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Wikileaks 28 ‘The DOJ-FBI-Huma Special’ is out and the TREASON of Hillary Clinton has never been more evident or quantifiable, and now the 650,000 emails on Huma and Anthony Weiner’s computer allegedly implicate Bill and Hillary in what is being described as a pedophile ring, and the CNN-CIA mockingbird media is IGNORING all of it. If Hillary Clinton is “elected” OR “selected” and placed in the White House as the felon she clearly is, we will be facing a Constitutional crisis like never before seen.

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  • KRELL427

    Another excellent video, what will take to bring this bitch down?

  • Benjamin

    I am starting to worry trump may be a part of this great stage show .
    Either knowingly or unknowingly .

    They had to know Hillary was the devil, could anybody imagine a better villain for this film .
    And trump naturally becomes the leader of the revolution .
    We have nastie back n forth , secret servers . Corrupt foundations , war , murders , Wikileaks . Racism claims , sexism .
    Great walls to be built . FBI investigations , . It’s got everything .

    Clinton will win as planned . There will be a revolution , people will rise up in some way . Trump will call for calm while investigations continue .
    Many won’t accept it . Rebellion begins .

    Obama the “hero” will save the day and cancel the election because the winner is a criminal .announcing national crises.

    False flag perhaps , Russia attack with emp . Cyber terrorism ?? Internet is down
    the military take control of the country .
    Rebels agitators , alternate media are rounded up are and placed in the ready built internment camps .

    and the revolution will not be televised

    The rebels who continue to fight will have their families taken to the camps as we know thanks to Alex jones, as bait .

    Perhaps all topped off with Obama handing the USA over to the UN and their very new leader ” Barrack Obama”

    Possible …???

    I think anything is possible now

  • susan

    Very little mention of Israel in all of this scandal – which is odd, given the very close financial ties between the two nations.

    Strange, huh?


    • Eric

      Look at the right hand. Do not pay attention to the left hand. Only concern yourself with the right hand. There is nothing else to see.

      • Ed_B

        This is the writ large version of… “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for… he can go about his business… move along, move along…”.

    • SGT

      Susan, good point, notice how ISIS is happy to leave Israel alone too? ISIS only attacks Israel’s enemies. Hilary is a Rothschild friend and puppet, and who was behind the reestablishment of the state of Israel? Read the Balfour Declaration. Israel=Rothschild.

      • Eric

        All good points. But Israel wasn’t a state before 1948. It never existed until the World Zionist Organization, Federal Reserve, WWI, Treaty of Versailles, WW2. You know the rest.

      • Jacobson

        SGT you talk bullshit.
        ISIS attacked Israel more than once, mostly from Sinai (Egypt) and even from Gaza and Syria.
        Yesterday 4 ISIS terrorists shot to Israel and wounded a soldier, all of them were killed.
        Many palestinians joined ISIS and moved to Syria / Iraq – some teachers, youngsters, and even a physician.

        But it looks like you draw the reality which fits your genre.
        Anyone can check if ISIS cells attacked Israel and if Israel attacked ISIS,
        It will harm your credibility and who knows what else…

  • MarcS

    Maybe the fbi or the cia will accidentally do their f…k job,

    and place this satanic witch in prison.

    I’m not holding my breath for this to happen.

    What Constitution crisis?
    98% of usgov employees do not even know the Constitution, let alone uphold it.
    However, we have seen fbi agents assassinate Constutional abiding citizens.
    They are too busy voting themselves their allocation of the plantation notes.

    • Sayldog

      I know MarcS, every time I hear somebody (especially an ex-gov-elite-psyops-warrior like Pieczenik) start talking up the FBI as Republic white hats I see LaVoy Finicum (or Randy Weaver or the children of the Branch Davidian compound). There isn’t a player in this drama that hasn’t been cast as a villain sometime in the past.

  • Kakistocracy

    Nothing will happen from any of this.
    Why are Americans drug addicts ?

    You Americans are addicted.
    Do you know what you are addicted to?
    It is called HOPIUM.
    It is a very destructive drug in that it continually makes you think that life is going to get better, all the while it gets worse and worse.
    But since you are addicted to HOPIUM you keep dreaming and doing nothing.

    How did Obama’s Hope and Change work out for you all?
    Not so good did it?
    Can’t look in the mirror and admit you made a mistake?
    Trust me, that is where and when real learning begins.
    Admitting to yourself you were wrong.

    Now on to predictions:


    Hillary Rodham Clinton will be assassinated.
    Why? (Besides the obvious unpopularity)

    Three reasons:

    1. If Hillary is removed from the equation, no one else will be investigated for the missing email scandals. 33,000 missing? 33? That number again. Hmmmm.

    2. If Hillary is removed via assassination, there will be no investigation into the World’s Largest Global Charity Fraud: The Clinton Foundation. Fraud in the 100’s of billions of dollars. Virtually everyone in the US Federal Government is guilty of treason.

    3. Best reason to assassinate Hillary ?

    Hillary died on September 11, 2016.
    She is already dead.
    Why let a good crisis go to waste?
    The Fake Hillary Assassination will be blamed on anyone they want. Perhaps it was a radicalized Muslim Russian Vietnam Vet? Yeah, could have been.
    We need to change the laws, more protection from violence, more protection from guns.
    Guns bad, Police state good.
    Fucking idiots.

    Hillary will be assassinated to stop further investigations. Why?
    Because she is already dead, that is why.

    • susan

      Your argument makes a lot of sense. I have been expecting her to *disappear* as predicted by Clif High, but assassination could mean that too…

      Like Lady Di, she’ll get plastic surgery and actually be able to live out her life in Qatar – if she isn’t dead, that is!

