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Trump Declares Castro a “Brutal, Oppressive Dictator”

President-elect wastes no energy glorifying ruthless tyrant

by Kit Daniels, Infowars:

In a refreshing break from political correctness, President-elect Donald Trump blasted the late Fidel Castro as a “brutal dictator” who “oppressed his own people for nearly six decades.”

He then followed it with a lengthier official statement which was delivered to the media by his Director of Communications, Jason Miller:

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2 comments to Trump Declares Castro a “Brutal, Oppressive Dictator”

  • anon

    What is interesting to me, is that JFK (the brilliant, OPTIMISTIC, vibrant, exuberant, YOUTHFUL STATESMAN ~ President of the United States) was cut down in the prime of his life, on Nov. 22, 1963, by the CIA(/Mafia), while COMMUNIST FIDEL CASTRO lived on to be 90! Something just “ain’t” right with that picture. Especially when we are told that the CIA/MAFIA was supposedly attempting to assassinate Castro, hence the failed “Bay of Pigs” operation. IF the CIA/MAFIA was SO INTENT on taking out Castro, why did the NEVER accomplish the task? They did take out a sitting U.S. President, in broad daylight, on Nov. 22, 1963, with the entire world watching ~ but yet, they somehow couldn’t get to Castro? It doesn’t add up.

    • anon

      Until you realize that Fidel Castro was a COMMUNIST lackey, just like those in the CIA and Mafia ~ who work for the Western “elite” International Central Bankers. JFK was stepping on “their” toes, so “they” took him out. And Fidel Castro lived on, unmolested, to be 90 years old!

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