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Rand Corp. Blasts ‘Truth Decay’ – Wants Facts Determined by Appropriate Leaders

from The Daily Bell:

‘Truth Decay’ Makes Facts Subjective and Polarization More Extreme … Disagreements over policy have always existed—but disagreements over basic facts have not. It’s a phenomenon that RAND CEO Michael Rich calls “truth decay.” –Rand Corporation blog

Michael Rich, head of Rand Corporation has come up with a new phrase to describe “fake news,“ calling it “truth decay.” The Rand Corporation is a leading military-industrial think tank with thousands of employees including scientists from around the world and domestic and international offices.

These reports are part of a larger criticism Rich is making, one having to do with a news trend in America that involves citizens not only selecting their opinions, but also the “facts” that support them.

It’s been on his mind since long before the election results brought the topic into sharp relief, he told the audience Friday night as part of a Politics Aside discussion called Erosion of Truth.

“This is to me really a dangerous and unusual time in history. Because Americans not only feel entitled to their opinions—and rightly so—but many of them, a growing number of them, frankly, across the political spectrum also feel entitled to cherry pick facts to support their opinion, or even commission up new ‘facts’ if necessary,” Rich said.

“…When everyone has their own facts, then nobody really has any facts at all.” Truth decay is a threat to a research organization like RAND, whose very existence is based on facts and objectivity, he said, but more importantly it’s a threat to society. It pushes political polarization to even greater extremes and prevents policymakers from reaching consensus on solutions to the nation’s biggest challenges.

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2 comments to Rand Corp. Blasts ‘Truth Decay’ – Wants Facts Determined by Appropriate Leaders

  • MarcS

    micheal rich
    spokesdevil for the rand corp,

    You are a military industrial complex machine that knows nothing but death and destruction. You know nothing, not do you care of the sanctity of life.

    Let’s just look at your Iraq adventure….

    Your “facts” about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, was fake news.
    The USgovmint’s “facts” about Iraq’s WMD was fake news.
    The USmedia’s “facts” about Iraq’s WMD was fake news.
    The reason I know this, is because there were NO WMD found in Iraq.

    How much money has the Rand Corp made on all the wars since Iraq.
    How many people have been killed because of you, or do you even keep such statistics.
    How many elected leaders has your corp overthrown.

    Since you desire everyone on the internet to have only facts…. then why don’t you publicy announce all your involvement in Iraq, since the beginning till today.

    We the people want to know what your corp has been doing for the American people and the people everywhere.
    Let’s put all your ideas for war and peace (lol) on the table for the people to examine.
    Don’t hide behind your “It’s National Security” bullshit, since you state that now “facts” are the utmost important to a pathetic shithole as yourself.

    I know you will never do the small things I have requested from you, as your corp makes too much money in death, so I will give you an advance fuck you.

  • Global Grist

    “News” is all about filtering the message.
    Next to public education indoctrination centers we call schools, the main stream media is the second pillar supporting the propaganda platform.
    The MSM is utterly baffled that they got outplayed in this election by other sources of information and want them shut down so they have an information monopoly over the masses.

    Yes, there are false stories, exaggerations and embellishments on both sides of this equation and it takes some sorting through to determine the legitimacy of the “facts” you’re presented. One of the problems is that the public education indoctrination centers do a lousy job these days of teaching youngsters how to think critically, how to examine concepts and both sides of an issue. Part of the problem is the lack of standards, or moral ruler to measure against. When your society gets to a point where you can rationalize anything as “it may not be good for you, but its good for me” because there is nothing to gauge the idea or behavior against then you have no common foundation to stand on. You get a fractured society like the divisions we see today where you have the “anything goes” crowd at opposition to the rule of law adherents.

    It’s a difficult fight to maintain the rule of law against the groundswell of radicals that have no moral compass or standards. One of Saul Alinsky’s tenets in Rules for Radicals is to use the opposition’s standards against them. When the other side has no standards, you don’t expect much from them. It’s even difficult to label them hypocrites because of their lack of standards, but it’s easy for them to attack those who espouse standards when it’s perceived that they don’t live up to them.

    The MSM appeared to have standards many years ago when news was about the facts rather than the multitude of shows we have today that are merely grandiose Op-Ed propaganda. This election cycle exposed the leftist media bias like never before.

    The Media Can Legally Lie –

    They argued that, under the First Amendment, broadcasters have the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on public airwaves. Fox attorneys did not …

    What that linked story, about the ability of the Media to knowingly lie to its viewers, indicates to me is that what we have here is a lack of morals and ethics within the MSM. That relaying truth to the public is not their prime objective. Thus, for the MSM to complain about “fake” news sites is hypocritical, but when you’re dealing with people that have no standards, can you accuse them of that?

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