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TRUMP TROJAN HORSE? — Darryl Robert Schoon


Now that Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the United States, the world wonders: Will he actually do the things he said he will do? Darryl Robert Schoon returns to SGT report to examine the Trump presidency and answer the question; Is Trump for real – or is he merely a Trojan Horse for some other shadowy group of elites?

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104 comments to TRUMP TROJAN HORSE? — Darryl Robert Schoon

  • Eric

    Interest rates will go up. It will hurt for a lot of people. They’ll be looking for someone to blame.

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    • Silver Shield

      “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Lenin

    • Ed_B

      Interest rates being so artificially low for so long have ALREADY hurt a lot of people. Those people are called “savers” and no successful economy has ever been built without them. The Fed threw these folks under the bus so that the borrow and spend crowd could, well, borrow more than they can afford and spend it.

      That is not a good financial model. The US Gov tries that all the time and it has resulted in a $19T+ debt. People need and deserve a fair return on the money that they loan to others. We need these rates to go up to at least 3% if not 4%. The US has had many good years with 5% interest rates on the books. The thing is, though, people borrow money at 3% and higher when they have a good reason to do so and don’t just say “What the hell, let’s borrow because it’s cheap”, even when it is not a good idea to do so. Such low rates only enable misallocation of capital, which is what breeds recessions.

      This is THE worst “feature” of the Fed, IMO. They assume that the effect on the economy of interest rates is linear when it is not. The law of diminishing returns takes a heavy toll on this, that they conveniently ignore. This is why all their Keynesian economic BS has not worked. They, of course, will never admit this. They are too small as human beings to admit when they are wrong, even though there is a mountain of objective evidence proving it when REAL numbers are considered and not the usual made-up ones. Instead, they will juggle the figures and make all manner of idiotic remarks about how well things are going, how strong the economy is becoming, that many new (low wage / part-time) jobs have been created, and that there are “green shoots” sprouting everywhere. Those of us grounded in the real world KNOW that none of this is true. The evidence is ALL around us. All we need do is look at it. :-/

      • Eric

        They are probably going to have to go a lot higher than that Ed. But I doubt they will.

        5-9% to be above the current rate of inflation using John Williams measurements…

        But they will unlikely go that high anytime soon. There will most likely be a combination of stimulus, infrastructure projects, and tax cuts that increase GDP, combined with some rate hikes in FOMC policy to combat rising price inflation caused by the very real hyperinflation of the money supply.

        In Gold We Trust. 🙂

        • Ed_B

          Baby steps, Eric, baby steps… one at a time. It will take a few small raises in the rates before Wall Street and the banks figure out that they aren’t hurt by this and can stop crying their eyes out. Honestly, they remind me of children who get a bump and then have to stop and think about whether or not they are actually hurt and should scream about it. With some kids, if it doesn’t feel good, it hurts, and then the screaming and tears commence… very often over nothing. Considering the financial pain that a LOT of us in the middle class have suffered for the past 8 years, the pain of the professional whiner investors has been insignificant.

          I’m lucky in this regard. I am well off financially… but I am not immune to the pain of those around me, unlike some in DC. Hopefully, this is about to change.

  • anon

    “Is Trump for real – or is he merely a Trojan Horse [Puppet] for some other shadowy group of elites?”

    EXCELLENT QUESTION. I like his stance on the 2nd Amendment. So far, he appears to be for real.

    Always remember, however, that just because Trump won, doesn’t mean the ‘Empire’, ‘Deep State’ or ‘Secret’ or ‘SHADOW’ Government has suddenly disappeared. Go ahead, vote all you want, the secret government NEVER changes!

    Care to find out who and what organizations comprise the ‘Empire’, ‘Deep State’, ‘Secret’ or ‘SHADOW’ Government, which exercises near-complete control over the “official” U.S. Government (all three branches), the entire Western MSM (mainstream media), Hollywood, the entire Western “Education” system, and LEGAL system ~ all via their COMPLETE CONTROL over the Western, International, Central BANKING system?

