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Banning Cash & THE GREAT CRASH OF 2017 — The DOC


It’s becoming increasingly clear that the move to ban cash is going global. What started with Modi in India is now moving to Australia and Spain, and if people don’t revolt en masse and soon, the passivity of these populations with embolden the Federal Reserve and bankers to ban cash in the United States. And while the tyranny against cash only grows, the global bond bubble is beginning to pop – with many experts predicting total systemic collapse in 2017, and possibly as soon as January.

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92 comments to Banning Cash & THE GREAT CRASH OF 2017 — The DOC

  • Eric

    When the national debt hits 20 trillion, look for Trump’s infrastructure stimulus plan.

    Silver is going to $150/oz. with absolute ease! Stay patient and keep stacking real metal.

    fonemikestar should be here shortly to tell us about their new patio furniture. I hope they’re as happy when the bitcoin bubble pops.

    “As a reminder, back in 2013, the government classified bitcoin as a commodity and not currency, placing it outside the purview of the foreign-exchange regulator, the people said. That does not mean, however, that China is powerless at limiting bitcoin’s upside.”

    Good comments here…

    • KRELL427

      Jim Sinclair, Dear G,
      Bitcoin is a virtual game that is being made look better than gold or silver, to sell the concept of a world wide virtual currency.
      It should change its name to “Nintendo Virtual Foolishness,” as it’s purpose is to win the hearts and minds of a public.
      After that to construct a “Dollar Index Bit Coin” backed by tickets to Mars from Space Inc. with a picture of Elon Musk.
      There is no computer game that can not be hacked, and there never will be.

      • Eric


        Plenty of “Nintendo Virtual Foolishness” surrounding the bitcoin market.

        • Carlos

          In my opinion blip coin is the lure to the new world orders one currency. Here is the evidence for my madness. 1) Bitcoin is registered property of the Crown(Rothschild run Vatican corporation owned banking system which owns all the United Nations corporations and all central banks world wide) 2) All major banks and corporate nations have block chain technology programs in place or in development right now. 3) All of these corporate nations are all planning to go to 100% electronic currency. See Finland, Sweden, India, Australia, Canada, etc in the news to day eliminating some of the larger denominated notes. 4) These factors will tend to force people who wish to have private transactions into barter(precious metals and other goods) and or cryto-currencies. This is and will continue to drive the private into Bitcoin because of it’s early adopter platform. The lure for the private people will be that temporarily the severely limited amount of Bitcoin will drive the prices sky high from all the private money refugees. This i agree with Mike. The problem of course is when the owners of Bitcoin merge with their other property platforms (the bank platforms they own) They will be able to issue as much currency as they like. The big lure will be the huge pile of money Mike and others will make until they merge the platforms. Full disclosure. I was mining Bitcoin when it was at the $20 level, but bailed out when i discovered the Crown owned it. Obviously i could have been extremely wealthy by now if i had stuck with it. Ethics however intervened and i could not continue. The lure for me initially was the private nature of the currency and the fact i didn’t have to keep using the Crown owned birth certificate and bank accounts to transact with other private people in trade once i got my initial stake of coins. But alas it was too good to be true, like most things in life. Anyway happy holidays everyone and good fortunes to you all in the new year.

          • mike

            No one owns BTC lol…Banks use block chain tech to trade money between themselves because it is 100% secure. It is the tech they use but not BTC.
            You have 100% control of your own BTC and it can not be tracked especially direct transaction between you and another user. It circumvents all banks, Middlemen and gubberments.
            If the CIA did create BTC which they are not smart enough, examples, Taliban, ISIS, Al Nusra Front, Fake news, Russian Hackers etc etc lol they made another miscalculation from it’s original intention whatever that was and let the cat out of the bag forever. All gubberment Agency’s are self destructive even though sometimes they do very good work. For instance the internet itself..It was created by the D0D to have a medium in which different systems and operating systems could talk to each other. It was actually a smart idea by the DOD to save money instead of giving 1 vendor a monopoly on selling to the gubberment and relying on 1 single producer of computer systems.
            This very site and Sean Turnbull owe their very cyber existence to the DOD creating the “Internet” Road in which he operates his business.
            I am really not interested in BTC going to a million or more which I know it will. I like the fact I can truly operate outside controls. You guys rail against the banking system but then turn around and support it 100% ..Think about that you are fully supporting the evil then railing against the true stake in the heart of the squid?? Stupid is as stupid does. You dudes are confused big time or just paid PM shills. Pms might have their time in the sun but for now ONLY BTC is money and the only money that truly operates outside the system.
            Why not pick up a few BTC? If they are valueless but have a ton of Purchasing power it is smarter than just leaving dirty valueless dollars in the bank.
            Carlos you should have kept mining…You would have a lot more silver and gold if you kept it up…Not too bright.
            Merry Christmas BTW!

            • Eric

              “If the CIA did create BTC which they are not smart enough,…”

              “Why not pick up a few BTC?”

              This is why I would not bother with anything mike has to say. He doesn’t know anything. He guesses.

              Gold is HONEST money.

              • mike

                Gold is NOT money at all and it has never been honest money even when it was money lol. WAS as in past tense. Will you knock it off, all your idiot parroting when the debt reaches 20 trillion and silver is at $10 instead of your 150$ prediction?
                WHy would you even make a prediction like that when you dont value PMs in dollar terms? You are a living breathing (I think), contradiction.
                You a lemming parrot and that makes me sad for you…In a different life you would be following Jim Jones.
                Merry Christmas, for you I hope the new year brings you just a pinch of enlightenment.

                • Eric

                  “Gold is NOT money at all and it has never been honest money even when it was money lol.”

                  Reason #2 why mike should never be taken seriously.

                  I never predicted Silver would be $150 when the debt reaches 20 trillion. I said it will go to $150/oz. with absolute ease. I know this because of many reasons….

                  The monetary base has risen 5 fold, gross national debt has doubled, money velocity has been contracting, Silver is still trading at 1979 price levels, there are no large stockpiles of above ground Silver, JPM has 550 million ounces, GSR is currently 71:1 when historically it has always been closer to 20:1, there are still many short contracts that have to be covered, the CME inventory just isn’t there.

                  Most importantly because it must rise in an epic short squeeze since it cannot go to zero in current federal reserve notes. When is irrelevant to me. I don’t think in terms of $$$. I think in terms of Gold, and use ratios which is a far more accurate way of forecasting.

                  Poor mike 🙁 Still throwing darts at a board and hoping something sticks.

                  I don’t celebrate Christ Mass really. I read the bible and study the life of Jesus then try to live my life accordingly each day. The Roman holiday of Christmas was created by the church transformed from Saturnalia. The new year doesn’t actually start until the spring equinox March 21.