      • Kakistocracy

        Lady Diana was actually born a male named David Furnish.

        I am cautious to tell you what I really think about Hillary but you seem ready so here goes:

        I am 100% certain that Hillary Rodham Clinton was born a male and then transgendered into a female. This is very difficult for people to accept nonetheless if you look at the biometric data it is conclusive. Search for Jungle Surfer, watch his videos. You will be shocked into despair. But remember the griel cycle: Denial, Anger, Depression, Bargaining, Acceptance.

        I think you can do it. Women are always better at this than men.
        Be well susan.

        • Eric

          That wouldn’t surprise me. But unlike Michael Obama who clearly looks like a male. Diana I never thought did.

          If you have any links, please share.

        • KRELL427

          Kak, I tried to watch a few of his videos, he seems to be a crack head wanker in my opinion. But I would not be surprised if there were a lot more transgenders in the public eye that are fooling us. you have to use street smarts while analyzing. I have always questioned the M.P.H. of Serena Williams serve speed before I new anything about the subject. I am sure a lot of surprises will come out in the years ahead.

          • Kakistocracy

            I hear you.
            There are so many purposely disinformation agents on the net that it is difficult to discern the truth.

            But let me say this much about Jungle Surfer:
            1. His accent can seem uncouth as though he was a real jungle man.
            This is only human prejudice. Focus on the substance of what he is saying.

            2. He only eats food that he grows himself. He is into meditation and honesty.
            This is a subjective assessement on my part granted, but I am a good judge of character. He makes valid scientific points but as with all things IT TAKES HARD WORK AND COURAGE TO LEARN THE TRUTH.


            Some non-human anti-human agenda is taking place in the highest corridors of power.

          • Ed_B

            It’s not necessary for a female athlete to become a man. All some of them need is some sort of testosterone therapy and… Shazam! Instant male characteristics, including greatly enhanced upper body strength. One of the cool things about chemistry is that there are any number of possible analogs of testosterone that won’t show up on an analysis for testosterone, yet do many of the same things inside the body.

        • willygroper

          can’t quite buy that one…the teeth like earlobes are a give away.

    • JC

      Interesting and plausible theory, but what is your proof that she’s dead? I am tired of our community taking theory and innuendo as fact. If you don’t have evidence, then stop asserting realities in ALL CAPS to convince others of the truth.

      By the way, you do know you are preaching to the choir here on the HOPIUM bit, right? No one here thinks the politicians will save us. I think those that are willing to entertain Trump over Hillary only are doing so as an F U to the establishment. If he turns out to be the same, then the movement will turn on him as well. There is a groundswell of anti-establishment fervor that is going to end badly for any body politic that does not change their ways. The naive and ignorant are finally waking up as their bank accounts are now being pilfered by Obamacare premiums, new taxes, absurd college tuition payments, etc. I’m not 100% confident they will attack the right people and be armed with the right solutions, but they are pissed and this is going to get ugly for many in the establishment

      • Kakistocracy

        You can research for yourself that Hillary Clinton has been replaced with a body double, many in fact.

        Don’t expect me to do your own research. This is a journey you and everyone must take alone.

        Please, just wake up. For fuck sakes man, I am so very tired so idiots blindly following the Zionist media.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I wonder if the “pedo-rings” will ever be busted up, considering how it also involves Presidents, judges, politicians, banksters, CEO’s, Hollywood elites, intelligence agency bigshots, and even “Billy Graham” was named as one of the peso-participants by an Australian victim who named names and alerted authorities, (those same authorities have arrested NOT ONE of any of them).

    Billionaires, millionaires, Saudi Royalty, British Royalty, Asian elites, African elites, American, Canadian, Australian, European elites.

    Bohemian Grove participates in this crap (no surprise there, eh?). There are some top military brass involved too.

    The rot is so widespread, and they protect each other to protect themselves, as well as murder anybody who rocks to the boat.

    We all hope the wall of silence & protection has enough cracks in it to start breaking it down.

    • This pedo ring in particular will not be touched, given that both candidates are connected to it:

      Which, of course, is hardly coincidence. By the time the Amerikan People figure out that this was a race between two DRUG MONOPOLISTS fighting over the scraps of the trade in the “multipolar world order” now emerging, it will be far too late.

      Y’know, Comey worked for Lockheed, then Bush the Junior, then sat on the board of HSBC… and now heads up the FBI, who stage more terrorist attacks than they foil. They’re in the business of media fakery, agitprop, and drumming up drama for the proles.

      Yet when this “former” drug banker kingpin and Black Budget lawyer goes to bat for The Donald, people simply take it at face-value. Is this naiive? Stupid? Deliberately disingenuous? All of the above? It’s certainly one of the above.

      • Guido

        Rusticus, Trump’s one-time friendship with Epstein is unsettling to say the least, but this hardly makes him guilty of anything, other than associating with another piece of sh*t (add him to the list), something that I am willing to bet EVERY ONE OF US here has been guilty of at one time or another.

        On the other hand there’s plenty of reason to believe that Clinton’s guilt goes far beyond mere association, but we’ll just have to wait and see if those charges come to light with the investigation. Even if they do not OFFICIALLY see the light of day, something tells me that this will all eventually be forced into the mainstream.

        On a side note, the woman who accused Trump of raping her when she was a 13-year old model has AGAIN failed to come through. Hence, the lawsuit has been dropped – again.

        • Ed_B

          “On a side note, the woman who accused Trump of raping her when she was a 13-year old model has AGAIN failed to come through. Hence, the lawsuit has been dropped – again.”

