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Hackers Take A Million Homes Offline in Attack: “Internet, Telephone, TV Outage”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

It was like a scene straight out of Mr. Robot.

A massive hack attack took nearly a million people offline, cutting them off in an Internet outage that proves how vulnerable our lives have really become.

The motive for the disruption isn’t clear, but the sheer power that now lies in a handful of vigilantes and manipulators is stunning.

If hackers turn against you, your connection to the outside world can be dismantled in a matter of seconds, unless, of course, you have established back up, off grid communications.

via Yahoo! News:

Around 900,000 routers across Germany were hit by the outage which started on Sunday, a company spokesman told DPA on Monday.

The routers connect customers not only to the internet, but also to telephone and television services. The spokesman explained that the problem was not with the network itself, but rather with identifying routers upon dial-up.

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2 comments to Hackers Take A Million Homes Offline in Attack: “Internet, Telephone, TV Outage”

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    That also means that a million homes lost the ability to buy or sell any BTC. People had to resort to “face to face” communications.

    Thousands of horrified people suffered “smart phone & Facebook withdrawal” symptoms, and needed the comfort of some antique “see & say” pull string toys.

    ….the cow says: “MOOOooo”, The sheep says: “BAaaaaa”.

    The was a ‘run’ on crayons & coloring books at all the shops.

  • joe

    Craig, that was hysterical. I couldn’t have panned the smartphone and Facebook dweebs better myself!

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