    Go here:

    THE FINAL DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA: JFK’S 1961 Prophecy EXPOSES Obama, SHillary, the ‘Distric’ of Columbia, the Pope, Vatican ‘City’, the Rothschilds, the ‘City’ of London & the NWO/JWO (“Jew” World Order)

    Simply read ALL the comments. Click on ALL links. Read, view, listen to ALL content.

    • yayaya anon no fly no buy excellent fucking idea. what a wonderful no-gun candidate.

      we wanna get all constitutional ‘n shit, we should all have nukes and howitzers. barring that you’re all still serfs.

      • Eric

        noun: serf; plural noun: serfs

        an agricultural laborer bound under the feudal system to work on his lord’s estate.

        late 15th century (in the sense ‘slave’): from Old French, from Latin servus ‘slave.’

        Do you pick your own strawberries Rusticus? I have no need for nukes or howitzers. How does having nukes defend your property?

        Go build one of these. If you build it, they will come…

      • Ed_B

        Screw all that stuff. Just give me a personal force field that absolutely prevents ANYONE from harming or coercing me. That would do just fine… and it’s defensive, not offensive. 😀

  • anon

    I wonder how many of Trump’s PRE-ELECTION enemies (“Never-Trump”-ers, and “Neo-Con-Artists”, CFR people, Freemasons, BANKERS (Jamie Dimon, anyone?), dual Israeli-“American” “Citizens”, and all the other assorted ZIONISTS, COMMUNISTS, and generally, masses of duped Lib-TARDS) will he appoint within his Administration?

    THAT will be interesting to watch.

  • anon

    IF Trump actually wishes to return to the U.S. Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and Equality Under the RULE OF LAW ~ then, he will have A LOT to un-do, from the previous 4 Presidents: G.H.W. Bush, Billary Clinton, ‘Dubya’ Bush, and Obummer.

    • Ed_B

      I just wish that someone would un-do the LBJ Social Security money grab of 1964. Without that money being trucked to the general fund, spent, and replaced by a bunch of “special” US Treasury bonds that pay a whopping 2%, SS would have a substantial surplus now instead of a substantial deficit. Not that I like this program all that much but I like it even less when it is so badly managed. Without this huge booster shot, recent US deficits would have been MUCH larger. 🙁

  • knowtoomuch

    HERE you have your “President Elect” ; just another zio stooge :

    ” But supporting Jews is what Mr. Trump has done all his life.”

    ” These are some reasons why American Jews chose Donald Trump as Grand Marshall of the annual Israel Day Parade in New York. Mr. Trump’s policies, his staunch pro-Israel advisors and his personal ties to the Jewish people are why they will choose him as the next President of the United States.”

  • knowtoomuch

    John Kaminski’s latest News Letter, please buckle up you guys :

    Casino Nation

    Betting our life savings on thieves who will steal it

    By John Kaminski

    Are you ready for Trump World? Place your bets? The house is bankrupt, so it will try to take everything you have. But the world has always been this way. Everyone’s purpose is to seize the prize, no matter what gets destroyed.

    Our new president Donald Trump has prospered by practicing the dark art of bankruptcy. Like any good customer who got caught in the addiction of gambling fever at his now-closed casinos, we cling to the desperate hope he will make us all rich with his bankruptcy magic act.

    Buy everything on credit, so they can keep proper track of you. The Bolsheviks are now your bankers who will permit you to bleed for as long as you can produce, after which you become mulch for the millionaires

    We are now all customers at the newest Trump casino, good ole Rancho Grande USA, and our odds of winning are just about as long as they are — or were — at any of his shuttered gambling palaces. They bear a striking resemblance to our own financial condition. Boobytrapped by derivatives and other criminal schemes, the emaciated economy is ready to implode in a world changing paroxysm of busted scams.

    Despite the decision of the electorate, the jury is still out on whether Trump’s presidency will usher in the death of the United States or lead to a new golden age of peace through Jewish control. You may realize the space between the two does not exist.

