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Hump Day with Bix & “V” – Pre-Turkey Day Edition (11/22/2016)

from Rogue Money:

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2 comments to Hump Day with Bix & “V” – Pre-Turkey Day Edition (11/22/2016)

  • thinking outside the matrix

    Love to listen to these guys and for the most part they are on point. But they are super naive to believe Trump is one of the good guys when the Simpsons clearly predicted Trump would win and which states he would win. This tells me he was put into power. Also he will renege on most of the things he campaigned on. Obamacare is not going away and Hillary is not going to prison. The Simpsons Episode says he will run this country into extreme debt and will only have a 4 year term. This will be followed up by a female becoming president. Possibly Chelsea. Who knows. Think outside the matrix.

  • john

    Bix And Bo Polny,a couple of clowns,along with at least another dozen or so,on this website.What a fucking joke.

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