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9/11 & BEYOND: The Rothschilds & NUKES — James Perloff

NOTE: You Tube IMMEDIATELY labeled this video “NOT ADVERTISING FRIENDLY”. They do NOT want content like this being produced OR shared.


Author James Perloff returns to SGT report to discuss the evidence that suggests that tactical nuclear devices were used on 9/11 to demolish World Trade Center buildings 1 and 2. James also talks about the 2017 cover of the Rothschild’s Economist Magazine which touts ‘The World in 2017′ and features 8 tarot cards, one of which is the “death card” which shows a nuclear explosion. Visit James’ site to support him & buy his excellent books.

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22 comments to 9/11 & BEYOND: The Rothschilds & NUKES — James Perloff

  • Windrunner58

    Will watch later but have to comment.. Sean, you are putting yourself front and centre of the the Government and MSM’ agenda to censor “Fake News Sites”. For all our sakes I hope your are able to withstand the onslaught. What you show on your website is exactly what they fear. We are going to win this outright, or they will cause an absolute revolt by the “Alt Right” news. Godspeed!

  • glitter 1

    I recall one of the reports,can’t remember exactly which one,that Tritium was found in samples taken under the Tower Rubble.Tritium is a fission product from the Nuclear Fission Process.There were large quantities of water present/available due to it being sprayed during the fire suppression efforts.A Nano Nuclear Device Detonation would create the Neutron Flux/field required to create the Tritium isotope (T/3H).The fact that Tritium was found,along with the other isotope residues, at the WTC site is a smoking gun for Nuclear Fission.

    No Nuclear Fission, no Tritium,period.

    As the article explains how tritium is made/produced,mostly by Nuclear Power Generation.As water passes through the Reactor/Neutron Flux,one of the fission products produced,along with others,is tritium (3H).


    Relative to the comments from Steve about the future plans for Jerusalem:

    glitter 1
    November 21, 2016 at 11:22 pm · Reply
    The Elite Globalist plan is for their NWO to establish Israel/Jerusalem as the World Capital.Their intent is to Internationalize Jerusalem.

    How come you never hear/read about it?

  • C.I.

    I use ad_blockers with Firefox…………….never see any adds at all ever.


  • Fern

    By now all should understand israhell & judaism are pure evil. They plagerized & wrote the bibull as their playbook, they gave you your god, they only permit USURY in Judaism! their greatest tool.

    They invented radical islam as well as “turn the other cheek” “love thy enemy” passivity doctrines thus the dialectic with the jewish wet dream of each destroying each other, thus jews being the dominant psychopaths to run the new world order from Jerusalem (Trump will make it the capital city.) & you including some lesser jews their slaves.

    Now what will you do about it? I know what millions of christian zionists will do, nothing! because they bought into the playbook.

    • glitter 1

      Questions that must be/have answers:

      > Where did human beings on this planet come from?

      > Is there a Mind that conceived all that is surveyed,seen and unseen?

      > Can that mind be known/understood?

      > Where do you,your unseen soul,the real you,go when your physical flesh/blood body dies?

      > Is there a real entity, Lucifer the anointed cherub that covers?

      > Is there a “Universal Force”(Stephen Hawking) that binds all matter(law of attraction) in the universe? If not than what?

      > “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” Are these words just a bunch of BS made by stupid ignorants at that point in time or were they on to something/somehow?

      What did they know anyway,they didn’t have smart phones!

      • Fern

        no one can answer those questions, certainly not the bible

        When i asked the rabbi is god real? he paused & said “I really don’t know, but what I do know is the BELIEF in a god is.”

        don’t let their novel become your reality.

        • glitter 1

          I’m not trying to influence your thought process in any way,however,do you have a brain,can you think for yourself?Do you have the ability to think critically?
          The greatest proof of the Bible’s veracity is the Nation called Israel.If you are a Jew and you in fact have a Rabbi,answer this question yourself then ask the Rabbi:
          Even if you’re not a Jew,

          Why do Jews celebrate The Passover?

          • Fern

            who is thinking critically? Not glitter, as with most actions of this group who worship darkness, baal, moloch, baphomet, satan, yahweh elohim, adonai, etc.

            Passover (Pesach) is actually a jewish blood ritual, much like eating the body & blood of christ, but you will never believe it, so believe what you will & continue to perpetrate the deception to your own demise.

        • C.I.

          Belief Is The Enemy Of Knowledge


      • Ed_B


        “What did they know anyway,they didn’t have smart phones!”

        lol… no, they did not. Instead, the PEOPLE had to be SMART. 😀

    • AgShaman

      Most Christians are “fools” by definition….since they are ignorant to the fact that they are ruled and controlled by Rothschild zionists and the terror state of Isra-hell. Anyone that disagrees is deluded and living in fantasy land….where they can blissfully continue to believe our troops serve and provide our “free-dumbs”….instead of endless unjust proxy wars for international bank-stars.

      Trump will buttress the Rothschild zionism if the soylents don’t wake up and put his feet to the fire. He may not be as bad as Hillary, but he is still serving the Rothschild machine that is Israel

      • Eric

        We might be too far gone.

      • Ed_B

        Unlike some Christians, I am not “ruled” by anyone but God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. My entire Christianity is strictly between me and these 3 entities. Not the bible, not the churches, and not some crusty old farts somewhere else in this world. Only the 3 and me. That’s all, Folks! That’s all anyone really needs in spiritual terms. 🙂

  • AgShaman

    Always a very educational and enlightening interview when you have James Perloff on your webcasts.

    Thanks much for bringing him back

  • knowtoomuch

    ■ “Jewish Neo Cons responsible for 9-11” , doc 14 min :

    ■ 125 israeli spies, arrested and (of course) put on a plane the days after 9/11 :!/2008/03/list-of-names-of-125-israeli-spies.html

  • knowtoomuch

    ■ “Criminal Zionists guilty for terrorism and mass murder on 9/11” :

    ■ Video- and audio analyzing 9-11 : aluminium nose cone Boeing remained intact (!) and got out on the other side of the building ! WTF !!! ; Look from 4min30s to 10min :

  • Ed_B

    “You Tube IMMEDIATELY labeled this video “NOT ADVERTISING FRIENDLY”.”

    My question for them would be “SO?”. Free speech isn’t about what pleases everyone, whether or not they are “advertisers”. It IS about having wide-ranging discussions that very often dwell upon the less delicate matters of life. Some will take offense at anything that is said. If they cannot handle such topics, they should not watch the videos on You Tube. Instead, they can sit in their safe rooms and drink whatever flavor of Kool-Aid makes them feel good. Meanwhile, the rest of us will get on with learning things and discussing them.

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