    Using shortsighted Democratic airheads, the Jewish oligarchs fund these sporadic exhibitions of violence to destabilize both progress and security as a preliminary to reducing their client states to the condition of Palestine. Seen France lately?

    Domestic al-Qaeda

    The media that kept telling us Hillary Clinton was leading in the polls now tell us that spontaneous riots are developing all over the country in protest of Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president. Smart people finger financier George Soros for underwriting the caper.

    Doubtless these are the same goons who during the Democratic National Convention were hired to fill the otherwise empty seats and cheer the boring blather of Crooked Hillary.

    And after the revelation that Soros funded the Ferguson race riots, we know there is a potent force with more money than God objecting to anything that increases the power of individuals and decreases the power of the state.

    When the state is all powerful individuals have no voice. We are trending dangerously close to this reality. Where are the stars who champion justice? Where are senators who use the words honor and fidelity and really mean them?

    Trump’s experience is with bankruptcy, casinos, and real estate. Right now, the entire world is a fire sale property — a bankrupt casino with no selling points other than cheating the gullible and “accidentally” mass murdering innocent people.

    The Donald is a great salesman. He will trying to convince the world, through appealing reason and clever strategies that the world will prosper from a One World Jewish Peace.

    How many millions have already died in the attempt to impose this idea on the whole world?

    Reversal of fortune

    When I was a child in the 1950s, the whole objective of society seemed to be to help everyone find something worthwhile to do by building up your store of knowledge and observing how other successful people built their very functional lives. At least that was the perspective through my young eyes, before the technocrats polluted my vision with propagandistic prose and electronic gimmicks.

    But the situation has darkened considerably.

    Now everyone has Lotto fever and is trained to get themselves into position for the quick jackpot. The success stories convince us by the examples of people like Michael Milken to go for the big score no matter what the hazards, because even if you get caught and thrown in jail, if your crime is creative and bodacious enough — and if you’re as well connected as Jon Corzine, the former New Jersey governor who bilked his clients out of billions and got away with it — you’ll become famous and untouchable as long as you pay off the corrupt court system to look the other way.

    This cancer has metastasized to such an extreme degree that a fake Conservative political hack named Newt Gingrich is actually being considered for the position of Secretary of State, meaning there will be no change from the days when Hillary Clinton held that position, and the United States assault on the rest of the world at the behest of Israel is likely to increase toward total war rather than diminish toward the sanity of peace our leaders talk about as they bomb country after country in search of a lasting Jewish peace for the unfortunate world.

    So Trump might be the perfect president and bankruptcy expert to extract us from this troubling issue of a $20 trillion deficit.

    You can bet your life on it — in fact, you already have.

    The game is fixed and you can’t win. Unless you sign on to the program as an expendable underling.

    America is a closed casino in which they take your money and you don’t get it back. They spend most of it on weapons and other foolish things, but the rest is consumed by broker commissions, the portentous weight of which is destroying the world.

    Just the way the Jews planned it. Their tendency is to rule over burned out graveyards, which they prefer, in their sickness, to inhabit. Once there, the government must keep us worried to prove it is necessary.

    John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

  • KRELL427

    That’s a good one Eric, PTSD. What would we be thinking if Hillary had stole the win?

  • randy0302

    Trump is the real deal!END

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Even if Trump is a Trojan horse, he still dumped a really big load of horse manure on Hillary, & it was totally worth it.

    What ever else happens, the stress is gonna give Hillary a much needed (early) vacation with the “Blue-lake-rowing-team” (stroke, stroke stroke).

  • Eric

    Libtards are moving more to the left. They’ll probably run Bernie again in 4 years. Or Warren. Or some other radical left Marxist.

    And they will keep losing big time and crying about it.

    I predict Trump wins re-election in a landslide.