          That’s the thing about a good smear campaign… they NEVER let it get into court. It’s real value is in the court of public opinion, not before a federal judge. Once the damage has been done to someone’s rep, that’s ALL that those who are smearing someone want. The accuser(s) can then slink off into the shadows and disappear, having done their job and pocketed their pay-off.

        • “Rusticus, Trump’s one-time friendship with Epstein is unsettling to say the least, but this hardly makes him guilty of anything…”

          Guido, I address that very critique in the second article linked above and would merely note that this is how any decent intelligence network is mapped – by connections and relations. While you may not find the nodes connecting Trump, Epstein, and Clinton to be significant enough to warrant further speculation, those connections don’t exist in isolation:

          Mar-a-Lago. Iran-Contra. Adnan Khashoggi. Carl Icahn. The exploits of CIA cocaine runners in Florida. The remnants of the Lansky/Luciano network via Louis and Craig Lesser, also known intelligence assets. The HSBC/PayPal drug money laundering nexus, of which Thiel and Comey, seemingly “unlikely” allies of Trump, find their way into. And that’s just scratching the surface.

          I didn’t bring up the unsubstantiated Trump rape claims in any of my articles or posts, nor would I refute that the Clintons are integral mid-level players in the hyper-compartmentalized World Federalist crowd with more than enough dirt and blood on their hands. Honestly, that’s been covered ad-nauseam since the Mena, AK days in off-mainstream media and it’s a tired bit.

          My contention is simply that Trump’s candidacy, like the “BRICS Saviour” meme bandied about by alt-media sites like SGT frequently, is fairly standard Hegelianism designed to reach a predetermined outcome. Brandon Smith of Alt-Market has done a pretty good job of summarizing this general thesis:

          • Guido

            Rusticus, you won’t get any argument from me regarding Trump’s past and present associations. If you’ve taken the time to read my rants on this site, I often mention this fact. And you certainly won’t see me putting the man on a pedestal or heaping perpetual praise over him as others do, even if I do defend him from time to time. Personality worship thoroughly disgusts me, regardless of who the person is.

            But the ENTIRE first paragraph of my related post bears repeating, as it was one of the points I was attempting to make:

            “…Trump’s one-time friendship with Epstein is unsettling to say the least, but this hardly makes him guilty of anything, other than associating with another piece of sh*t (add him to the list), something that I am willing to bet EVERY ONE OF US here has been guilty of at one time or another.”

            Trump is (to the best of my knowledge) a person, an imperfect person like every one of us. Most of us have associated with less than stellar people at some point in our lives. Some of us might be less than stellar ourselves, or may have used connections or associations in ways that might not be looked upon favorably from a legal, ethical or moral standpoint. Logic and reason dictate that a person of Trump’s wealth and fame could not possibly have gotten to where he is by the blessings of God alone (or god PERIOD). The articles you link to shed further light on the man that many diehard Trump supporters do not want to acknowledge.

            But if we’re to be honest, if there was a smoking gun that could REALLY bury this guy, wouldn’t it have emerged already? I’m NOT proclaiming his sainthood, not by a long shot, but what I am saying is that if there was something in his past (other than alleged womanizing and frivolous rape allegations) that his opposition could use to REALLY bury him, it would have emerged already, particularly considering the fact that he’s thrown all caution to the wind in his quest to bury Crooked Hillary and her clique. I haven’t seen it as yet. But maybe they’ll surprise us.

            With that said, this could mean nothing more than Trump was thorough in covering his tracks, something that the Clinton Crime Family have been unable to do because they have TOO MANY tracks to cover, and much deeper ones at that. And this was the other point I was making in the related post; the MAGNITUDE of the criminality.

            On the one hand, we have a thoroughly exposed Clinton, involved in some of the most blatant and reprehensible criminal activity one can engage in. On the other hand, we have a dubious character (Trump) who’s connections point to guilt by association in the least, and typical mob activity at best.

            But unless someone is able to come up with allegations that have enough substance to prove he is guilty, then that’s all we are left with; allegations and speculation. Sure, we can connect the dots to come to some sort of conclusion, but the fact remains, there isn’t any REAL proof that has seen the light of day

            One more thing that I wasn’t going to mention, but have decided to anyway. I take it that the “lesser of the two evils” is something that you do not subscribe to. It’s something many of us do not subscribe to. What I believe differentiates this situation from others is the overt level of EVIL that runs through Hellary and her inner circle. They are SO CONTEMPTUOUS that people are actually willing to cast their vote for someone with dirty laundry himself, just to ensure that Satan personified stays out of the White House. I think this speaks volumes. (I won’t even approach the issue of whether or not voting has any legitimacy, as that would take up too much space. Besides, I’ve said enough on this subject in previous posts, including one posted below. I prefer to approach things from the level of an awakened humanity, as that is what I believe will ultimately be the deciding factor.)

            • Craig Escaped Detroit

              Well said. Well Measured, logical, balanced and fully aware of all the different nuances and conflicts that face your ‘decision making’ process.

              Too many out there don’t have enough functioning brain cells to observe and logically sort thru so many things at once, so they jump to conclusions, they rant, they close their minds or they ignore too many side details, etc.

              Carry on.

            • Guido, remember this exchange a year or two from now when Trump is President. With that retrospection, one of us will confidently be able to say, “I told you so.” Until that day any more typing is an exercise in futility, wouldn’t you agree?

              Until then 😉

              • Guido

                Agreed, Rusticus. MUCH could happen either way. In fact, trying to even imagine the state of affairs a year or two down the road is also futile considering the level of insanity we are now facing. Bottom line is, most of us here have good intentions, even if we might not agree on the particulars all the time.

