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SPECIAL REPORT: Economist Magazine Shows Roota Pulling The Plug

by Bix Weir, Road to Roota:

I have always asserted that in the end of this global chess game of manipulation of the gold and silver markets, that the Road to Roota Theory would be the closest thing to the actual TRUTH about the reasons, strategies and tools used to run the fiat monetary system. In the beginning (Jan 2007) everyone said I was crazy. There was no way that the Federal Reserve was creating more and more unbacked fiat money on purpose to destroy the monetary system and those who are in charge of it behind the scenes.

All my doubters have long since gone silent as we get closer and closer to the END of this game.

This analysis of the latest Economist Magazine Cover is constructed as seen from the Road to Roota angle so it’s important that you brush up on what the Road to Roota Theory is all about and what Alan Greenspan’s overall agenda is. Here are the articles that you should be familiar with…

The Road to Roota Theory

Greenspan’s Golden Secret

Greenspan’s Golden Testimony

Now let’s move onto the latest cover on the Economist’s Annual Magazine called “The World In 2016”.

A few facts you should be aware of:

– This is not their weekly Economist Magazine publication but rather a Special Edition they do before the beginning of each new year.

– This is the 30th year it is being published.

– Last year’s publication caused quite a controversy as it seems to have predicted the Paris Terrorists Attacks thus making people think it was pre-planned and orchestrated by a group other than the identified terrorists.(which of course it was!)

– Like the 2015 artwork, the 2016 cover is only represented partially as reproduced on the cover. Only the left side of both full pictures were put on the covers with the full artwork reproduced inside the magazine.

– In both years it seems the more controversial items are placed on the right side of the picture and not presented on the cover of the magazine.

In my analysis I will be discussing items that are relevant to the Road to Roota Theory and leaving out other items and issues that they are clearly trying to present a message but not one that is too relevant to the Road to Roota Theory. Time permitting I will release a second analysis where I discuss other issues.

Above is the cover of the magazine that you will see sold to the public with the left side of the artwork only presented. Below is the full piece that can be found on page 15 of the magazine…

CRAZY STUFF!! There is so much hidden meaning here it’s hard to know where to start. For the purpose of this article I will start at the heart of the Road to Roota Theory – that Alan Greenspan IS Roota and there he is on the right side – the “Conspiracy Side” of the artwork…

Here’s my take on what is being said in this section and where it will lead us in 2016.

– First of all, out of all the people pictured he is one of the few cartooned people and in color.

– Judging by his facial expression he’s clearly not happy with something in this picture OR, and more likely, the BAD GUYS are not happy with what he has done and portrayed him as a bitter fading old man. Could go either way.

– Below him are 4 magazines with dates corresponding to significant years in his attempts at taking down the system.

1) 1987 – Just a few months after his appointment as the Fed Chair the market suffered one of the worst crashes in history “The Crash of 1987.” Many analysts found that the ultimate cause of crash was triggered by automatic stop loss orders that were triggered in the computer trading models that had just been introduced to the markets. Yes, Greenspan did trigger the crash with his computer programs.

2) 1993 – In Greenspan’s first attempts at flooding the system with “easy money” he kept lowering interest rates until they rates bottomed in late 1993 giving way to the Bond Collapse in 1994. Greenspan even suggested selling gold on May 18, 1993 Fed Meeting to “break the thermometer”…

Greenspan Suggested Gold Price Suppression in 1993

“I have one other issue I’d like to throw on the table. I hesitate to do it, but let me tell you some of the issues that are involved here. If we are dealing with psychology, then the thermometers one uses to measure it have an effect. I was raising the question on the side with Governor Mullins of what would happen if the Treasury sold a little gold in this market. There’s an interesting question here because if the gold price broke in that context, the thermometer would not be just a measuring tool. It would basically affect the underlying psychology.”

3) 2000 – Again Greenspan’s easy monetary policies greatly contributed to the MASSIVE dot-com bubble that blew up in March of 2000. Greenspan’s response was to even further lower interest rates and flood the system with even more money.

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6 comments to SPECIAL REPORT: Economist Magazine Shows Roota Pulling The Plug