    You can’t take control of the plane when you’re way out on the tip of the wing.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed, Eric, which is EXACTLY what most of us were hoping for. It’s something to behold when an entire political party becomes so far out of touch with their own country that they can no longer relate to it in any way. Right now, the Dems are falling all over themselves in their mad rush to become completely irrelevant. This has not happened in America since the Whigs self-destructed and disappeared. Good on ’em! lol

      As others have said, “When your opponent is intent on self-destruction, stand well back and let him at it”. 😉

  • anon

    This is what Trump is up against:

    The City of London’s Re~Colonization of America

    • KRELL427

      A year ago everyone was laughing at him, what will we be saying once he has been on the job(not golf course) a for a year? My prediction is he gets 3 terms work done in one term.

  • KRELL427

    Glad to see V has a positive attitude , “anyone who doesn’t feel the vibrational change is brain dead”.

  • Guido

    Like I’ve been saying right along, IF he turns out not to be the real deal, he won’t be let off the hook as easily as some might think. The discontent that got him elected to begin with isn’t just going to suddenly disappear because the electorate got there dose of personality worship. It will grow stronger still, and at a FASTER PACE.

    Oh sure, some will make excuses to the end, just as they STILL do with the current messiah, but should Trump decide to concede on too many issues or surround himself with too many deep state types, his feet WILL be held to the fire. People are fast growing hip to this game.

    Either way, the awakening is progressing at the pace that it’s supposed to. To expect otherwise is to expect the unreasonable. There won’t be a sudden flash from heaven that results in instant clarity. So it matters not whether he’s a Trojan Horse because the end result will be the same. We just need to stop putting time constraints on all of this and just relax.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    No Lash like WHITE-LASH,,,eh?

    The end of the FSA is getting closer, so enjoy it while it lasts.

    • Ed_B

      I really do think that it is the end of the gravy train that has so many libtards ranting and raving about Trump’s election. Well, too bad. Everything that the US can no longer afford will be on the chopping block, including paying people to lay around, watch TV, drink beer, and make babies. All but the last of those activities is what some call “retirement”. The thing about retirement, though, is that most of us have to EARN it, not have it handed to us on a plate.

    • KRELL427

      I doubt any of them have left. Here is a Vet addressing the crybabies

      • Eric

        They should be reminded and asked “why are you still here? I thought you said you were leaving.”

        Caught that guy earlier. The bed wetters haven’t been following along very closely.

        Best comments:

        “Those who voted for Trump will reap what they have sowed. The rest of us will work together to build an alternative America where love and community crowd out hate and greed. When you do business or buy anything, check out what and who you are buying from… there is always positive, inclusive alternative.”

        “This person made the parents of the 20 little kids murdered at Sandy Hook elementary school feel real good when he said it was not true and some kind of government conspiracy. I would be livid if I were one of the parents. Alex Jones another nut, just like our new president.”

      • Guido

        These pampered brats aren’t going ANYWHERE, Krell. They depend upon bread and circus for their bread and butter. And the USSA is a breeding ground for it.

        The trendy Wendy social media hipsters, who incidentally are also threatening to leave (but aren’t going fast enough), are the very degenerates who keep the stars in business. It’s co-dependency across the board, the star and the star-f*cker, forever wed in superficial ecstasy. In the meantime, Kleenex is making a killing. So much for saving the trees!

        • KRELL427

          The trendy Wendy social media hipsters. Thanks Guido I needed a laugh.

          • Eric

            Rand: Hey, poor boy! Go and have all your parties with all your new friends! I can see it now, Andrews. You and all the knee-jerk, bleeding-heart liberals, sipping tea and playing patty-cake. And those useless hippie pot-heads, those commie-pinko leftists. The bunny huggers, the pillow biters…

            Droz: Whoa! Whoa! Which ones are the pillow biters again?

            Rand: The BUTT-PIRATES! And those beastly man-haters, tell those chicks to shave their pits then call me! And those goddamn whiny crybaby minorities, you can keep them all!

            • Guido

              Eric, you’d think the spigot would shut down after nearly a week of being bust wide open, but no. The mourning continues.

              One of the advantages (and disadvantages) of being laid up for 7 months with this injury/surgical post-op recovery is that I met my share of new acquaintances during my daily walking routine.