                  Not that I would expect you to know any of this.

                • mike

                  You did predict the $150 at 20 trillion lol
                  Your analysis of the market is interesting, completely wrong conclusions..
                  First PMs are not money, they do not spend hence they are an asset.
                  A mine doesn’t “Spend” its mined “Money” into the public realm, it sells the material for DOLLARS ah hahahaha.
                  PMs are a bad asset and lose real purchasing power every day since they are easily mined and in inexhaustible supply above and below ground. GO back 1000 years and that one oz would buy you some real human labor today that 1 oz will buy you a big mac and some fries.
                  The keys your missing and the reason why silver is trading at “1979” levels is there is no shortage and technically has literally created an on demand supply chain,. Manufacturing is supplied yearly without issue and the investment side as well. You can not wrap your mind around the fact a mining company is a business. They do not mine 24/7 full bore that would over supply the market and cause the price to crash. They have found a happy medium and roll with it everyday. As demand increases the mines produce more material. There is a slight delay but I suspect most mines already have plenty of mined material waiting in warehouses ready to sell if the time comes. There does not need to be a massive stockpile of PMs it already exist in the ground and extraction is no longer an issue.
                  The single largest missing piece of your puzzle is the fact people aka the market has chosen better money. PMs are not money because you say their money. PMs are not money for the reason listed above but the most important is the vast majority of people on this earth don’t care about PMs. Since value is a human notion and a product of human perception Pms today have the intrinsic value assigned by the market.
                  I know you just dont get it so lets call a truce until the debt is 20 trillion and silver is no where near 150…Only a few weeks and we will see…Okay?

                • Eric

                  And reason #3 never to take anything mike says seriously…

                  He creates lies with absolutely no proof and makes up absurd narratives.

                  “First PMs are not money, they do not spend hence they are an asset.
                  A mine doesn’t “Spend” its mined “Money” into the public realm, it sells the material for DOLLARS ah hahahaha.”

                  PMS = Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) refers to physical and emotional symptoms that occur in the one to two weeks before a woman’s period.

                  Of course PMS is not money. That is just ridiculous. Gold and Silver however are easily exchangeable. A mine is just an excavation in the earth for extracting minerals and resources, so of course it can’t perform functions like trade or exchange. Need humans for that.

                  “PMs are a bad asset and lose real purchasing power every day since they are easily mined and in inexhaustible supply above and below ground.”

                  Gold and Silver do not change. The world around them change. Since the price of Gold was $20.67/oz. and it is now $1,130/oz. obviously they do not “lose real purchasing power” over the long term. Not that mike can think past 10 minutes from now.

                  “GO back 1000 years and that one oz would buy you some real human labor today that 1 oz will buy you a big mac and some fries.”

                  Are you talking about Gold or Silver? You should be more specific. Real human labor can still be paid in Gold and Silver. I don’t often go to McDonalds, but you just made the case for Gold and Silver being significantly undervalued. mike would obviously wait until the price increases dramatically before protecting himself with Gold and Silver. Buy high. Sell low. That’s his investing strategy.

                  The rest of his childish rant just gets more ridiculous and erroneous as he has no data to back up his outlandish claims and no knowledge of supply, demand, history, or long and short contracts (paper Gold). Not to mention he doesn’t read or study anything and is a pathological liar.



                • Eric

                  Also mike,

                  If you go back to the top and read (which I know is challenging for you) what I actually wrote, I said…

                  “When the national debt hits 20 trillion, look for Trump’s infrastructure stimulus plan.”

            • Carlos

              Mike you are mistaken.LOL.Bitcoin is registered property of the Crown.Read this.
              Read this case.
              If you are unfamiliar with registering, it goes like this. Registering your property creates a trust and the trustee you register your property with becomes the legal title holder and you become equitable title holder. You now don’t own it. Just like your name,car, house or any other property. If you register it you just gave it away by splitting title. So the best you can do with Bitcoin is have the equitable interest(the use and enjoyment)but the Crown owns it. I didn’t say the C.I.A. created Bitcoin but there is plenty of evidence that they did if you dig deep enough.You no nothing about me, so don’t make presumptions. I rail against the banking system but i don’t support it, but i bet you do. Do you pack around a Birth Certificate or its spawn? Yea i thought you did. Anyone who does is supporting the banking system. It is called the full faith and credit of United States Inc. I don’t. If someone comes up with a crypoto-currency that is not corrupted by the crown and is supported by something sensible like colonial script was then i would support it. I am too old to worry about just making money or i would have just stayed in the fraud game. I hope ethics plays into it for most people. Frankly i hope i am wrong about the outcome of Bitcoin for your sake and the sake of the other holders. At this point i agree with you, it is much more private than a bank account. Problem is if the F.B.I. can confiscate it then you don’t really own it. You see the F.B.I. is responsible for investigating and protecting property rights of United States Inc. Keep buying Bitcoin. I think you will get rich, but you will have to unload at the first rumor of merging of crypto-currencies. Good luck my friend.

      • Brilliant observations from esteemed programmer and cryptographer Jim Sinclair.

        Oh, wait…

        • Eric

          Gold is the money of Kings!
          Silver is the money of gentlemen.
          Barter/Copper is the money of peasants.
          Debt/Bonds is the money of slaves.
          Bitcoin is the money of Mario and Luigi.

        • KRELL427

          Rusticus, do you think only Chris Duane can wake up in life and break from the family business. I have met Jim and shook his hand, I would side with him over Chris any day.

          • Eric

            Personally I miss Chris. I’d shake his hand too. He’s gotten a bad rap lately.

            He’s been right all alone. Except for Trump. Which has yet to be seen.

            • KRELL427

              I like Chris as well, but no one is 100% correct. Just because Jim’s grandfather was in the pilgrim society doesn’t make him a bad guy. As far as Trump, in my opinion there was no other choice.

    • mike

      Hmm lets see National debt 19.94 tril now and silver at $15.73..But just wait only .06 trillion and BAM 150 silver?

      Dollar soaring Fed increasing rates which will only make even stronger…

      $150? That is some hilarious new math.

      You have a terrible track record, buy AG at $18.40 and dont buy BTC at $380 lol ah hahahaha

      AG $6.85

      BTC $900

      I suppose if I was invested heavily like you putting 75% of total wealth into PMs an (in your case 85% of your wealth equals 50/ozs of Silver) I would be a PM cheerleader as well.

      In all the generations of man and all the doomers in every generation, one generation is bound to be correct…Maybe that is you? Doubt it, you dont seem to understand the currency and what debt based actually means. It is the pure genius as far as the fiat goes..You might get lucky and there will be a Nuclear war or something like that to bring about the change you desperately desire..Peasants with their little coin bags buying chickens for silver?