                • Absolutely, man. And for the record, I hope with every fiber of my being that you and the optimists here are right and I’m publicly forced to eat crow 😛

  • Kakistocracy


    Stop hoping and start doing.
    Start with ending all Privatized Central Banking where currency is issued as a debt to a European Jewish family that is now worth TRILLIONS and thus controls most of the world’s economies.

    Problem identification is the first and most important step in solving a problem.
    After that, the solution is child’s play.

    The power resides in all of you already.
    You only need to let it out.
    Please let it out.
    Be strong, be courageous.

  • Fraser

    ALT-media (including the SGT report) is as guility as the MSM for dumbing down the American population and misrepresenting what is really happening here.

    MSM says: Good = Clinton / Bad = Trump / Ignore the corrupt system

    ALT-media says: Good = Trump / Bad = Clinton / Ignore the corrupt system

    I say ignore Clinton and Trump and fix the corrupt system! The political system also has parallels in your economic system, where you have enormous monopoly corporations, offering a bad product, but with no choice. Why do you put up with it? Why does no one ever talk about the real problem?

    As I have stated before, you need a “multi-party” political system with “proportional representation” so that the smaller parties get a voice. These smaller parties give the public direct access to the running of government and make obsolete the need for petitions and “lobby groups”.

    Also listen to Catherine Austin-Fitts and do the same with your money. With-draw support from the corrupt mega corporations and instead support local entities that are supporting your local community. Buy American products, (locally produced if possible), not Chinese or other foreign stuff.

    The same mickey mouse “hope and change speech” has fooled Americans for at least 40 years AND I JUST DON’T GET IT – surely you can’t be that stupid! Stop accepting a bad product from a monopoly provider and seek better alternatives!

    • Eric

      More political parties will only confuse and divide the people more. There must be an informed citizenry first.

      Everyone thinks they have the solutions to the REAL problem they don’t understand.

      There is only one way to fix it…

      • KRELL427

        I have a few solutions for Fraser, put a seatbelt in your rowboat so you don’t fall in the river again. I know the speeds can get excessive. Also duct tape your mouth next time you are picking up litter in a park so you don’t say something stupid to a cop when your mouth opens and wind up in jail. You are fortunate that he did not perform a laser gun test on you.

        • Eric


          JM Bullion has 2017 brittanias coming soon. Pre-order now. Gonna try to pick some up soon.

          Might start circulating Silver in my local community more.

        • Fraser

          Funny how random events lead to good results. Getting sick (nearly died) got me angry. The Government said “nothing to see here” and called me a “crank”. Then I got really mad and went to the newspapers and went on TV and 12 months later, the Environment minister (John Thwaits) resigned, the EPA actually started measuring the problem and together we found and stopped all the broken sewers and industrial waste that was pouring into one of Australia’s most beautiful rivers. Same thing has occured with many, many other issues (including subsidence, bush fires, Government corruption, etc). One person can make a difference if they are right! Currently, I am focused on ending America’s wars (by fixing your political system). And I will succeed (eventually) – because I am right!

          • Kakistocracy

            I had a similar incident with a very large international corporation that I was working with.
            I stated the facts and then when I was asked questions , I again stated the facts.
            Emotionless, factually based, I was using the NeoCortex and not the Limbic system to make decisions.
            They lost but still it took time that the psychologically weak cannot all endure.

          • KRELL427

            Fraser that is very commendable, most people who frequent this site are all aware and concerned about the present situation. We all try to do something within our own means and set of circumstances. Some people accomplish more than others, but remember who the enemy is. Far too much energy is being wasted fighting amongst the troops, playing into the enemy’s divide and conquer plan.

            • Kakistocracy

              I’m with you.
              I will always provide some type of solutions and positive news when I report the bad.

              This is a SPIRITUAL WAR afterall.
              And all wars start from the spirit, the soul.

            • Fraser

              Krell. Agreed, but none of us are alone and we should take heart that VERY GOOD men and women who were once with the Government have already flipped and are with us (like Paul Craig Roberts, David Stockman, Catherine Austin-Fitts, Ron Paul etc) and the rest will follow if they think we are organized. So never give up hope and always believe that will win – because we will! And the reason is, “they” depend on us and not visa versa. So whatever we want, we get (so long as they get a bit as well).

              Alt-media (in particular SGT report) also give us power by giving us voice and that opportunity should not be disrespected or be trivialized in any way. You know my view, which reform by breaking up of the current monopolies (particulary in politics) with more choice and power returned to the people. SGT may (or may not) continue to give us that voice. IF they do, the revolution could start here and spread throughout the country. Legal and non-violent, but most of all – right! We are the adults now, so no racist, violent or stupid ideas please!

      • Fraser

        Eric. No you are wrong, the beauty of democracy and a free market system is that an unmanipulated market usually gets it right. In other words, you just have to relax the rules and allow (any number) of political parties and then let the market decide.

        Most will still go for the status quo (say 45% DEM and 45% GOP), but the remaining (say) 10% “balance of power” given to the minorites is usually enough to block stupid things like wars and corruption etc. Again I urge you to look up our Don Chipp and how he was able to clean up Australian politics by wisely wielding his “balance of power”.

        Trouble with your system is that – like everything else – it is (deliberately) stacked against smaller parties and so a party with 5% of the vote does not get 5% of the seats. So you also need to introduce “proportional representation” instead of your “first past the post” system. Once you get to that stage, the free market takes care of itself. So long as there is enough choice and the result is free and fair, I have no argument whatsoever. It may seem new, but it is really not that hard.

        • Eric

          My system. lol.

          In case you didn’t know, anyone can run for office and get a “seat” in congress. The people elect them. But they don’t hold them responsible. They vote for the R or the D next to the name, but don’t vet them. All the political parties in the world won’t solve anything. The people are the problem.