              One of my more meaningful acquaintances, a professional woman who heads a department at a well-known university in my state, is STILL in a state of deep depression and shock. We aren’t talking about a 20-y.o. pale face with eyebrow piercings and blue hair who ways 60 pounds soaking wet, but rather a mature 40-ish woman with a master’s degree and an abundance of self-control… Until the unexpected happened.

              While she readily admits that Hellary is as shady and criminal as they come, she voted for her anyway. Why? Because “she’s a woman” for starters. I reminded her that Jill Stein is also a woman, but this was a name she was not familiar with. Alright. The other reason she voted for Hellary is because Trump is “a rude and dangerous man who is a threat to world peace.” When I asked her to be more specific, she was unable to elaborate.

              Yep, this is what we get from the educated class. All fluff, no substance.

              • Eric

                Did I tell you about the 65 year old neighbor my mom met who was balling his eyes out?

                “Oh she worked so hard and accomplished so much. She deserved to be the first woman president.”

                Okay I’m making that quote up but this is generally what we hear. Like being president of this corporation has anything to do with being a man or a woman.

                Marissa Mayer scores 218 million and fails to turn yahoo around.

                These idiots are batshit if they think being a woman somehow qualifies anyone to run a corporation.

                Just for the record, I got my educayshun and a masters degree. But it wasn’t until I got out of school that I started to learn who I am.

                • Guido

                  My black friend refused to vote for Barry both times because he resented the fact that as a black man, it was EXPECTED of him to vote for a black candidate, even if the black candidate was not only unqualified, but also had the kind of shady past that should make any person cringe. Needless to say, the shunning remains to this day, but he still has possession of his soul.

                • glitter 1

                  ” But it wasn’t until I got out of school that I started to learn who I am.”

                  My first Boss,who I worked for when I transferred to Nuclear Power back in 1980,was one of the smartest people I’ve known.He was one of the original group recruited to startup/run the first commercial nuclear generating station back in the mid 60’s.

                  They were the original Saxton Experimental Station team.

                  He once told me: “You can buy an education,but you can’t buy experience”.
                  He was right.
                  His wife was an RN and they had three boys that all went on to become MD’s in PA.

                • KRELL427

                  glitter, have you read any articles on Donald Trump’s uncle who was a nuclear expert and read all Tesla’s papers after he died to see if there was anything useful for the military?

                • Ed_B

                  lol @Eric

                  “Did I tell you about the 65 year old neighbor my mom met who was balling his eyes out?”

                  You would not believe the insane pornographic image that statement made in my mind! lol

                  It took a sec before I realized that you meant “bawling”, not “balling”. 😀

              • KRELL427

                I thought my nephew who bet me $50 that Hillary would win might learn something. His father paid the bet for him and now he is saying Hillary 2020. He is an honor student, brainwashed I might add.

                • glitter 1

                  @ KRELL427

                  I haven’t seen/read the article,but I will.

                • Eric

                  Another successful bailout without the lesson learned.

                  When will it end?

                • Ed_B

                  Brain-washed, indeed. This is what happens when one allows their education system to be infested with lefto-communists who see Marxist propaganda as their primary mission in life.

                  My son had a Social(ist) Studies teacher of this kind in high school. My son and I had many LONG discussions about the idiocy that this air-head was spreading amongst our young people. The truly sad part was that he was but one of MANY.

                  Liberalism, IMO, is the primary reason why “education” costs so much and performs so poorly.

                  BS of this kind was not accepted when I went to school back in the cave man days. No, we not only attended school regularly but we were *required* to LEARN… which we did because there wasn’t any other option. Back then, the parents sided with the teachers and principals, not with their misbehaving kids. If you got whacked at school for some offense, you got whacked again at home for embarrassing your family. Because of this, there was very little whacking required. This situation will not improve until the teachers unions are busted and a lot of the “dead wood” in the education business has been removed to the burn pile and disposed.

