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MSM CLAIMS: Trump Won’t Pursue Charges Against Hillary: “She’s Been Through Enough”

[Ed. Note: CNBC “leaked” the disinfo about Jamie Dimon as Treasury Sec., Bloomberg “leaked” the disinfo about Ted Cruz as AG. Could this just be more of the same?]

from Zero Hedge:

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” is reporting that President-elect Donald Trump will not pursue investigations into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server or her family’s charity foundation. Trump reportedly feels that Clinton has “been through enough.”

After Trump stunned the nation during the second presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, in which he quipped that under a Trump presidency “she would be in jail”, and suggested that he would demand a special prosecutor probe into Clinton’s email server and the Clinton foundation, moments ago MSNBC’s Morning Joe reported, citing a source, that president-elect Donald Trump will not pursue any investigations into his former political rival Hillary Clinton “for her use of a private email server and the Clinton foundation.”

Trump reportedly feels that Clinton has “been through enough.”

Trump had routinely attacked Clinton on the campaign trail over her use of a private server as secretary of State and for foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation while she was in the Obama administration.

The report, first announced by Mika Brzezinski, comes just a week after a 60 Minutes interview where Trump indicated that he may not launch a full investigation into the Democratic nominee. “I’m gonna think about it,” he said at the time to Leslie Stahl. “I don’t wanna hurt them. They’re good people,” he continued of the Clintons.

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20 comments to MSM CLAIMS: Trump Won’t Pursue Charges Against Hillary: “She’s Been Through Enough”

  • Timco

    Ok there’s Trumps first broken promise. This is just plain wrong.

    • Ed_B

      Only if you believe the BS that streams out of CNBC. After all, were they not among the press bitches of Hellery Clinton? Yes, they were, and that Harwood character was leading the pack according to the Wiki-leaked Podesta emails.

      This could be exactly what Trump wants them to believe… UNTIL he is actually in power. We’ll see on Jan. 21st or so.

    • mike

      More than a one broken promise…Drain the swamp was crushed as well. You cant drain the swamp if you don’t drain the swamp..As well I will never lie to you lol.
      He is proving to be a fine politician. He was never in it for the people it was always about the Donald… I hope you fellas can see that now, he is going to destroy this country thank god. Hopefully after the collapse we can get narcissistic garbage out of office forever in the New America. Instead of a president have a council made of of different areas. Council member will serve for 1 year and it will be like Jury Duty.

    • Windrunner58

      Perhaps he WON’T. Perhaps the new AG WILL. This could be just word play. He knows he needs to go after her, even if it is a third party. Don’t believe everything MSM tells us.

  • Fedup

    So much for that huh? In my mind prosecuting Clinton IS the lynch pin in Trump’s whole presidency. Without it all his campaign promises are just empty promises, meaningless.

  • Millicent

    Too many skeletons buried in that closet… I bet he was warned to keep the door shut.

  • aa

    “SHE’S BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH.” Are you serious!!!!! Just what has she been through? She has lived an extremely pampered and opulent lifestyle at the expense of the American taxpayer while doing absolutely nothing beneficial for the American taxpayer. She has left a trail of dead bodies and destroyed countries here and around the world as a result of her wicked and godless ambition and Trump can say with a straight face that this demon possessed woman “has been through enough.”

  • knowtoomuch

    I told you so a month ago she wouldn’t be prosecuted.

    Because I knew that Donald Duck was just another puppet of the same (kosher) Masters as Killary’s.

  • KRELL427

    Are you dummies still believing MSM. they are undermining him.

    • aa

      I don’t, for a second, regret voting for Trump and I realize MSM is a lying sewer pit, but I wanted to see him go after Shillary with extreme prejudice and prosecute her and her crime syndicate to the fullest extent but I suspect he will not prosecute her. He said as much just after he won the election.

      • KRELL427

        Her empire is crumbling as we speak, the evidence is still there. She may also be part of a much larger world wide investigation involving larger players,probably evan the vatican. Let it play out.

  • glitter 1

    I don’t believe the MSM talking heads for one minute,they have all Douched/Destroyed their Credibility.Trump had a plan to win,which demonstrates his cunning/prowess.If he plans to eventually bring it to the Clinton’s,it most likely not be an obvious frontal assault.

    Case in point, Dennis Hastert,ex speaker of the house, was just tried and sent to prison for child molestation back when he was a high school coach.However,he wasn’t convicted for the molestation charges,he was convicted for suspicious/illegal banking actions,which were for paying out “Hush Money” to keep his victim quiet.If The Clinton’s go down,it will go in a similar fashion.Not for the obvious reason,which will expose the “Turds In The Punch Bowl”(Protection of the guilty),It will be due to a lesser offense.Trump will measure/time his moves.

    Trump’s largest weakness/soft spot is his large family.Allot to totally protect.

  • Steve_D

    What about the kids Mr Trump, haven’t they ‘been through enough’ don’t they deserve Justice?

  • Guido

    When I first heard this announced, I was livid. It was a vein-popping moment. I’ve since begun to view this in a completely emotionless way, seeing it instead as a (POSSIBLE) strategic move rather than a get out of jail free card.

    Before we jump to conclusions, consider the following points:

    1) When this latest announcement was made by Trump, it was in reference to the email investigation and the Clinton Foundation allegations. There was no mention of any other investigation that is currently ongoing.

    2) Keep in mind that Trump said that “HE” would not pursue Hellary, but it isn’t HE that could lawfully do so, it’s the Attorney General. Technically, it makes no difference what Trump thinks regarding any investigation. He could completely distance himself (publicly) from any and all investigations, knowing full well that the Justice Department would do what they need to do.

    3) Would it really be advisable at this stage of the game announcing to the world what he would like to see done with her and her foundation? After all, Jeff Sessions, who is up for Attorney General, still needs approval, something that is not etched in stone considering his “racist” history.

    4) By announcing that he would like to see Hellary investigated, Trump opens the door to a pardon from the current Pretender-in-chief before he vacates the White House.

    5) Trump appears to have tunnel vision in so far as getting down to business with other issues on the very first day in office. In order that he do the things he wishes to do, he cannot afford to get bogged down and distracted with a subject that the MSM will be sure to exploit for the purpose of instigating controversy. He also needs cooperation from Congress if he is to be successful in proceeding with his Presidential agenda, something that would surely suffer were he to relish in a perceived witch hunt against the… well, the WITCH. In essence, Trump might simply be playing possum here.

    Strategy is everything. Trump may very well be following The Art of War here. On the other hand, if he ends up reversing his promise, it will undoubtedly be viewed as a complete stab in the back and a betrayal of all that supported him, especially seeing that it was this one issue alone, i.e. UPHOLDING THE RULE OF LAW, that likely swung many votes his way. Some obviously already see it that way.

    Only time will tell how this will turn out. Jumping to conclusions at this early stage of the game is, in my opinion, shortsighted and reactionary, although it’s tempting to feel likewise.

  • Hal

    If this (and similar) prove to be true, it is precisely why trump may have been a worse option than clinton. Too much hope, expectation and slack will be thrown his way.

    Not that i really think it makes much difference who sits as president of that corporation.

  • F16hoser

    Trump needs to keep his mouth shut and just kiss a baby or two between now and the Inauguration. Once he’s sworn in, it’s “Open Season” on the Clinton’s, Podesta-child Pedo’s, Etc…

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