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Do you want to give your gold to racketeers?

by Charles Savoie, Silver Market News via SGT Report:

In regard to Texas owned gold in New York, specifically it’s owned/managed by UTIMCO, the University of Texas Investment Management Company, whose board has stated the gold doesn’t have to be moved to Texas, but in any case, they insist that the gold remain part of the COMEX system! The Governor and the Legislature must oust any UTIMCO board members demanding the gold remain linked to COMEX! There are dancing, radioactive skeletons in this closet! Section 2116.022 of the bill prohibits leasing, swaps, derivatives et al, and as the COMEX is heavy into all that chicanery, UTIMCO management has set itself at insolent defiance against the Legislature and the Governor! We will detail this as we progress.

The wrong hands must be slapped away from the sluice box, so to speak, especially when a glory hole is at stake. With the arrival of the Texas Bullion Depository, the scene should become ripe for the widespread use of gold clause contracts, a subject ignored in economics texts penned by fiat currency clods (think “American Economic Association” members). Gold clause contracts were a way to sidestep being repaid in worthless currency as took place with the Continental currency of the late 1700s— creditors even ran away from their debtors to avoid receiving worthless, if legal, payment—

If the Texas State Legislature, which overwhelmingly passed the Bullion Depository Act, really cared about setting monetary matters right in this country, they’d pass a resolution and issue a public communiqué condemning in strongest possible terms the concentrated COMEX gold and silver shorts. At least they should do this after the gold is in the Depository vaults. However; if the ingots aren’t recovered, all hell should break loose with a loud boom! Texas should seize all buildings and property in Texas owned by the megabanks short precious metals. The COMEX shorts are denying Texans their true net worth who are invested in gold, silver—and the market capitalizations of mining concerns which produce these metals are also withered, additionally cheating Texas based shareholders of their actual net worth!

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