          These wars are unconstitutional. They were not declared by congress. But you think another political party is going to stop it. Wake up man!

          “I hate all politics. I don’t like either political party. One should not belong to them – one should be an individual, standing in the middle. Anyone that belongs to a party stops thinking.”

          -Ray Bradbury

          “I once said to my father, when I was a boy, ‘Dad we need a third political party.’ He said to me, ‘I’ll settle for a second.'”

          -Ralph Nader

    • SGT

      And your solution for “fixing” this rigged system is more political parties Fraser? Good luck with that. Disbanding the main two and starting over might work, but how does that get done in a systemically corrupt system? It seems to me that renouncing citizenship and getting the hell out of this country will be about all we’ll have left as far as options go when the Rothschild puppet witch is inserted back into the White House. We are witnessing the culmination of a multi-decade plan, the Bush asset and Rothschild puppet will fulfill Prescott Bush’s goal of a fascist banker coup of the US government when she “wins”.

      • Fraser

        “They” won on 23-Dec-1913 when they got their Central Bank, everything else is just theatre. Back to politics. Australia has around 50 different political parties (representing a full range of views) and it works, so you can’t say it doesn’t or won’t.

        Now consider your possibility. SGT Report reaches (say) 2% of the public. So it forms the “SGT Party” and with that 2% gets a seat in Government (supposing help also comes from other alt-media sites). So off Sean goes to Washington. On each Bill that requires a vote, Sean asks his SGT subscribers what they think. For the first time in their lives, your subscribers have a direct say in the running of their Government. Now that is real democracy!

        It works elsewhere, so give it some thought. Get some guy on to talk about the possibility and what changes are required. Light the fire! Otherwise IMHO, America is fucked…

        • Kakistocracy

          Would be nice.
          Of course by that time, EVERYONE would have their own “WEBSITE” (proxy) which really means



          • Fraser

            Thanks Kak! Also agree with your view that a currency collapse (followed by a gold standard) will help. But to fix the system, my fundamental view is that America’s problems are caused by lazy government allowing giant corporations to first crush small business and then rape the public with poor products at unfair prices. Same is true of your monopoly political system. Poor product, ridiculous cost.

      • Fraser

        SGT / Sean. Final thought, if Clinton gets in Tuesday and the SHTF and you really want to run away, I would be honoured to put you up in a beach house for a couple of months, until you can get yourself sorted. You have my email.

      • Ed_B

        “And your solution for “fixing” this rigged system is more political parties Fraser? Good luck with that.”

        If that was a workable solution, Italy would be problem free by now. 😉

      • willygroper

        “It seems to me that renouncing citizenship and getting the hell out of this country will be about all we’ll have left as far as options go when the Rothschild puppet witch is inserted back into the White House.”

        i’ve been weighing that hard n heavy. trouble is, it may only buy time…not generational. btw, richard sauder will send you info on just that for relocating to ecuador. $89K for ocean front looked pretty good for 1.2K sq ft. pacific tho.
        he was treated very badly by another interviewer that set my hair on fire. ridiculed as it were and interview cut short. cog/dis/bias in the interviewer, that censors like the MSM when called out on his own behavior. dr. Sauder has seen for decades what most have just noticed in the last 10yrs. he’s a kind man with humanity’s interest at heart. i for one appreciate your interviewing him Sean. 😉

  • Kakistocracy

    Both of you guys (Fraser and Eric) have valid points.
    But I am going to offer yet another solution to yours.
    Fraser: End Monopolies
    Eric: Bomb Israel.

    The former is legal, the latter is not.
    WE need to fix the CORRUPT system in ALL COUNTRIES.

    Why is the system corrupted ?
    Because CURRENCY itself is a legalized, internationally-sanctioned criminal enterprise that enrichs a handful of families of the world while impoverishing everyone else.

    Then we have to CLAWBACK ALL THAT MONEY>

    WAKE UP>
    This is the problem.
    The external problem.

    The internal problem is FEAR (symptoms: Cognitive Dissonance, Willful Ignorance).
    Change the way people feel about themselves.

    Deep down humanity believes that it must suffer, that it does not deserve happiness.

    I will pray for all humans everywhere for this strength and inner wisdome.

  • Eric

    Look guys.

    I think we at least should all know by now that the only solutions you will find are individual in nature.

    There are no collective solutions.

  • Kakistocracy

    There are Two approaches to this:

    1) INTERNAL (self-esteem issues, willful ignorance, destructive naivete, narcissism)
    2) EXTERNAL (Currency created as a DEBT).

    Addressing #2:

    Then we have to CLAWBACK ALL THAT MONEY>

  • Kakistocracy

    Clawback of $500 TRILLION: That requires a COLLECTIVE SOLUTION.

  • mike

    Still dont see why you guys care?…This thing is going down, absolutely nothing can save it, nothing it is already far gone..I am proud to say I don’t fear the collapse and look forward to rebuilding without the likes of Clinton or her ilk.
    I voted for Hillary today in early voting. You cant fight it, give into the horror and let it pass..I am prepared for the worst and hope for the worst and with all my heart support the Harbinger of destruction Clinton. It’s the only way were have any hope in the long run.

    Was Barabbas over Jesus a bad choice for the people? Was Judas bad for accepting Silver from Eric’s people the Jewish Priests to betray Jesus? Of course not we need filthy slime like the Jews, Eric and Clinton to make a better world in the end. If these choices were not made the the enviable could have never happened and your soul would be damned forever?

    Do as the Chinese do besides lie…Think for the future not the present.