      • Eric

        Only Mike can be so dumb as to confuse Silver (AG) with a company like First Majestic Silver (AG) which pulls millions of ounces out of the ground each year and is STILL outperforming blipcoin in U.S. Dollar terms.

        Still measuring wealth in fiat currencies and “Nintendo Virtual Foolishness” instead of sound money. Such a shame.

      • Eric

        Trump infrastructure/Stimulus
        China QE
        Italian Referendum
        France deterioration
        Merkel exit
        Japan debt
        Euro Crumbling
        U.S. Dollar failing.

        Get up to speed.

        Gold will outlive everything.

    • C.I.

      An American Thing.

      Sad Actually.


    • mike

      See there you said it, silver to $150 “with ease”..I’ll throw you a bone and give you within $50 of your prediction. In a month Silver to be between $100-150..Think you’re losing your mind.

      December 22, 2016 at 10:52 pm · Reply

      When the national debt hits 20 trillion, look for Trump’s infrastructure stimulus plan.

      Silver is going to $150/oz. with absolute ease! Stay patient and keep stacking real metal.

      ******If there was a taste that could be developed for the Tard, your brand would be the Cristal of the Tard world. The purest absolute perfection of vintage TARD.*********

      *******Congratulations ERIC you have already won the 2016 ALLTARDS.***********

      ALLTARDS will be suspended for 2017 in order to bring you the new JACKASS awards.

  • Eric

    Always great to hear from the doc. Good interview.

    Last day for the ammo clearance tomorrow 12/23/16

    Glad I got some of these when I did…

  • Eric

    I’ll find out tomorrow what my indian buddy has to say hopefully.

    He instinctively gets Gold and Silver and travels to India several times a year.

    Sent him that Jayant Bhandari interview the other day so hopefully he had a chance to listen to it.

    I don’t think Americans will go along with a cashless society like the Indians are. They are NOT going to ban Gold and Silver coins in the U.S. It’s unconstitutional. Higher taxes maybe.

    • KRELL427

      Will be interesting to hear what he says. My bullion guy is a Sikh, he told me today its going for $3500 if you can find it.

    • mike

      Ill bet he does instinctively buys gold…Have you ever been to India?
      It is a shithole beyond a shithole. The people are stupid, filthy and get crazy when they have to stand in line for anything, its like a mad mob rush 1000 times worse than black Friday people…There is zero method behind their madness only what they can get individually despite all others. Like you they are selfish beyond selfish. They operate on base level like yourself and it is pure chaos ..I suppose that is their instinct. They are like Asians in a way that will watch someone suffering in the streets without doing anything at all. They are terminally disconnected from mankind.
      To hold India or China up as example for anything is the purest of ignorance. I am talking to an Eric that is truly clueless about the world so no surprise.

      • Eric

        Not an argument.

        I merely mentioned India because it was brought up in this interview. The Indians are smart enough to buy Gold and real wealth unlike the stupid Americans who have to chase hype and momentum like bitcoin. Yes they have a lot of problems. That’s why I talk to him because I want to get his opinion on it.

        No I have never been there and have no interest in going.

        But for you to accuse me of being selfish without proof is just asinine and schizophrenic. But then you are a pathological liar.

        He instinctively knows that Gold has value. Never once heard him mention bitcoin or nintendo virtual worthlessness coin. This case is closed.

    • Ed_B


      “I don’t think Americans will go along with a cashless society like the Indians are.”

      I’d like to think that too but with all the people using credit cards, debit cards, and phone payment systems, those are all votes for going cashless. If we want to have and use cash, we HAVE to vote for CASH by using it. Banks are run by bean counters, so don’t ever think that numbers don’t matter.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Silver is independent of the electrical grid and doesn’t need the internet either.

    • Eric

      Bitcoin is certainly the best performing commodity of 2016. Except you can’t eat it, drink it, grow it, build anything with it, store it in real physical form, or hold it.


      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Yes, Bitcoin is by far, the best performing digital imagination of some form of tradable something.

        It’s not real money, and it’s no more a real commodity than the digits on a Wallstreet stock or bond account, or the digits on the screen of our bank “balance”.

        They’re all digital tulip bulbs. They have some various “values” in various market places until they don’t.

        It’s like all the “IOU markets”. They are like riding on a roller coaster, and your job, is to JUMP off the ride, and land in a pile of pillows as apposed to landing in a pile of manure. But the ride itself has no value.

        That’s why I prefer Silver, Gold, Food, ammo, garden/farm land, and other such ‘tangible, real things’ that have always had value. While it’s true that there are no food calories in gold or silver, they have always been used as money and I don’t see any signs of those things losing that status in the future.

        The bottom line, most basic, most important item, is the food we eat to sustain our living bodies. Everything else is lower on the list.

        2016 was relatively quiet & calm. We are ALL surprised we made it this far without a big collapse.
        We are sitting on the edge of our toilet seats going into 2017.

        Good Luck everybody. We “SGT” followers are the ones who are much more likely to do OK exactly because we have been keeping educated about so many useful topics of the crash, and how to sustain ourselves in the deepest trouble.

        Oh, here is some VALUABLE SEED information that can be helpful. MANY seeds remain viable for years and years. I know this is true, because last year, I found my OLD stash of garden seed packets, stored in a big, freezer-ziperlock back at the back of my closet.

        Time-stamps on the packets, often said: For the 1985 growing season.!! Others were for the early or middle 1990’s. I planted a portion from each packet,and they germinated, at 40-70% success rates.

        I also cannibalized some of those “decorative Indian Corn” (typically put on display for Christmas, etc), and I stored those “seeds”. (those ears of multi-colored corn, and red corn, etc), was from somewhere about the 1960’s or 1970’s.

        Before planting, I SOAKEd them in a dish of water for about 3 hours, and then I planted them.

        THEY GREW pretty good. At least 40-50% success rates, sometimes a bit higher.

        MOST seeds, will germinate BETTER if they spend a couple weeks in the DEEP FREEZE (to mimic natures’ winter time freezing that most plants & seeds must endure before they are ready to sprout in the spring.)

        So DON’T throw away seeds that are OLD. (they have even been successful to sprout & grow (wheat?) seeds found in a desert cave, and those seeds are estimated to be MORE than 2000 years old.

