.

    As to government and their most recent war on truth… er, so-called fake news… this will backfire big-time just as all their other idiotic “wars” on this, that, and a dozen other things have. It is clear that governments simply want the propaganda playing field ALL to themselves and without any interference from any “inconvenient truths”. That’s what this is about. It’s what it’s ALL about.

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