    • Kakistocracy

      Still dont see why you guys care?…

      Very simple.
      A very small number of European families are in control of most of the world’s resources.
      That is why we care.
      These resources belong to everyone equally, no one person or family can control resources in order to exploit others through fake wars and fake natural disasters.

      $500 TRILLION reasons to care.
      If this money is NOT returned to people, humanity will never be free.


      Understand ?
      Wake up, grow up, learn up.
      But do something fast.

      • mike

        Ahh Let the place Burn it is not your home and never in your has it been. It just been a fairy tale that never was. Thought you guys were American and believed in America? How are you going to do that under Pres Trump when he cuts off your internet? How are you going to get a gun when he puts you on the no fly no buy list? How are you going to be with the Most “Militaristic” president ever? One that is going to go nuts with police? Stop and Frisk then detain? Trump sucks Big green Eric Balls. That being said fortunately Hillary is far worse and should bring it to a head soon.

        KRELL if its fixed she going to win anyway…If somehow the system is legit then Trump might win?
        What are you so scared of? I would really hate to be around you in battle, your fear will get you and others killed.

        Eric your a Jew Penis and I hope Hillary is hiding under your bed.

    • KRELL427

      Mike that is very smart, with that logic you should go out and purchase a gallon of hydrofluorosilicic acid and drink it up.

      • Eric

        “They say even death can’t cure an idiot.”
        Tite Kubo

        • Kakistocracy

          sadly you might be right…

          my poem to the world:

          (Long ago)
          We began as a Monarchy
          Morphed into an Aristocracy
          Evolved into a Democracy
          Auctioned off into a Plutocracy
          Purloined into a Kleptocracy
          Corrupted beyond redemption
          We have now metastasized into a Kakistocracy
          A Mobocracy is not far off
          Perhaps we turn to a Theocracy ?
          No sadly, we have always been an Occultocracy
          Yes this is utter Luciferian Lunacy

  • Glen

    The only “real change” that we need and will possibly MAYBE happen is everyone waking up after the election and realizing that neither Clinton nor Trump will make “real change” because deep down, we know all of this is a giant joke on us. Cant you sense it?

    Since when was there “real change” after an election cycle? Never. This system has never served the people and only serves the elite and their overlord minions. It needs to be dismantled ASAP to free humanity from the governments, mega banks, etc, etc.. It doesn’t matter WHO is elected. Nothing will change. It is all fake.

    There are 4 days til the election happens and coincidentally more information comes out on Hillary to completely take her down and reopen the investigation and cause other future investigations. Well, I see no good coming out of this since there is already someone who should not be running for white house in the first place. Has there ever been such controversy over a person just days before the election like this? Not a good sign. Especially if they take her out of the election just days before. What, are we just going to bow down and let Trump take it over? Or, will they just cancel the election and keep the current puppet in place? It would not surprise me one bit.

    Why do people keep falling for this every 4 years? It’s stunning to still see this all going down over and over and over again. Aren’t you all done with it yet? It hasn’t served us at all, and all they do is regulate us and take freedoms away no matter who’s in the house and you still go gaga over a candidate that you think will make “real change”.

    People are probably right. There probably will be riots in the streets after the election, no matter who is elected, since this one is really super charged with so much information and deceit than ever before. The people are sick of it. How are we suppose to know the truth about anything really. Information from Wikileaks, FBI? Are you kidding me with the FBI? It’s so laughable that people actually believe the FBI are really looking in on any allegations. The people Hillary runs around with probably OWN the FBI so that makes her air tight. I’ll be insanely surprised to see her actually go to jail. Has anyone from a mega bank gone to jail like they should? No. They are all above the law since they make them. So Hillary probably isn’t going anywhere soon.

    The only reason all the things are coming out like they are is to make people confused and not know what to do, or who to vote for and I’m not falling for any of it. I’m not going to pretend to know all the answers, but if you all can feel it like I can, then you know something is rotten and has been for a long time. Beware of what information you take in from anywhere and analyze the shit out of it and really think before emotionally voting for any idiot to further the destruction of our civilization with the system that does not serve the people ever. If all of us DO NOT vote, that will send a message loud and clear that we are done. I am. How about you?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love what Sean is doing here and he is very brave for doing it. But I think it’s time we just went a couple steps further to nip it all in the bud so we can just move on before it’s too late.

  • Kakistocracy

    One problem Glen:

    Get rid of privatized central banking where currency is issued as a debt to a European Jewish Family that is now worth TRILLIONS and thus controls the world.
    And then clawback the $500 TRILLION that they have stolen since 1697.
    Very simple.
    Not hard.

    If you cannot understand this simple fact, then you will never understand the world’d problems.


    • Glen

      I think I already covered my understanding of that in my comment by saying “It needs to be dismantled ASAP to free humanity from the governments, mega banks, etc, etc..” I guess I should have been more clear.

      However I’m not clear on what $500 trillion you are wanting to claw back. Are you talking about all the fake, fiat, digital ghost of a currency that keeps getting “printed” into existence, backed by nothing and furthering the devaluation of the dollar and putting everyone in the poorhouse? I certainly hope not. They can keep all their monopoly money and digital nothings. I think its rather $1.5 quadrillion when you put everything together. That is not real wealth which I’m sure you know. Just sayin.

      I’ll stick with other forms of wealth. We don’t need them or their “money”

      • Kakistocracy

        You covered nothing and you understand nothing.
        Why do I say this ?
        Based on your comment here:
        “They can keep all their monopoly money and digital nothings. I think its rather $1.5 quadrillion when you put everything together. That is not real wealth which I’m sure you know. Just sayin.”