      • mike

        Yeah the only thing you can do with BTC is easily transfer wealth around the world for free..Not bound or controlled by any gubberment no matter what the CIA man under your bed says..Buy anything you want with BTC..Sell it, save it etc. Its intrinsic value is meaningless even though since it spends it has 100% more intrinsic value than PMs..
        Yeah your right why would I want something like BTC when I could buy more silver that can only sit and lose purchasing power. Massive loss in purchasing far exceeding inflation in the last 1000 years die to its ease of innovation, mining and lack of rarity. Land is the way to go if you wanted hard assets….Oh I know I guess I could make silver bullets to kill werewolves. I will sell you some Silver bullets for your werewolf problem for BTC 🙂

        • Eric

          How are digital blips “wealth?” That is just a digital transaction. A medium of exchange. You can do that a million different ways. Who cares if you have to pay a small transaction fee?

          Are you moving “wealth” around the world a lot mike? What kind of nefarious activity do you participate in each day?

          Silver doesn’t lose purchasing power. Fiat currencies do. Don’t be stupid.

          Land comes with property taxes. No thanks. Got enough of those.

          I will buy a few of your Silver bullets to make you feel better. .45 acp okay? Do you accept honest money? I have plenty. 🙂

          • mike

            Because they allow you to purchase goods and services increasing the purchasing power daily. When you have the only thing on earth that is truly limited it is truly precious and has something called intrinsic value. The perception of value is the only thing that gives something value. People recognize the intrinsic value of BTC and accept it for payment and to save because of its incredible store of value. Neither of which PMs can perform. Pms have no intrinsic value or very little and the value has been declining in real purchasing from the day it was first discovered. Something must be limited in nature to have value. BTC is limited, Pms as common and unlimited as a gallon of diesel.
            I will hold you to you $150 prediction at 20 trillion in debt..Have about a month to go. I think the 150 number you sighted is accurate, just missing a well placed decimal as in 15.0 or 1.50.

            • Eric

              The ability to purchase goods and services makes it a medium of exchange and a unit of account. It doesn’t automatically hocus pocus increase in purchasing power every time you buy something mike. If the laws of nature worked that way, then every time I jumped up in the air and swung my arms I would be able to fly.

              Intrinsic value is the actual fundamental value of something. Since there are over 3500 cryptocoins I would say the actual value of bitcoin is far less than the current price.


              The perception of value is what determines PRICE, not actual value. Not that you would ever be capable of learning the difference between PRICE and VALUE.

              Let’s go through this again one more time…

              “1) All value is subjective when “value” initiates – always; 2) Humans assign subjective value to gold; 3) In order to get gold, it takes commodity consumption (energy), physical capital (machines) and considerable human labor before the age of modern mining, all of which has intrinsic value; 4) As a scarce commodity first, which has the assignment of subjective value by human culture, the very process of obtaining the stuff “imports” and places into the physical good intrinsic value via #3 and #4.”


              Perception does equal truth.

              “All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”
              ― Friedrich Nietzsche

              To correct the rest of your above statements…

              “People recognize the PERCEIVED value of BTC and (SOME PEOPLE) accept it for payment and to save because THEY FELL FOR AN OVERHYPED UP SCAM.”

              Anything that is ALL DIGITAL has no store of value. Gold and Silver just like weights and measures are an honest form of wealth. That’s why the founding fathers wrote it into the constitution. Have you ever heard the term “It’s not worth a continental?” They knew the dangers of paper money. But BTC isn’t even physical.

              Everything else you wrote after that is a complete lie.

              Precious metals do have intrinsic value (see above). That’s why they have stood the test of time and that is why they will long outlast your nintendo virtual foolishness mariocoin. The value is subjective. Not declining.

              Precious metals ARE limited in nature. BTC is infinitely divisible and all digital. Hardly limited. You still haven’t pointed to the large stockpiles of Silver you keep yakking about.

              How old are you? You act like a toddler who doesn’t get his way every time I bitchslap you with truth. Time for you to scream like a little whiny girl now.

              If you need another economics lesson, I’ll be here to bitchslap you some more.

              Question for you to ponder… how would you ever be able to measure value without using dollar($) signs?

              • mike

                Your right it doesn’t automatically increase…As more people accept it a real money it has intrinsic value based 100% on perception like PMs did at one time. PMs are not money they may have been in the past but no longer. Their intrinsic value is based on perception of value that just does not exist in the minds of most people. BTC is the future. As of now the market has chosen BTC over all other cryptos, it is what it is..

                1000 years ago 1000 ozs of silver could buy you an Army of 1000 men..Today you couldn’t pay 1 soldier 1.5 months pay+benefits with 1000 oz of silver. 4 meals a day at $30/each is currently what they get plus full medical and housing, free school etc..A pretty good racket.
                They don’t even have to win any wars so there is no pressure to even do your job!They wont even shoot some poor bastard who is all alone planting an IED with a .40 cent bullet? They will instead use a hellfire missile at a cost of 1 million a piece?..All that for 1 guy lol. So dont expect much from your soldier you rent for 1000 ozs of silver.

                Silver and gold and even BTC have zero value outside the minds of man. It is all perception of value that gives something value..Thats it, get it? Nothing just has value because it is, it must represent value in the minds of all in order to have intrinsic value. PMs had a lot of value when it was the getting of the stuff that was difficult. Not any longer.
                You are just stupid and can not grasp the simplest of concepts.

                • Eric

                  Nobody accepts it as real money. Even most of the bitcoin community understands it is just a currency. Once again, intrinsic value is the actual value of something. Not it’s perceived value. Precious Metals have actual value because they have real world utility. Bitcoin does not. That’s why they are called PRECIOUS! Not “PMs.”

                  If you say BTC is the future and Silver is plentiful, why haven’t you sold your silver? And why do you buy it? Your math is laughable. You never EVER back anything up and instead just make things up on the fly. If the fair value of Silver was ever realized, you could hire that army with 1000 ozs. of Silver. How many paper fiat currencies were in existence 1000 years ago competing with Silver mike?

                  Silver and Gold have real world application. Bitcoin does not. So to say they have zero value outside of the minds of man just shows what a complete idiot you are.

                  A sociopath is typically defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. A sociopath is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused—it is done to get one’s way). Sociopaths have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others.

                  1 out of every 20 people is a sociopath. mike is obviously one of them. This is probably why his pathological lying is out of control. He has an empty void in his life that needs to be filled and has to compensate for being wrong about everything in his life. This also confirms why he pushes a ponzi scheme all the time. He suffers from anti-social personality disorder.

                • mike

                  Once again…Nothing has value unless there is a perceived value. Nothing has value unto itself only what humans beings perceive as value.

                  Your also totally wrong about about debt based currency..20 trillion is meaningless. The more debt the more perceived value the dollar has. Not to difficult to understand. As long as there is debt backing the money then it is virtually impossible to hyper inflate. It can only deflate with debt destruction which is horrible for PMs. That doesn’t mean the the dollar cant blow up but it would be a deflationary implosion as opposed to a inflation explosion. It is pure genius. The more debt the gubberment has the more bullish for the dollar and the better it will function. The lack of debt would destroy the currency….Anyway god luck in your horrible investments. Good luck on seeing people reduced to paying for thing in PMs like the days of ole. A world with zero trade…Taking 1000 steps backwards.