                  And this is coming from someone who married a wonderful teacher and whose daughter is also a terrific teacher. There are many great teachers out there who are made ineffective by the union and by the system that they are leaving the profession in large numbers. The nasty part of that is that this leaves those in place whom we least need to educate our young people.

              • Ed_B


                “While she readily admits that Hellary is as shady and criminal as they come, she voted for her anyway. Why? Because “she’s a woman” for starters.”

                And that, friends, is THE definition of sexism… doing or not doing something BECAUSE of someone else’s sex. Too bad that libtards don’t have the brain-power to understand that. Perhaps with a little more of this, they will put themselves on the endangered species list? They had best be quick about it, while there is still time! lol

                • Guido

                  Yes, Ed, and it’s also HYPOCRITICAL. But call them that and watch the devil emerge. They know better than the rest of us because they’re the intelligentsia, after all. Or so they’ve been told. They’ve been so used to that all so familiar free pass, that they never could conceive of the day that they would be called on their hypocrisy. Well, they better grow some thick skin because we’re just gettin’ warmed up. If they gain a little humility, than it will be a lesson well learned. If not, they will self-destruct under the weight of their own arrogance and pomposity. Simple as that.

                • Ed_B


                  Yes, it is hypocritical… but then, a LOT of what the libtards are about involve hypocrisy. Many of these people are idiots but think themselves oh so intelligent. I well remember having a number of them in PChem 440 one year. They lasted until the last day when one could withdraw from classes and get their money refunded. At that point, they were gone. That class was one of the most fascinating I ever took. Same went for PChem 441 and 442. Physics + chemistry + math… it was terrific. It made their eyes glaze over. Every one of them had that deer in the headlights look as our excellent professor went into the basics at the start of the term. I think about these people EVERY time one of their crowd starts babbling about how intelligent they are. Idiots. lol

                  I want to note here that not one of these libtards ever gave 1 second’s worth of thought to how any of us felt when Obonehead got elected in 2008 or when he stuffed the ballot box and “won” in 2012. We were enduring some real pain at that point while they were all singing kumbaya, slapping palms, and doing fist bumps. OK, that was their turn. Now it is OUR turn and they can just suck it.

        • Ed_B

          Maybe we could help them along by boycotting the movies that these pansies make?

  • rich

    Guest Post: Human Derivatives and Gold

    The Oligarchs’ Plan to Monetize Humanity

    The greed-diseased and power-obsessed Deep State oligarchs hate you for your freedom and love you for your money, and they are accelerating their plans to strip you of both. There are two things standing in their way: cash, and precious metals. The oligarchs are doing everything in their power to falsely discredit both of them in the eyes of the people. Cash and precious metals are physical manifestations of financial and human liberty. Liberty, which is indivisible, is the absolute last thing the oligarchs have in mind for us, as there is no profit in it for them. The oligarchs realize that the people are fast waking up to what is being done to them. While the Oligarchy remains an unimaginably dangerous enemy, it was wounded in the United States presidential election, is acting more erratically and illogically, and is starting to make serious mistakes. How we, the people, push forward from here will determine whether we remain free, or become slaves to the greatest Force of Evil ever known to mankind, the Deep State oligarchs.

    While the above themes are not new to Inferential Analytics, the accurate and reliable forecasting method we have developed and use, the intensity with which the Deep State is pursuing its “dual mandate” of expropriating private wealth and enslaving the people by deliberately impoverishing them is absolutely unprecedented. If the people lose the war that the Deep State has declared against them, their futures and those of their descendants will be destroyed. The people must not and need not lose this war. In fact, the people can defeat the Deep State by using simple tools and common sense. The problem is that the people do not realize they have the power to take down the Oligarchy, so we all must work to open their eyes and show them the force of nature they truly are. That is our mission in this article, and the ones to follow.

    The post-election orgy of precious metals price destruction is an open letter from the Deep State oligarchs that they couldn’t care less about the people’s desire for fundamental change, something the people shouted from the rooftops with their votes. The oligarchs have announced that there will be no change in policy or operating procedures; it is full steam ahead for them, because they know they can loot society of trillions more dollars if they can successfully implement their plans, which are well underway and inimical to the people in the extreme.