        Just sayin eh ?
        You are a total idiot. An imbecile. Do you know what that means?
        It means mentally speaking you don’t quite have what it takes to talk to real adults.

        What do you think (if at all) ?
        Do you think the ROTHSCHILDS have a chequing account with $500 TRILLION in some quaint European bank?
        You really are stupid.

        When you ask yourself why society is going down the toilet, look in the mirror.
        The answer is there.

        • Eric

          “You are a total idiot. An imbecile. Do you know what that means?
          It means mentally speaking you don’t quite have what it takes to talk to real adults.

          What do you think (if at all) ?
          Do you think the ROTHSCHILDS have a chequing account with $500 TRILLION in some quaint European bank?
          You really are stupid.

          When you ask yourself why society is going down the toilet, look in the mirror.
          The answer is there.”

          This is not an argument.

          Glen is correct. $500 trillion USD is not real wealth. It is digital credit for debt that none of us accumulated but are responsible for. Other forms of wealth like Gold, Silver, and productive farmland are REAL WEALTH.

          I keep throwing it out there and nobody ever responds. But it would be a lot of fun to pull an Ocean’s 11 on Rothschild’s vault.

          Glen is right.

          • Kakistocracy


            Glen is correct. $500 trillion USD is not real wealth. It is digital credit for debt that none of us accumulated but are responsible for. Other forms of wealth like Gold, Silver, and productive farmland are REAL WEALTH.

            I keep throwing it out there and nobody ever responds. But it would be a lot of fun to pull an Ocean’s 11 on Rothschild’s vault.

            Glen is right.


            You people are delusional.
            ROTHSCHILDS have been in control of currency since at least 1697.

            Are you people really that stupid that you think they hold that in cash ?

            ROTHSCHILDS and their masters control the following you fucking idiots:

            ENTIRE INDUSTRIES (Semiconductor industry)
            Economic Trade Zones (EU is their creation, NAFTA is their creation)
            GOVERNMENTS (US is controlled by Rothschilds, Canada/UK/etc.)
            Intelligence Agencies (CIA, CSIS, MI6, MI5, MOSSAD, DGSE)



            No wonder society is going down the toilet.
            You idiots can’t engage in sequential reasoning.
            You can’t even string together two facts let alone more than that.

            THANK YOUR ZIONIST MASTERS FOR THAT , idiot slaves.

            • Glen

              It seems we agree upon most of this which is confusing to me why your upset. I’m not going to go on a circular name calling match with you. Nobody said they hold that much in cash. And my comments certainly do not insinuate that either.

              You seriously did not understand what I said at all in any of my comments which are very easy to understand. Unless you can talk to us in a civil manner I will no longer respond to you. Don’t throw stones at glass houses. Delusional is not my M-O.

            • Eric

              Corporations and governments are legal fictions. Those can be eliminated easily. Stop buying their products and supporting them

              Media is there to tell you what to think. Stop buying their bullshit.

              Entire Industries do not have to be supported.

              Intelligence agencies should be scrutinized.

              Other than that, I’ll stick with real tangible wealth.

  • Ed_B

    In spite of all the useless, trivial, and dangerous BS in the world today, I spent the afternoon doing something useful: ammo inventory. This stuff is heavy and there is a lot of it… many thousands of rounds plus the components to make many more thousands of rounds. Hellery? Trump? Who cares? I’m more interested in Remington, Federal, CCI, Hornady, et al. 😀

    • Eric

      Well done Ed.

      A conscious individual solution to unconscious collectivism solutions.

      I’ve been working hard to do the same with my Silver lately. It’s a hell of a lot of work keeping track of it all, keeping it organized, hidden, secret, safe, air and water tight.

      This is where maps and lists and a handy dandy calculator comes in. Just make sure nobody else knows about your map.

      Will have to do the same with the ammo soon.

      • Eric

        “A conscious individual solution to unconscious collectivism PROBLEMS!”

        It must be the beer talking.

      • Ed_B


        Thanks, Bro. I try really hard to do all I can in this world of ours but getting overly excited about the things that I have ZERO influence on is not on my to-do list. Some of that info is interesting in an academic sense but ultimately of no value whatever. That I needed more large pistol primers, some IMR-4227, and a box of .41 cal. JSPs was rectified today. I will be at the reloading bench tomorrow and will be cranking out hundreds of new 5.56 mm rounds. These too are a form of personal and family insurance.

        My next mini-project will involve getting the components and a set of dies for the 7.62 x 39 round. They make boxer primed brass cases for this caliber, so one need not simply buy the cheap steel cased ammo from Russia et al. While it is good to have a large supply of that, which I do, it is also good to be able to reload my own ammo for my Saiga AK “sporting rifle”. 😀

        I figure that anyone who can make beer, ammo, soap, and things that go BOOM! will be useful during a SHTF time. 😉

        • Eric

          Yea, I was making my own beer for a while. Turned out pretty good too but it’s way too much of a pain in the ass. Much easier to just walk down to the store and buy a 6 pack. 😉

          But I think I need to lay off the beer for a while. Easier said than done.

  • Kakistocracy

    Forget it, you idiots really are idiots.

    You think for example that if the ROTHSCHILDS (Private Central Bank owners/Criminally Insane) have $500 TRILLION , that they hold that in a bank account ?
    (like some idiots here have replied with, you people really are stupid, that is why things are in the toilet, your own stupidity)



    • Rdawg

      Jesus Kak, you never tire of the insults and name-calling do you?
      Practically every post you are calling people stupid, idiots, drug-addicted, imbeciles, etc.
      Is this your idea of trying to win friends and influence people?
      Hint: insults aren’t all that effective in winning people over to your side.
      Kinda ironic really, coming from a guy who claims to use his neo-cortex rather than his limbic system…

      • Millicent

        Name calling and insults are a common tactic here when the regulars when they want to run off those who do not agree with them. “Howard Roark” is the worst for spewing vile, profane, insults. SGT seems to condone it…

      • Kakistocracy

        Is this your idea of trying to win friends and influence people?