                • Millicent

                  Good advice Mike… Question: How does the payment mechanism function when one sells some of their BTC? Where does the buyer send their payment?

                  How about a link to a good primer for BTC rookies?

                • Eric


                  You are too dumb to learn or understand anything. You might need a private tutor and dictionary.

                  once again… Nothing has value unless there is perceived value but value is subjective. To become conscious of something is not the same as forming a basis of something.


                  mike’s twisted logic…more debt = more value. got it. That would mean you should run out and rack up as much debt as possible. You will be more valuable than you can imagine.

                  Here’s a reality check for you instead…

                  debt doesn’t back money. One persons debt is another persons asset. That is all. Adding debt to something doesn’t make it more valuable.

                  I recall you still having no clue what the meaning of inflation is so I won’t even go there as it will only confuse you more. You are a complete dumbshit who couldn’t learn something new if you were beaten with it over the head.

                  I do not require luck since I make my own. Keep fiddling around with stupid hyped up nintendo garbage. I’m going for the honest money…Gold.

                • mike

                  You just give the buyer your wallet address and presto!
                  Download a wallet..There are tons of different wallets you can download. Open your wallet and you can send and receive. You can have an online wallets as well. To be honest not sure if the dark wallet is up and running.You can even fund credit cards with BTC and the conversion is done in real time every time you purchase.
                  I would just download a wallet first and open it up and see how easy it is operate.
                  You can google getting started with BTC and there are lots of good sites out there.
                  I haven’t really purchased very much BTC mainly just got them over time from mining and selling stuff for btc. Never sold any BTC directly, when they go up in price I usually just buy some stuff.

                  The last thing I bought directly with BTC was some Perth Roosters from JMBULLION. During the check out I just hit BTC and got the bankwire price…They put up a BTC address and I think I had 20 minutes to pay. Just copied and pasted it in my wallet and sent. It was instantaneous.
                  Yes I buy silver and gold but only the good stuff that has collectors value. I stopped buying just bullion and common gub issued semi’s years ago. Dont think the underlying metal price is ever going to go up in dramatic fashion, only collectors value because of the non rarity issues with PMs and the unlimited availability in and above ground.. I think we are a long way away from the dollar implosion since it is such an amazing construct but I do think it will implode eventually..Once it starts to be perceived by the masses as valueless it’s over for the dollar.In order for that to happen the entire gubberment and the Nation must be perceived to have no value. That would mean far more than just our markets it would be the entire holdings of the gubberment and the people to have no value. Perception is the key no matter the object.

                • mike

                  Eric I am afraid your Gurus are just wrong and only give you 10% of the real story.. You do not understand the nature of debt based currency. The more debt the more liquid cash is out there for investment production etc. Being debt based means the money is backed by everything from Oil, Gold, Silver and all production and everything it can purchase. Debt in the case of dollars directly equates to underlying value. Debt means there is an underlying asset backing the currency. It is not “Valueless” like Bill stills idea and it is not unbacked currency that your Gurus keep attempting to tell you. It is based directly on sound fundamentals. It also ensures that hyper inflation can never happen. If the debt is destroyed so are all those dollars in circulation. As far as being debt based the more debt means a healthier economy and more money to make things happen. It is perfect.
                  Now if there is dollars being created by the Fed that doesnt have some type of debt backing it, that is money printing. Direct money printing would be bad since there is no debt backing it. My understanding is that has not taken place.
                  The debt based currency can only deflate not inflate unless the fed is actually money printing without debt backing the newly printed money. The dollar in its current form is real money with the entire nations assets and production backing that currency. It is far more than just a promise. It is not hard at all to understand.
                  There are some problems with the current dollar I agree like banks being able to create it by loans on assets. That in and of itself is not bad but people directly profiting from it is bad. I think the treasury should lend the cash out to the banks at interest. When a bank would make a loan they would be paying interest to the gubberment as well as receiving interest from the debtor. It would also force the banks to make good loans since they would have skin in the game. You are mentally challenged and do not understand the most basic of concepts. The dollar is not a mystery that needs over explanation only to come to the wrong conclusion. All i can do is point you in the right direction and explain reality to you, the rest is up to you.

                • Eric

                  dumbshit, your opinion means nothing to me.

                  Last thing I need is a “wallet.” Congratulations on converting your nintendo currency into sound money. But I don’t know why you do it when you keep squawking about how Silver is only worth $1.50/oz. Are you trying to reduce your personal wealth?

                  If perception is the only key to understanding value, then everything would be priced at fair value and there would be no point to investing in anything at the moment.

                  More stuff. I’m sure that is exactly what you need more of… stuff. Consumerism is not the path to prosperity.

                  I know more about markets and debt based currency than you ever will. Of course there is a lot of cash floating around ready to go somewhere. But debt based does not mean it is backed by something tangible. If it’s not directly convertible then it is unbacked, and we would not have seen the Gold price go from $300 to $1900 and back down to $1050. You clearly have no clue of how markets function according to price.

                  More debt does not equal a healthier economy. More production and more employment does. If that was the case, then why didn’t all that quantitative easing and 0% interest rates for 8 years produce more than 3.0% growth?

                  Are you really this stupid or is it just your pathological lying again?

                  I can only imagine how many lives you have destroyed by pointing people in the wrong direction.

                • KRELL427

                  Bitcoin top? dumb money Millicent is going in.

                • mike

                  Eric the perth lunar series should clue you into what makes things valuable..Rarity. Its not the silver in the coins that makes them valuable for instance the tigers $100 easy, Rabbits 50-60$ mouse 50-75$ Snakes 50+. There were only a million minted which equals rarity. You don’t get so much for them over spot because of the $15 silver dumbshit. That is why I buy Perth stuff, like I said.
                  Value is all in the mind of the consumer. Everything is at fair value and what the market is willing to pay. If it wasn’t there would be something called shortages and that has never in the history of silver manifested itself only production hickups not a lack of the raw material. When a production bottle neck occurs what happens? The product goes for more than spot because it has now become rare. You could still go buy all the raw you want at spot. If most of the 90% coins are melted down then there would be a shortage of 90% coins and depending on condition would demand more than just spot.
                  Your like a brick with a direct connection with the know nothing gurus who are not capable of looking at the big picture. They grasp onto 10% of the truth and run with it. Your mind is not capable of multitasking only monotasking. Anyway Merry Christmas to you and Krell.

                • Eric


                  oh you mean limited mintage series are worth more? DUH!

