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Not Everyone in Washington Is Happy That Trump and Putin Are Getting Along

by Daisy Luther, Daisy Luther:

Those of us who are not in favor of getting nuked were very pleased to hear that the day after the election, the mainstream media’s proclaimed enemy President Vladimir Putin of Russia sent a congratulatory telegram to President-Elect Donald Trump.

The contents were shared in a release from the Kremlin:

In his message, Mr Putin said he hopes for work together to lift Russian-US relations out of the current crisis, resolve issues on the international agenda, look for effective responses to global security challenges.

The President said he is confident that Moscow and Washington can establish a constructive dialogue based on the principles of equality, mutual respect, and genuine consideration for each other’s positions. This would be in the interests of both peoples and of the entire international community.

Mr Putin wished Mr Trump success in his important work as head of state.

Previous to Trump’s win, the Kremlin went as far as saying that voting for Clinton was a vote for nuclear war. I’m sure her inflammatory suggestion of a no-fly zone in Syria that only applied to Russia and Syria and her assistance in arming and training Syrian rebels had a lot to do with Russia’s displeasure at the prospect of a Clinton presidency. It seemed like war with Russia was imminent as they backed out on a deal to dispose of weapons-grade plutonium, one of the loudest of many alarming warning bells.

But, things are looking better for US-Russia relations. Putin said to the press on Sunday, “The President-elect confirmed he is willing to normalize Russian-American relations. I told him the same. We did not discuss where and when we would meet.”

Not so fast, though…not everyone in Washington is happy about this.

As we all learned in General Smedley Butler’s classic, War Is a Racket, politicians love war. War makes lots of money for the military-industrial complex, and in turn, many politicians leave office with their bank accounts filled with blood money.

Several politicians have voiced their strong disapproval of the improved relations between Trump and Putin, vowing to “rein in” the potential for an agreement. If Trump continues on this current peaceful route, Congress seems to be indicating they’ll act on their own.

Unbelievable, right? Here are a few choice quotes from an article on The Hill. Note that they came from both Democrats and Republicans.

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3 comments to Not Everyone in Washington Is Happy That Trump and Putin Are Getting Along

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Blood Diamonds. Blood minerals. Blood Oil. Blood war contractors & Blood Corporations. Blood Banksters. Blood Bonds, Blood Stocks. and don’t forget the BIGGEST Blood of them all… BLOOD FIAT fake money.

    The coming crash, if it helps to kill FIAT currencies, will go a long way in removing the way that governments finance wars. I’d be willing to skip a few meals for such a good cause.

    So I did some autumn cleanup in the garden yesterday, and will do more this coming week to get it ready for spring. I will not end up like a starving Venezuelan.

  • anon

    “Not Everyone in Washington Is Happy That Trump and Putin Are Getting Along”? Gee, I wonder why…(facetious)


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