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Are ‘Mall Brawls’ Across America Foreshadowing Chaos Or Full-Scale Revolution Ahead? Map Shows Over 20 ‘Mall Brawl Staged Event’ Locations Spread Across Country

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

2017 Is Fixing Up To Be ‘The Year Millions Of Americans Lost Their Minds’

We’ve warned time and again on ANP that with 2016 and the presidency of Barack Obama winding down and 2017 and the presidency of Donald Trump soon to begin, those who’ve proven to the world they don’t know how to lose gracefully will likely go down fighting in a hail of fireworks and what we’re now witnessing all across America proves that point.

With loony liberal snowflakes and cupcakes still having breakdowns across the country, threatening violence and ‘white genocide’ more than a month-and-a-half after the election, the massive series of ‘mall fights’ that took place on Monday, the day after Christmas, in malls all across America should be seen as a sign to us of where this all might be headed in the 3+ weeks ahead until Trump is sworn into office and possibly well beyond.

Knowing as an absolute fact that ‘George Soros paid agitators’ are already being used to cause chaos here in America, we weren’t the least bit surprised to learn that social media was being used to ‘stir up’ these ‘mall brawls’ that actually led to a stampede at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Nassau County, New York. Using tactics straight out of Saul Alinsky’s book ‘Rules for Radicals‘, are we now witnessing the early stages of full-scale revolution in America, being urged on by social media anarchists and the completely clueless ‘useful idiots’ on the left? Several other malls were also completely evacuated as America suddenly finds itself heading down what might soon turn into the ‘homestretch of collapse and chaos’.

With fights breaking out in malls from Pennsylvania to New Jersey to Kentucky to North Carolina to Arizona to Colorado to Ohio to Indiana to Texas to a woman being trampled in Tennessee and many more US states as seen in the map below, melees and ‘scares’ broke out nationwide, almost as if some unseen hand was slowly pushing America over the edge. And while USAToday reports that so far, none of those injured in the fights suffered life-threatening injuries, if the globalists continue to push chaos upon America, that could change very, very quickly. In Chicago alone over Christmas weekend, at least 48 were shot, 11 fatally.

It doesn’t take too much imagination to see Soros paid agitators putting out messages on Facebook, Twitter and other social media apps that ‘a massive brawl is going to take place’ at ‘XYZ mall in Hoboken’ so ‘come on down’. Will massive ‘flash mobs’ be used by the globalists in their attempt to bring down America? And right now, things are still going relatively well for many in America though our nation has been falling to pieces for many years. What happens to those ‘flash mobs’ and ‘mall brawls’ when its about life or death and when it’s about who gets the last loaves of bread and the last rolls of toilet paper?

We get that answer quickly by simply looking at what’s now happening in Venezuela as the people of the country sell their children to give them hope of not starving to death in the future while others hunt down zoo animals and wild cats and dogs in the streets for their next meals in the dangerous fallen socialist nation.

Imagine this scene that played out at the Castleton Square Mall in Indiana if it were playing out under total collapse conditions.:

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3 comments to Are ‘Mall Brawls’ Across America Foreshadowing Chaos Or Full-Scale Revolution Ahead? Map Shows Over 20 ‘Mall Brawl Staged Event’ Locations Spread Across Country

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    From “Mall Brawls” to “FEMA February”?
    Anguish in August?
    Starvation in September?
    Numbness in November?
    Death in December!!!

    And when April rolls around again, after 30-70% of the sheeple have been sheared or slaughtered, it will be a peaceful, less crowded world. The survivors will come forth, to claim much of the world that is empty.

    It might not happen in the coming year, or even the next 2 years, but I feel confident, that the next 5 years will be very heartbreaking for millions upon millions who make it thru these next 8-24 months.

    It’s looking more and more like the preppers/stackers will rule the roost.

    • Ed_B

      Which is exactly why those who prep stack ammo. Rampaging hordes need to understand that mere numbers will not stop a hail of lead. Those of us who are sick and tired of these idiots are just about ready to put paid to their accounts, once and for all. Bring it, Mofos!

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        I tend to think, that anybody with a bunch of face and neck tattoos, will need to be weeded-out during or after this process.

        Here in the west, it is the prison tats, prison gangs, drug gangs, Latino gangs, & biker gangs with all the tattoos that will be easy to identify & “cleanse”.

        In Asia, it is the Yakooza & Triad gangs with their body-tats that need to be removed from decent society.

        Russia & the slavic speaking nations, also have their own version of the heavily tattooed gang members.

        We can be thankful that criminals are so happy to identify themselves with permanent markings.

        They may not be intelligent or clever preppers, but they are ruthless, parasitic predator-leeches & survivors and will have to be dealt with when things get really bad.

        A decent silenced handgun may become a very valuable item for such desperate times of when mankind is delicately holding onto our own survival. We don’t want to be struggling against such evil, psychotic, selfish predators.

        The old bible rule says “thou shall not MURDER”, but I am afraid the day will come, when we will be changing that rule to say: “Thou shall not go down without a fight”…and “thou shall not allow the scum to rise to the top.”

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