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‘Be Ready For The Madness’ – Inauguration Day Chaos Being Orchestrated Now

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Desperate liberal snowflakes that cannot handle the fact that their presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, did not win the presidency, have done everything in their limited power to prevent President-Elect Donald Trump from taking his place as the 45th President of the United States. Now Soros-linked groups are planning complete Inauguration Day chaos for Washington DC on January 20, 2017.

They tried to steal the election by petitioning for recounts, which ended in utter failure as the one state they won their bid for recounts in, ended up widening Trump’s lead.

Then they tried to threaten and harass the electoral college members, that too has failed as the AP spoke to hundreds of them and found that despite “getting tens of thousands of emails, calls and letters asking them to vote against Trump,” the electoral college members had “overwhelming support,” for the electoral college system that represents the country as a whole, rather than allowing “big state liberalism” to control the entire country.

Via the AP:

But the canvass found overwhelming support for the system, and the nominee, among Republican electors. The AP found only one pledged to Trump who will refuse to vote for him.

“I feel like the Electoral College gives a very fair perspective, so that those who are in the rural areas are able to have an equal voice with those who are in the urban areas,” said Oklahoma elector Lauree Elizabeth Marshall.

If anything, when Republican electors talk about large states, they actually mean New York and California. Clinton’s lead in California, the most populous state, is more than her national lead. She won New York by about 1.7 million votes.

McClurkin, the Alabama elector, says many of the letters and emails she’s received have come from those two states. “I’ve not gotten any from a Southern state,” she said.

Then we have petition platforms like that are not only planning protests for December 19, 2016, to protests the electoral college members from casting their votes in a manner consistent with their state’s vote, but are hosting a multitude of “petitions” that range from the ridiculous to the outright insane, two of which are “Impeach Donald Trump,” and “Order an emergency psychiatric evaluation of Donald Trump,” and one to postpone the date the electors vote and the inauguration.

The liberal snowflakes from Obama down have blamed everything from “fake news,” to the “Russians!” in order to delegitimize Trump’s election, and nothing has worked as the electors gather tomorrow, December 19, 2016, to cast their votes.

Unable to comprehend or deal with their loss this election cycle, now they are planning protests, from peaceful, to plans for a “Road-Blocking ‘Clusterf–k'” as reported by US News & World Report.


The most dangerous of the groups planning Inauguration Day protests is one with reported links to George Soros’ money, Act Now to Stop War & Racism or ANSWER Coalition, who have been named a “a key agitator during the November riots in Chicago and other major cities,” by WND. ANSWER, along with were also behind the professional protests held the week following the presidential election.

Another group planning Inauguration Day protests are ‘Disrupt J20, where their stated goal is to “shut down the inauguration,” by “trying to create citywide paralysis on a level that I don’t think has been seen in D.C. before,” according to Legba Carrefour, a local anarchist handling press for the more radical protest-organizing network DisruptJ20. (Source)

One major faction plans an orderly but large demonstration along the parade route. But a more radical effort operating under the tagline “no peaceful transition” seeks to block major roads into the nation’s capital and prevent foot traffic from reaching security checkpoints along the route.

“So, we’re going for what I’d generally term a clusterf–k,” says Carrefour.

Other groups planning protests include the Women’s March, the snowflakes from the #NotMy President, who say they “refuse to recognize Donald Trump as the President of the United States,” another Soros’ linked group, and a liberal activists group called Progressive Independent Party are planning a “March on the Inauguration” event. Occupy Inauguration is also planning to protest, although they were slated to protest no matter who won the presidential election.

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