  • jj

    The guy is delusional and no his critics have not be silenced. The US nor anyone else for that matter is going to a gold backed currency. The US was forced off the standard because it could no longer afford to keep purchasing it to back the new liquidity needed for an economy to grow and create jobs. It could not even afford to restock what went out the gold window as the currency can be exchanged for physical gold and this was when the price was fixed and only $35oz. The US simply cannot afford it today with much higher prices and a floating price. You simply could not manage an economy on this standard today.
    Another problem is that the total amount of M3 in the US is over $51 trillion, (deposits, currency and coin), and all of this would have to be backed because if the paper currency was only backed, this would cause a run on the banks as people would demand paper backed gold and shun deposits. The total amount of gold ever mined is less than $9 trillion at today’s prices and subtracting the non monetary gold the figure drops significantly.There is simply not enough gold to back even the US’s M3 so forget about anyone else.
    Those that promote this nonsense attempt to get around this fact by stating that the price would be artificially “reset” to some ridiculous price. Now think about that. If the US could not afford at $35oz, how are they going to afford it at some ridiculous higher price?
    The fact is this standard would create dollar strength which is the very opposite of what the FED wants. With the dollar index over 100, this standard is not going to happen. This would simply collapse US exports. As the US is a large exporter of commodities, a stronger dollar causes these to be expensive and demand falls then prices.
    It also nonsense that Greenspan’s computer models caused the crashes. This simply shows how Weir has no experience in trading any financial market. What caused those crashes in 87, the dot com bust and the 2008/9 crash was actually the retail investors. When you have a high number in the market and they gets spooked, they sell with prices falling which then triggers the HFT algos sell orders and there we go. Today we simply do not have the number of retail investors in the market to trigger such a collapse.
    Weir’s theory that Greenspan is some “good guy” shows how naive he is. Greenspan caused the real estate bubble by flooding the system with liquidity, lowering lending standards, allowing notes to be placed in mortgage back security pools, allowing up to 10 different insurance policies to be underwritten on each note by parties who had no relationship with lender or borrower and of course the illegal foreclosures with the robo signers. A great many of these loans were made to fail so the insurance policies could be triggered and when loan defaults were not happening fast enough they started the illegal foreclosures. These are the MERS loans. (Mortgage Electronic Registration System), which bypassed paying taxes when the notes changed hands. All the policies were underwritten by AIG and they of course had to have a bailout. This was the largest single fraud ever committed on the American people and this caused millions of families to be thrown the street causing immense suffering. So to say Greenspan was some “good guy” by having millions suffer just points to the fact of how naive Weir is and his road to roota theory!
    This is fantasy land nonsense and is simply not based on any financial or economic reality!

    • Eric

      “The US was forced off the standard because it could no longer afford to keep purchasing it to back the new liquidity needed for an economy to grow and create jobs.”

      This isn’t true. Nixon closed the Gold window because other currencies were pegged to the US Dollar and due to the Federal Reserve’s inflationary monetary policy during the 1960s, foreign governments began to redeem more and more dollars for gold.

      “Another problem is that the total amount of M3 in the US is over $51 trillion, (deposits, currency and coin), and all of this would have to be backed because if the paper currency was only backed, this would cause a run on the banks as people would demand paper backed gold and shun deposits.”

      Where did you get this number? Jim Williams of Shadowstats has M3 at around 18 trillion. Obviously a new domestic currency would have to be issued direct from the Treasury with a major devaluation in order to return to the Gold Standard. Whether it happens that way or by market forces, denominated in US Dollars, the Gold Standard will return. Either the US corporation will do it or the market will do it.

      There is nothing ridiculous about a $10,000/oz Gold price. If the monetary base and the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet can increase 5 fold, the Gold price can increase 5 fold.

      “What caused those crashes in 87, the dot com bust and the 2008/9 crash was actually the retail investors.”

      What causes all crashes is the Federal Reserve allowing a bubble to form with artificially low interest rates. Not retail investors. Investors are a symptom. The bank is the disease. They encourage bad behavior in the first place.

      I would never call Greenspan a “good guy.” And I’ve never actually hear Bix refer to him as such. I don’t want to put words in his mouth so you can read the links in the article, but I believe he has always said that Greenspan created the system which would ultimately collapse the financial system and lead the return to the Gold Standard. Read Greenspan’s paper on Gold and Economic Freedom.

      It really does make sense that the US would return to Constitutional money. Especially with the Liberty Coin and Gold Bullion Coin Acts of 1985 which started the minting of Gold and Silver Eagles.

  • jj

    Read the article on CFR website by their head economist. He stated that the US simply could not afford to keep purchasing gold needed to back new liquidity and to replace what went out the gold window. The Vietnam War bankrupted the US and this was the reason why they could not afford it. In addition he states that under this system the dollar still lost purchasing power every year it was on it in spite of being backed by gold. He also stated it was an unmitigated disaster. Actually the real inflation did not raise its head until the 70s and this was caused by the oil embargo. Everything went thru the roof. I remember at the time having to buy gas based on the last digit of your license plate on odd/even days in Florida which was a bitch. Volcker eventually raised interest to 18.5% and this lasted until the 80s.
    In addition if gold went to $10,000, that would mean the dollar collapsed and all commodities including food and gas would rise to the point that most people could not afford to survive. This would in fact collapse the whole economy as we know it.
    The reason he posted the article was to counter the nonsense that gold was going to the moon and the US was going back on the gold standard. It is simply not going to happen.
    The M3 comes from the FED and $18 trillion is close to what China has and not the US. Just google it. I think Williams was actually talking about the M2 money supply which is close to that figure which is no longer printed by the FED but can be calculated.

  • jj

    Forgot to mention it was not the FED’s monetary policy that bankrupted the US it was Congress and the FED was simply responding to the this. This is of course what we have been seeing today.

  • Eric

    Read Daniel Estulin’s book “The Bilderberg Group.” In it he discusses the CFR and their agenda.

    Don’t know who you’re referring to but he’s lying to you.

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