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Barack Obama’s Legacy: War, Debt and Poverty

by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:

As 2016 winds down, so does Barack O’Bomber’s $80 million in paid vacations and his legacy of war, debt and poverty.

It’s quite amazing how much one man can ruin a country while playing so much golf.

WAR: Just 12 days after being elected, Barack Obama was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He accepted the prize in Oslo on December 10, 2009.

It was assumed that he would shut down Guantanamo Bay and end the military occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Instead, much like the Bush administration’s neocons created Al Qaeda, Obama created his own terror group ISIS. He then terrorized numerous countries including Syria and Libya. He then bombed an estimated 2,581 people from January 20, 2009, to December 31, 2015. (Not including the hundreds of civilians killed)


Meanwhile, the United States currently has a national debt total of over $19.9 Trillion according to the US national debt clock. That’s an astonishing 87% increase in less than an 8 year period.

Under the Obama regime, the total US federal government debt nearly surpassed all prior Presidents combined.

This, alone, will be Obama’s legacy. At some point, in the not too distant future, the US dollar will either go into hyperinflation to service the debt or the debt will be reneged on. Either one will cause the US to fall into Zimbabwe/Venezuela level poverty.


Speaking of poverty, that is where Obama has left your average American.

One example being the fact that the number of people who cannot afford to eat without government assistance has skyrocketed since 2008.

Moreover, under his administration, a 75-year record was set for the highest percentage of young adults living at home with mom and dad. This number has nearly surpassed the staggering record of 40% during the Great Depression by a full percentage point at 40.9%

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