                  You still haven’t pointed to the large stockpiles of Silver that are in existence.

                • KRELL427

                  yes Merry Christmas guys.

  • Trespass Unwanted

    Stats were what? 40% still spend cash?
    If people don’t use it why would they complain?
    My issue is I do not mistake Fed notes for cash.
    To me, that’s an IOU and they can ban it all they want.

    I am a cash spender.
    One of the few who request and receive dollar coins, ie. cash, from the bank and carry the burden on me like the Constitution provided and spend it on things of value.

    The poor is more likely to spend cash then others.
    I doubt they are reading this or any blog or worrying about not having cash for the laundry mat or bus ride.

    That’s my opinion on this matter.

  • Trespass Unwanted

    I read an article once that the Fed had 1 billon dollars ($1 billion) in dollar coins in their vaults. That was some years ago, so I can guess their stash is higher.
    I see they aren’t keeping 1 billion dollars in IOU’s in their vault.
    They put that paper in a drawer or leave it digitized on a computer.
    My opinion;
    You can’t digitize US Mint specie.
    But people will stash gold and get mad if you are in line in front of them spending the real money, cash, coins; cause they want to swipe their card and move on.

    Even if gold and silver were brought into regular circulation; bankers will hire thieves to steal it and we’d react to the problem they created and use their solution to store it under their control in their vaults and be right back where we are today.

    Using a biochip or Bitcoin tattoo or some other method to buy and sell.

  • Jack

    Merry Christmas, folks!

    Eric, I don’t intend to confront for the sake of confrontation, but can you explain how do you think keeping metals can save anyone? Sure, all correct about monetary and historical significance of metals, no doubt. But they will outlaw cash, confiscate or tax metals to the extent that it will not help in anyway. Who are you going to sell your metals to when the price will skyrocket? Sheeple will not have that much fiat and all other options will force you to use banking system. Cash will not be around and taxes/confiscation will force you to keep it hidden?

    What’s the point of having it if you will have to hide it and live your live like if you don’t have it? It sounds like all of this gold hype and daily collapse mantra that we get daily is all about making Mike Maloney’s of the world richer and nothing else. Mike will not help you when “your” gold will be collected from you. He will be drinking campaign in a far away mansion that you helped him to purchase. The bottom line is that, yes gold could’ve been a way out but it will not be allowed to. I think we are setting ourselves up for a failure with metals.

    Sorry bro, I wish that was not the case, I would like to see metals being a savior. But we see how circumstances are shaping up to evaporate monetary meaning out of metals and turning it to dead weight.

    • Eric


      First of all I do not think they will necessarily confiscate or tax Gold or Silver in America for the simple reason that it is written into the constitution.

      Of course it COULD happen. But any attempts to do so will signal a major problem with the US Dollar to investors.

      Second, I have no intention of selling Gold or Silver. Gold especially. I may exchange some Silver for Gold or use Silver as money (which it is) to purchase every day items…groceries, gas, etc. But I see no reason to use my Gold and Silver when a debit card will work for such things.

      The point of having it is financial security, wealth building, insurance. What’s the point of having health insurance if I don’t ever go to the doctor? I do not expect Mike to help me. Nor do I expect my Gold will be collected. It’s gonna be pretty difficult for anyone to collect it. I assure you. There is no failure of metals. There is only failure in paper money. As fiat means…”let it be done.” All fiat currencies fail. Gold stands the test of time. Remember when Gold was $300?

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions or I wasn’t clear on something. 🙂

  • Kakistocracy

    Will you Americans WAKE UP?

    I have my doubts.
    WE NEED TO STOP ALL DEBT-based currency.
    Federal Reserve
    Bank of Canada
    Bank of England
    Bank of Japan
    Bank of Spain


    NOTE: The Rothschild money since 1697 MUST BE RETURNED TO THE PEOPLE !
    This amount is greater than $500 TRILLION.
    Rothschilds OWN half the world through their three centuries of CENTRAL BANK OWNERSHIP!

    Jews are NOT a semitic people.
    Only the Muslims from that area are.
    So even, Anti-Semitism is a lie, just like everything about their TRIBE-Chosen-culture.
    All lies.
    Especially CURRENCY.

    CURRENCY: Debt owed to a European Jewish Family.
    But idiots will cry rayciss, because they are disgusting spineless jellyfish COWARDS who will not face up to the truth: AMERICA IS OWNED BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE OWNERS.

    LOOK :

    Every last cent must be returned !


    For example, you idiots continue to support a ruinous and barbaric Military Industrial Complex that LOST over $10 TRILLION dollars.
    And you idiots have how many people on FOOD STAMPS? Infrastructure problems?
    No clean drinking water? Inadequate health insurance?
    Support the troops?! F*cking idiots.
    Hope and Change version 2.0 with Trump right?
    F*cking idiots.
    How many times does the monkey have to pull the frakin lever before it realizes there is no banana? You are idiots who don’t learn.
    Wake the f.hell up you idiots.
    You have been played by the ROTHSCHILDS who now want to move to a CASHLESS society.

    And still you idiots have no idea what really is happening and who is responsible.

    You Americans are like HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.
    Pathetic and very painful to watch just how easily manipulated you idiots are.
    Mind you most of the world is quickly moving to emulate you idiot Americans.

  • Jack

    What’s this “Faking it” thing is about?

  • Troy

    Every year people say its all gonna crash…in 2014 on this site, I said it will not crash this year..this year being 2014, same with 2015, and 2016…and I was insulted by a few people saying your “Normalcy bias” is kicking in. Well, I will tell you this also, 2017 is going to be a average/decent year, so forget all your doom and gloom. Do your own thing, turn off the TV, ignore all that shit.

    • Millicent

      good advice… Do not count your Chickens before they have hatched.

      I tell the people here that they are being conned with this “collapse” meme and I am subjected to the same type of ridicule, much of it profane. The hard core collapsaholics here don’t like to think that they may possibly be wrong about all the things they obsess over…

      • Eric


        The “collapse” is a long term trend. More sink into poverty while others rise to riches. The middle class gets squeezed. You haven’t once pointed specifically to the con as you say despite the numerous times I’ve asked. Clearly the US markets are overvalued and reaching bubble territory, bonds are not keeping up with the real rate of inflation, Gold and Silver are massively under owned and undervalued. Debt to GDP is 106%. Debt is difficult to service at this point and the US Dollar will need to be devalued significantly. Which part is the “con?”

        Did you remember to feed your cats today?

        • Millicent

          glitter 1
          October 27, 2016 at 1:25 am · Reply
          “I’m with Andy Hoffman & Bill Holter, I think it’s a stretch to think we get through the end of 2016 without a major conflagration of some sort.”

