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Trump Is Splitting the NWO In Half

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The Politico/Morning Consult poll released on Monday showed that 46 percent of Americans had a very favorable view of Trump, a 9-point rise since the election.

Despite the significant increase, still 12% of the respondents had somewhat unfavorable view of the Republican leader, while 34 percent had a very unfavorable opinion. But these negative feelings are dissipating quickly on Wall Street where Donald Trump is beginning to look like the savior of the American world of investments and corporate profits.

A Positive Reaction to Trump’s Economic Policies

On November 22, the Dow rose 67 points to 19023 (an increase of .35%), meanwhile the S&P 500 increased by 4 points (an increase of .22%), to 2202, and finally, the Nasdaq Composite gained 17 points (an increase of 0.33%) to 5386. The upticks came mostly in three areas: Telecom, real estate, and consumer discretionary sectors. the latter is great news for the retail industry in this holiday shopping season.

For the first time in over 17 years, Wall Street’s sustained momentum came after achieving closing highs on the Dow, S&P, Nasdaq, and Russell 2000 indexes during the prior session. Amazingly, this is the first time that all four averages set new highs simultaneously since December 1999. Wall Street is saying by deed, if not by word, that Donald Trump’s economic policies are walking on water.

A Word of Warning

Some analysts are wondering if the recent rally, tied to Trump’s announced policies could be short-lived. From Fox Business News:

…However, “policy accidents,” or broken campaign-trail promises, could quickly undo the quick rally, warned Michael Block, chief strategist at Rhino Trading Partners.

“If we hear from Trump that he is not going to undo Dodd Frank because that’s not what he promised the people in Beaver Falls a few weeks ago, or if GOP legislators start pushing back on deregulation, we could see financials fall from lofty perches….if Trump makes noise about leaving ACA alone because he can’t figure out how to replace it yet, health care could suffer a setback…”

Despite Fox News’ negative prognostications, Trump’s economic policies walk on water. The average investor has hope again.

A Word to the Wise

The economy is showing signs of life, the kind of signs, that it never showed under Obama’s socialist, “tear-down” America policies that we all had to suffer under for eight long years. However, we must be careful to not throw caution to the wind. The nefarious forces that have brought the American economy to the brink of destruction, still lurk in the shadows.

There are globalists and they really hate nationalists. They are bound and determined to suck the life of out America, plunder its resources, as the American economy breathes its last breath.

The globalists love it when they see massive homelessness. The delight in bank and corporate failures, because that means their schemes are working. The globalists long for the day when America becomes Amerika and all hope for the future generations of Americans are gone forever.

Donald Trump has provided a brief respite from this dire fate.

Gridlock or True Economic Recovery?

Donald Trump is a genius in ways that I could not have imagined when I was campaigning for him. In fell swoop of announced economic policies that will characterize his first hundred days, Trump has undercut the support the globalists needed to destroy America.

Any plot to destroy America, must garner the support of the corporations and the way to do that is set up conditions (i.e. Dodd-Frank, Glass-Steagall) that will lead to that failure. Why? Because the corporations collectively own nearly elected member of the House and the Senate. This is how gridlock is perpetuated as it requires the support of Wall Street and an obedient and compromised Congress to go along.

There was something that the globalists were not counting on. The Z Big’s, the Nazi George Soros and David Rockefeller did not anticipate on the fact that Trump would win over Wall Street so quickly and they would actually come to support nationalistic economic policies instead of the failed globalists policies (e.g. credit swap derivatives that necessitated the economy-crushing bail-outs).

The globalists miscalculated. They wrongly believed that Trump was going to champion an economic revolution from the bottom-up and he would lead a consumer revolt and the globalists would reap the benefits of having so many corporations and Wall Street investment firms joining forces against Donald Trump. This globalist hope was based on the belief that Trump is going to impose a 35% tax (i.e. tariff) on imported goods from American corporations who have relocated overseas in the name of finding cheap labor. The globalists have wrongly believed that Wall Street and their corporate minions would run from these policies and create gridlock. However, the globalists were not counting on the Trump genius of attaching a carrot to every stick. For example, to counterbalance the stick of the 35% exit tax for corporations, Trump is going to greatly lower corporate tax burdens and regulatory handicaps. This was nothing short of brilliant. The concepts are not novel, but the combination is and it is going to be done with the support of Wall Street, much to the chagrin of the globalists.

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