        This is your diseased FACEBOOK culture of likes and popularity.
        What words and terms did i use?
        Stupid? Yes people are stupid.
        Idiots? yes again.
        Drug-addicted? yes again.

        What was I wrong with?
        I am serious here.
        We ALL face a Spiritual Crisis.
        We have moved to materialism and egoism and narcissism to such an extent, that my words are now considered insulting.
        Instead, my words should be repeated by all as truth.

        LOOK AT WHAT A DEBT-based currency owed to a European Jewish family has brought us.
        9/11 ? Inside job
        7/7 ? Inside job
        Boston Marathon Bombing ? Inside Job VERY OBVIOUS AGAIN ONLY IDIOTS CANNOT SEE THIS

        on and on it
        goes so frack off dude

        people need to wake up and wake up NOW

        Think on that.

        • Rdawg

          If you want your often-incoherent rantings to be taken seriously, drop the insults. It turns people off, and makes you sound like an asshole.
          I know you think you’re the smartest, most “awake” dude in the room; we get it. You see the truth; the rest of us plebes are idiots.
          You want the truth? You’re an insecure jerk that has to constantly rip everyone else to feel good about yourself. There. Have some truth.
          You are the very definition of egoism and narcissism, as evidenced by your numerous whiny posts.

          • Eric

            Kakistocracy: “We ALL face a Spiritual Crisis.”

            Yes we do. The difference is the rest of us have already faced that and dealt with it at one point or another. And most of us are not trapped in anger still all the time. You have not overcome this yet. Force will not empower you.

            The difference between WE and ME is I.

          • Ed_B


            “It turns people off, and makes you sound like an asshole.”

            “LIKE” an asshole? Bahahahahahahahaaha! We are well beyond “like” in this aspect. 😉

            Otherwise, I fully agree with your sentiments.

  • Kakistocracy

    I have spoken the truth every step of the way.

    Nothing is what you offer.

    More shills and disinfo agents.
    Very nice.
    I expect them to always show up when I mention the Rothschild FEDERAL RESERVE banking cartel that is criminally insane.
    Like you.
    No more we will take from the likes of you.
    Private Currency issued as a debt to a European Jewish family is coming to an end.
    That is why you here.
    That is what your master don’t like.

  • Guido

    Funny how the one person that constantly rants and raves about the “Facebook culture” is the very person who echoes the sophomoric babble reminiscent of Facebook posts, the reason I never opened an account and never will. It is all very divisive and diversionary. But enough of the distractions.

    I’m afraid we are ALREADY a Banana Republic and have have been one for a long time. All of the so-called freedoms that Americans enjoy, the majority of which are exercises in superficiality via live-for-the moment obsessions and addictions, are beginning to wear thin. The controllers can put lipstick on a pig for only so long before the general public understands the level of deception, including self-deception. And while the level of ignorance and delusion can sometimes appear hopeless, I believe it is far from it.

    As for the election being rigged in Crooked Hillary’s favor, I do not believe this is a foregone conclusion, as much as Assange and others might tell us it’s a done deal. And while I agree wholeheartedly that a Constitutional crisis will likely result if she does steal the election, this might not actually be a bad thing. Beside the fact that a stolen election will not go unnoticed, and the fact that she WILL be called on it, maybe a Constitutional crisis is the very thing that is needed to shake people from their stupor. Maybe it is something that will result in another growth spurt for the ever-growing awakening. A Constitutional crisis may look horrible on paper (AND may possibly result in some pretty horrible things), it is the very chaos that will result from it that might prove to be the final ding of the alarm clock that woke up the sleeping giant. We must look at it from the aspect of positive long-term change rather than the temporary short-term discomfort that a crisis of this nature will bring.

    As I’ve said before, numerous times, when you get right down to it, it’s irrelevant who occupies the White House. The movement that is demanding truth and accountability will grow regardless. It is a GLOBAL movement that cannot be extinguished. Some see it as an innate and natural process that is part and parcel of humanities evolution. Yes, if we are to assume that Trump is intent on doing the positive things he is promising, then he would be an asset. But none of this is dependent upon Trump or anyone else. It is dependent upon each one of us as individuals, individuals that make up the collective.

    As for the on-going investigations, while many of us are intent on seeing justice served NOW, it doesn’t work that way. Again, assuming there are honest people within various departments who truly intend to indict and prosecute, in order to do something of this magnitude properly, it takes time. Sometimes it takes LOTS of time.

    We could debate until the cows come home whether anything will ever come of these investigations, but one thing we might agree on is that if the system fails to come through, the PEOPLE will demand it. The court of public opinion is already a firm reality, regardless of who occupies the oval office. One way or another, justice will be served. It’s all a matter of time. Just keep plenty of popcorn on hand.


    C L E A R E D

  • Sayldog

    Yep. Cleared.
    Al Franken of the Judiciary Committee said something like ” I think we are going to have hearings. I think we’re going to try to get to the bottom of this sort of rogue element within the FBI…”
    Sounds like a purge is coming.

  • F16hoser

    Pedophilia is legal. At least the FBI seems to think so. Hillary will win the WH bu Massive Voter Fraud. Why? Because not one Law Enforcement Agency in America will take-on the Clinton/Bush Crime Family. Sorry Trump. I would have like to have seen you behind the Resolute Desk.

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