          Typical comment from a hard-core SGT collapsaholic.

          p.s. the cats are fine… and a hint 4U: no “major conflagration” in 2016

          • Eric

            Strawman argument.

            If you’re going to accuse someone of something, provide some evidence and don’t change the subject.

            No major conflagration, unless you have some perspective.


            • Millicent

              You’re flailing Eric, trying to defend the indefensible…

              All I did was to quote him as an example of the “collapse” mindset that the people on the SGT blog subscribe to. I never “accused” him of anything, he accused himself with his own words that called for imminent doom & gloom in 2016.

              Hoffman & Holter don’t know what is going to happen in the next 10 minutes, let alone six months or a year from now. They would struggle to tell the difference between Squat & Kiwi… as would you.

              Troy has it figured out. Meow

              • Eric

                More opinion and strawman.

                You won’t know what collapse looks like until it bites you in the ass.

                Nobody has a crystal ball. But if you understand markets and look at the data, like Hoffman and Holter do, it is not difficult to see what is ALREADY HAPPENING!!!. You don’t even listen to them you’re so pretentious and arrogant.

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  To anybody who says that “talk of the collapse” is nothing but hype to sell some PM’s, and that the USSA is doing well, I’d suggest they take a 6 month vacation to go live in that other, advanced, prosperous, money printing, oil rich nation of Venezuela.

                  The parallels of nations that print fiat IOU’s is quite a long list, yet it has all fallen apart in Venezuela. (and fallen apart in Zimbabwe, Argentina, Cyprus, India, etc.)

                  What is preventing the USSA from falling apart too? Rubber bands, Scotch Tape, and the ‘soon to be boned’ (reserve currency status). History shows that no nation holds the reserve currency status forever. History also shows that FIAT paper money has always collapsed to zero. History also shows that when a national currency collapses, then people scramble for ways to put food on the table, and how to preserve wealth and go back to barter, gold, silver, and they USED to switch to using currency from OTHER countries that still had a “strong” currency.

                  But today, NO nation has a “strong” currency, because NO currency on earth is backed or officially exchangeable for silver or gold. You can BUY PM’s in the market place with your FIAT currency, but no bank or government office will take your fiats and give you gold or silver.

                  FOOD & water are first.
                  PM’s & ammo are second.

                  Anybody who doesn’t think that PM’s are important, they should just add more FOOD to their own “reserves”. 250 pounds of dry grains and another 100 pounds of dried beans, and dry corn, (per person) etc, needs to be already stored in their own pantries. Then they need to supplement that stockpile with all the other items to make balanced meals.

                  It is my amateur opinion that it’s important to have PM’s, Food, Ammo, etc. I have a “gut feeling” that anything you don’t have, may become something you may wish you did have.

                  I have faith in myself, and faith in my karma, and faith in my fate. But I do not need any book or any church to give me faith. All those “books of faith” are filled with SO many contradictions and stupid mixtures of proclamations as to drive you crazy if you really study it and see just how much man-made junk is in there. Turn inward and rely on yourself, be good, honest, honorable, kind, patient and resist evil, just because it is right to do those things, and not because some mythological or no-show deity says so. Be right, do right, no harm to others, but don’t allow others to harm your either.

                  Patience and kindness stops at the point where anybody else tries to do harm to me or to innocent ones. If I ever come across any hoodlum or priest, molesting, stabbing, burning or doing obvious harm to any “innocent”, that is the moment I pull the trigger, or do something to stop the evil.
                  I won’t ask “Please stop it.”, I won’t say “Freeze”. I won’t say” “I’m calling the cops…or…You’re under arrest”. I’ll just say “BANG”. Game over, and walk away with a smile on my face. (I’ll stick around to lend assistance to the innocent if my help is needed, but I prefer to fade away into the sunset as the “un-sung hero”… and un-prosecuted helper.)

                  As they say, “No good deed goes unpunished.” So do what you gotta do, and then “get the hell outta there before anybody starts asking any questions.” (pick up your shell casings if possible… and THIS is where a REVOLVER is the BEST gun you could have, because it won’t spit out any evidence.)

                • Eric

                  Craig, Millicent just likes to bitch about people that know more than she does. Which is almost everybody.

                  She should try reading and thinking. It helps to comprehend the scope and gravity of the current situation.


                • Eric

                  Calling someone “full of shit” is not an argument.

                  Did you miss the point where he said buy gold and silver WISELY?

                  Gold in 2003 – $300/oz.
                  Gold in 2011 – $1942/oz.
                  Gold in 2017 – $2500/oz. ???

                  When you are capable of critical thinking, you can form a real argument. When do you expect the debt to be paid down Millicent?

                • KRELL427

                  Millicent could be Nancy Grace.

                • Eric

                  Yep. Only “lonely rich white guys” buy Gold because they have time. It doesn’t have anything to do with fiat currency, debt, money supply, money velocity, Fed’s balance sheet, 0% interest rates, global conflicts or CNN dunderheads lying about everything.

                  I hope Nancy Grace had time to hand all of her “money” off to wall street. Stupid babbling white chicks. Bring back the patriarchy. 🙂

              • dcm

                Eric & Millicent , ( please listen at this youtube link)

  • dcm

    Latin Christmas Hymn

    A Solis Ortus Cardine is a devout Latin poem celebrating the birth of Our Lord. With pious reverance and poetic paradox, the singer meditates on Our Lord’s Incarnation within the immaculate temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary. At His coming in humility at the manger in Bethlehem, Our Lord, who sustains and feeds even the loweliest creature, suffers cold and hunger. He who is the King of Kings and Almighty Creator of all the universe condescends to walk amongst sinful men, living and dying so that we may be redeemed by Him. ( listen at this youtube link )

    From the rising of the sun,
    To the ends of the earth,
    Let us praise Christ the Prince,
    Born of the Virgin Mary.

    The Blessed Creator of the world,
    Took a docile body,
    So that, by the flesh He could liberate flesh,
    Saving from loss what He had made.

    In the chaste cloister of the Mother,
    The heavenly grace entered;
    The Maid’s womb carried,
    Secrets that she hadn’t understood.

    The dwelling of her heart,
    Suddently became God’s Temple,
    Immaculate, knowing no man,
    At a word she conceived the Son.

    The Mother gave birth,
    To the One whom Gabriel had foretold,
    Whom John the Baptist recognized,
    By leaping within his mother’s womb.

    He consented to lie in the hay;
    He did not refuse the manger;
    And he was fed with only little milk,
    He, who doesn’t allow even birds to hunger.

    The heavenly chorus rejoiced,
    And the Angels sang God’s praise,
    And to the shepherds was manifested,
    The Shepherd who created everything.