  • glitter 1

    Is there elation that Crooked Hillary got what she deserved? Yes indeed,however discernment and caution are in order.The new chief of staff for Trump’s administration is Stephen Bannon from Breitbart News:

    He went to the London School Of Economics,where the seeding of “Fabian Socialism” was spawned from the late Nineteenth Century:

    Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt were both Fabian Socialists:

    Fabian Socialism is just Soft Communism,Democratic Socialism if you will and Socialism is just a precursor on the road to Communism.

    It would also appear that connections/tentacles to “The Vampire Squid” are already weaving their way into Trump’s administration appointments.

    Be careful what you wish for,cause you just may get it.

    And the beat goes on……. The infection is metastasized/embedded,it has spread deep and wide.

    It can be slowed,but it can not be stopped.

    • glitter 1

      Correction, Bannon was named as Chief Strategist/Advisor not Chief of Staff.

    • Ed_B


      “Is there elation that Crooked Hillary got what she deserved?”

      Some. But the job is definitely not finished yet and won’t be until she is tried, convicted, and put in prison for the rest of her life. Same for Billy Boy. Hey, maybe they could have adjoining cells? Add to that the claw-back of all the money that their “foundation” took in for “charity”. That money could be put to FAR better use, such as for helping our vets or protecting OUR borders instead of everyone else’s borders.

      • glitter 1

        You and I both know that the chances/probability either of those two will ever be jailed is “0”.
        They may come under fire/scrutiny for CF improprieties resulting with a slap on the wrist plus some fines,but jail time, nada.I may/hope to be wrong,but I don’t think so.

        Their justice will come after the first death:

        “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” Romans 12:19

        They may be getting by,but they will not get away.

    • Ed_B

      From what I read on this, it is only their small cars. These don’t generate enough revenue to cover the bloated business costs here in the US, thanks to many government mandates. Car companies have 2 and only 2 choices in this: 1) stop making unprofitable vehicles, which small cars are; or 2) make them somewhere that the cost of building them is lower. We can thank the US Gov for forcing this choice on our car manufacturers.

  • AgShaman

    Always enjoy these discussions with DRS. If people don’t keep these oligarchs in their ‘crosshairs’ and hold their political puppets feet to the fire…they can expect more Lavoy Finicum’s to be dispatched on a whim and without any investigation/prosecution. Democide has always been the Deep State’s solution to the problem of “unmanagable soylents”

    • Ed_B

      “Democide has always been the Deep State’s solution to the problem of “unmanagable soylents””

      Agreed. But there always comes a time when we soylents have had enough and overwhelm them with rage and sheer numbers. The French Revolution comes to mind…

      • glitter 1

        You may recall in the movie “Shooter” where the AG says: “this is not the Wild West where you can clean up the streets with a gun,even though sometimes that’s exactly what needs to be done”.

        Then Gunny proceeded to do exactly that,he cleaned up the street.

        I’m sure there’s plenty of Gunnies out there.

  • Sayldog

    Odd. Was watching reruns of “Dead Like Me” and the reapers had to take a blunt obnoxious old guy. The story went off on a course explaining how this kind of person can have people who are followers (or something like that). The point is, they were showing clips of Pinochet and Mussolini and Hitler, and finally a young Trump!
    Has Trump always been thought of like that?
    Was the show just prescient?
    Or has this been in the making for some time?

  • dcm

    Is Trump a Trojan horse , no there is nothing hidden here . The bigger question you are wondering about will I be able to keep my state protected wright of infanticide , will I get to keep my state protected wright of sodomy . On the sodomy you have little to fear , case in point his nonstop pandering to you. On the infanticide topics both he and Pence are apostates at best so the chances for change are very limited . The business revenue from the fetal organ , body parts etc . is just to massive , cosmetics to vaccines to food yes you probably have already eaten some .We are talking multi billions of dollars just in the US alone,come on don’t be stupid . Yep Trump will make America great again .

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