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Trump Unleashes Renewed Tweet Storm Blasting “Pathetic” Media

from ZeroHedge:

Overnight Trump launched another tweet storm aimed at the “biased, pathetic” media. And, with the mainstream media pumping out ridiculously “biased” headlines like this one below, they kind of earned it.

Perhaps the Washington Post needs to be reminded that Jill Stein is “forcing recounts” in WI, PA and MI even though she herself has admitted she has not a shred of voter fraud evidence.

But a lack of evidence didn’t stop her from throwing around wild and baseless accusations in her Wisconsin recount petition. A lack of evidence didn’t stop her from swindling disaffected Hillary supporters for millions of dollars, much of which will end up in some Green Party general expense bucket once her recount efforts fail miserably. So why doesn’t the Washington Post feel the need to call out Jill Stein in their headlines?

So it’s not terribly shocking that Trump continues to blast the mainstream media for their blatantly biased coverage.

Clearly many of Trump’s supporters seem to agree and biased coverage from the media only reaffirms their support of the Trump administration.

But, keep fighting the good fight CNN…you’re only helping the candidate you’re attempting to destroy.

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