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Media Has Hissy Fit Over Trump Attending Private Dinner With His Family

How dare he?!

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

The media had a complete hissy fit meltdown because Donald Trump….wait for it….had the temerity to attend a private dinner with his own family.

As Mark Dice explains in the video above, CNN and other media outlets attempted to make out that Trump was putting his own security at risk by not alerting the media to his plans, despite the fact that Secret Service was with him at all times.

“The mainstream media is whining because Donald Trump went to dinner without issuing a press release,” remarked Dice.

The Defcon nuclear alert may have been set to its lowest level, with world peace now an actual possibility, but according to the mainstream press, Trump is evil for wanting to spend some quality time with his loved ones at a New York steak house.
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4 comments to Media Has Hissy Fit Over Trump Attending Private Dinner With His Family

  • Ed_B

    The lynch mob mentality of the self-anointed media in the US is getting a very cold shoulder from Mr. Trump. personally, I find this highly appropriate when compared to all the obsequious fawning that they usually get from the politicians. This is actually quite refreshing. 😀

  • anon

    Now, if ONLY 100% of Americans would give the MSM the “cold shoulder” (by turning OFF the idiot-box (t.v.). It would free up some of their time to ~ I don’t know ~ maybe read a book? Maybe EDUCATE THEMSELVES?

  • Eric

    CNN is owned by Time Warner.

    Cancel your cable TV. Get a tiger steam or Roku box. Mine was $50. Streams through the Internet via wifi and no additional fees.

    I just found out I can search for anything on YouTube on my phone and instantly watch it on TV. Pretty cool!

    Trump doesn’t need the media. They need him.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      @Eric, I agree that SOME “streaming” boxes are a very good idea (I actually have one of the ROKU boxes and it works very well.)

      But after doing some research of the ‘Tiger Stream’ box, I would not buy it for at least 2 reasons.

      1st= the TigerStream box, (it is one of the many boxes that uses ANDROID & KODI) claims to stream Netflix and other “pay services” for free (because Tigerstream has it’s own private servers that sends out the streams). It is obvious that Netflix, Amazon, etc, does NOT give away their streams for free…so I can only assume that some foreign computer server & hacker, is taking “pay” streams and illegally “re-streaming” them until Netflix & Amazon (or the law enforcement agencies) catch up to them and shut it down.
      I’ve seen such “free” versions of “pay TV” in the past, and the really GOOD ones get shut down. There used to be FREE ways to the entire “Direct TV package” with “hacked boxes or cards” out of Canada, and it was shut down. Then there was a way to get the entire Dish-Network packages for FREE via “FTA” systems, and it got shut down. There have been computer-streaming sites that got shut down.
      TS is a “KODI” streaming box that has some kind of KODI “addon” that taps into the TS servers (as well as all the normal KODI addons for all the other streams). It’s basically, a specialized web browser aimed at TV viewing, and uses the “Legal Loophole” that watching the internet is not illegal (if it’s not child porn or doing “terrorism things”, etc). But loopholes get closed. It’s a game of “cat & mouse”.

      Take notice of TS is not “dot com- USA”, it is “.TV” (I think that is from the tiny nation of “Tuvalu”). Many of the KODI streams (and you can betchyurAss that the “Free Netfix, Free Hulu, Free Amazon, Free Sports are being streamed by “loophole servers” located outside of the USA to avoid being shut down for as long as possible.)

      2nd= The price they charge for TgrStrm is over $400 (ouch).

      And, your local internet provider (some of them do this) may shut down your account or “throttle it down” because of violating TOS (by streaming “Grey area” TV streams).

      For TS, (and perhaps even for regular KODI users) to setup (and pay for) a genuine VPN service (about $30-50 per year) to route your data traffic to “outside” of the USA to avoid getting “fingered”.
      Here is a short little article about the legalities, etc.
      And here is a very short info about VPN (and it’s not just for KODI, as a VPN is extra security for everything on line. Some are crap, some don’t protect you at all, some may be a honey-pot, but if you start researching it, you’ll find the good ones.) I used to pay $30/yr for Private-Internet-Access (PIA) VPN when I was traveling overseas and wanted to use my USA ROKU box & get Netflix outside the USA (various streams are often restricted to what country you can be located in, and watch this or that… just like some SPORT games are “blacked out” for this or that reason based on your location or the location of the game.)

      I replaced my ROKU with one of the Android/KODI boxes, and mine is certainly (and KODI is certainly) a COMPLICATED SOB. I have a “love-hate relationship” with my Android box, but it does allow me to watch so many things that the ROKU would charge me to see. But navigating thru all the menus & the dead-links, and MY connection is only about 3mb/sec and I have “buffering issues” etc.

      Even with all the “issues”, I will NOT go back to “Cable or Satellite subscriptions”. (I used to have an “FTA” (free to air satellite) system, but there is not anything good anymore, all the good stuff got “encrypted”. The only people who still watch FTA sats, are typically from the middle east and there is about a 100 free channels of Arabic programming on FTA.

      Back before they scrambled everything, MY FTA sat dish, was on a ROTOR and I could point it at any sat in the sky and I used to get ALL the Dish Network packages for FREE back then, including every PPV that they had. Then they encrypted all the sat streams for all the good channels, and that’s when I got my ROKU box.

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