    Glory to Thee, O Lord,
    Who were born of the Virgin,
    With the Father and the Holy Spirit,
    Forever and ever. Amen.

  • dcm

    Sedulius, 5th-cent. poet

    Sedulius (1), a 5th-cent. poet, of whose life very few details are known. The only trustworthy information is given by his two letters to Macedonius, from which we learn that he devoted his early life, perhaps as a teacher of rhetoric, to heathen literature. Late in life he became converted to Christianity, or, if a Christian before, began to take a serious view of his duties. Thenceforward he devoted his talents to the service of Christ, living as a priest (cf. i. 7–9), in close intercourse with a small body of religious friends (pref.). He gives us a charming account of this group: Macedonius, the father and life of the whole; Ursinus, the reverent priest spending his life in the service of the King of Heaven; Laurence, the wise and gentle, who has spent all his money on the poor; Gallicanus, another priest, not learned, but a model of goodness and loyalty to church rule; Ursicinus, combining the wisdom of age with the brightness of youth; the deaconess Syncletica, of noble birth and nobler life, a worthy temple of God, purified by fasting, prayer, and charity, learned and liberal; and lastly Perpetua, the young pure matron, perpetual in fame and purity as in name. Sedulius, too, longed to devote his talent to God and to strengthen his own spiritual life by exhorting others. He yearned to tell the heathen of the wonders of the Gospel, and wrote the Carmen Paschale to invite then to share the Gospel feast. This was dedicated to Macedonius, and afterwards, at his request, was translated into prose (Opus Paschale). The works shew a character of much humility (cf. i. ad fin.), of tenderness of heart (v. 96), of warm gratitude (Carm. Pasch. pref.), and of keen susceptibility to criticism (Opus Pasch. pref.).

    These are the only certain facts. Even his date is uncertain. He refers to St. Jerome as a well-known student, and his work is praised by a decree of pope Gelasius in 495 or 496. Syncletica may have been a sister of Eustathius, who lived early in 5th cent. Hence the date of Sedulius must be c. 450. A mass of information about him is in later writers, but much of it arises from a confusion with Sedulius the Scotchman. The best authenticated account makes him a native of Rome who studied philosophy in Italy, became an antistes (i.e. probably a presbyter) and wrote his book in Achaia. The internal evidence as to these details is very slight: his friends bear Latin names almost entirely; he is in the presence of educated idolaters and takes special pains to argue against sun-worship; but these indications are very vague. His works became popular very soon. They were edited by an editor of Vergil, T. Rufius Asterius (consul a.d. 494)—perhaps in consequence of the importance attached to them by the pope’s decree. They are mentioned with praise by Venantius Fortunatus (viii. 1) and Theodulf of Arles; were commented on, perhaps by Remi of Auxerre (9th cent.), and frequently quoted and imitated by the writers of the middle ages. Areval quotes 16 MSS. dating from cents. vii. to xvi.; since then more than 40 editions have been printed, and special prominence was given to him by German writers last century.

    (1) Carmen Paschale, “a poem in honour of Christ our Passover,” consists of five books. Bk. i. is an introductory appeal to the heathen to give up idolatry and listen to the deeds of the true God. Bks. ii.–v. describe in full detail the miracles of the Gospel and the Lord’s Prayer. In the earlier part the narratives of SS. Matthew and Luke are pieced together in chronological order. Throughout the ministry to the final entry into Jerusalem Sedulius follows St. Matthew, with a few insertions from SS. John and Luke; then adds a succession of miracles from SS. Mark and Luke, without regard to chronology, (iv. 59–221), and the chief incidents of St. John’s Gospel; from the entry into Jerusalem to the end he mainly follows St. John. As a rule the details of the scenes are given slightly and followed by frequent comment, sometimes dogmatical (e.g. on the Nature of the Trinity, i. 16–20, 281 sqq., ii. 171, the Fatherhood of God, ii. 234, the Priesthood of Christ, iv. 207, etc.), at other times pointing out the typical meaning of Scripture, both of O.T. (i. 102–109, 127, 142, 152, iii. 202, iv. 170) and N.T.; e.g. the number of the evangelists and of the apostles (Prol. to lib. ii.; iii. 172), the number and nature of the gifts of the Magi (ii. 95), the dove
    (ii. 170), and all the details of the passion (v. 101, 169, 190, 243, 257, 275, 402). More often still they consist of moral warnings or of explanations of our Lord’s teaching (cf. ii. 106, iii. 321, iv. 16, 163, etc.).

    The style is rhetorical but pleasant, with considerable terseness and power of antithesis; and fairly correct in prosody, shewing considerable acquaintance with classical authors. The reference to Origen (Opus Pasch. pref.) and the play on Elias and ἥλιος (i. 170) imply some knowledge of Greek; of Latin authors he knew Terence, Juvenal, and specially Vergil, from whom be frequently borrows; possibly, too, the poem of Juvencus. There is a growing frequency in the use of leonine rhymes. For an analysis with a discussion of its sources and theology see Leimbach, Ueber den Christlichen Dichter Sedulius (Goslar, 1879).

    (2) Opus Paschale.—This prose translation mainly follows the Carmen faithfully, but adds illustrations and fills up gaps. It is preceded by another interesting letter to Macedonius.

    (3) Elegia.—An elegiac poem of 110 lines, corresponding in subject to the Carm. Pasch. It describes the effect of the Incarnation in contrast to the work of Adam, and Christ as the antitype of the types of O.T.

    (4) Hymn.—”A solis ortus cardine.” This may be called a lyrical expression of the Carmen. It is a call to praise Christ with a description of the chief facts of His birth, life, and death. It is an alphabetical, hymn in iambic dimeters with four-lined strophes. It shews a growing tendency to rhyme and a careful attempt to avoid any conflict between accent and quantity. Two extracts have been widely used in church services, viz. A–G in Lauds for Christmas week; and H, I, L, N, which celebrate the adoration of the Magi, the baptism, and the miracle at Cana, on the feast of Epiphany. These sections are in Daniel Thes. i. p. 143, and with a full German commentary in Kayser, pp. 347–383.

    (5) Cento Virgilianus “de Verbi Incarnatione” is sometimes ascribed to Sedulius (e.g. by Bähr), but is only found in one Corbey MS., and there only follows the other poems without being ascribed to Sedulius. It is in Martene, Vett. Scr. Coll. ix. p. 125.

    The most available edd. are Migne, Patr. Lat. xix.; a text of the poetical works by J. Looshorn (Munich, 1879); of the Carm. Pasch. in Hurter’s Op. Selecta, xxxiii.; and Huemer’s ed. of the whole (Vienna, 1885).

  • dcm

    If you will watch this movie . Hopefully you will it find more rewarding than trading venom with one another .

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