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From Populism to Fake News – The Psyop Continues

from The Daily Bell:

Merkel Blames Populist Gains on Rise of ‘Fake News’ … This week Merkel blamed “fake news” in driving the rise of populism in the West. It looks like the left is just going to blame “fake news” every time they lose their grip on power. – Gateway Pundit
The elite is leveraging its “populism versus globalism” meme by declaring that populism is closely linked to “fake news.”

We’ve written numerous articles on the emergent elite meme, here and here, of “populism versus globalism” and warned that, “This meme is not only of the utmost importance, it is clearly warning us of considerable distress to come.”

But we didn’t imagine the populist propaganda concept would be turned in the direction of fake news, though that’s just what has happened – and most powerfully and suddenly.


AFP reported: German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned Wednesday against the power of fake news on social media to spur the rise of populists, after launching her campaign for a fourth term.

Speaking in parliament for the first time since her announcement Sunday that she would seek re-election next year, Merkel cautioned that public opinion was being “manipulated” on the internet.

Yes public opinion is being manipulated – as usual. In our view, elite controllers continued to circulate propaganda to frighten people and influence their thinking.

We call their efforts “dominant social themes” … fear-based propaganda designed to convince people that they are running out of food, water, a stable climate, etc. The solution is inevitably more government – either domestically or globally.

Elite themes reinforce people’s inclination to look toward government – the bigger, the better – to protect them. The goal evidently is world domination via government that is inevitably controlled discreetly by elite forces.

As a result of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, the elite-controlled mainstream media has lost no time in disseminating the term “populist” to describe the current rising, Western “nationalism.”

It is even beyond nationalism, of course. The entire globalist structure is being challenged because it is has continued to grow significantly – stripping people of resources and wealth.

But by defining “populism” on their terms, elites were able to create a contrasting meme – globalism – that could then be imbued with a variety of positive characteristics.

Globalism, in contrast to populism, is to be seen as positive and prosperity enhancing – and only under attack because it has not distributed its benefits equally.

Populism is presented as racist, greedy, insular and ignorant. “Fake news” is being positioned by Merkel as bothersome and dangerous because it encourages this aberrant populism.

What’s the goal? She says so herself: Government may have to regulate “fake news” so that it does not continue to create the growing scourge of “populism.”

Merkel, 62, said the challenge for democrats was to “reach and inspire people — we must confront this phenomenon and if necessary, regulate it.”

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2 comments to From Populism to Fake News – The Psyop Continues

  • anon

    “Trump and the white power problem,” by Matt Bai

    Wow. ‘White power problem’?! WHAT exactly is THAT? Oh, that’s right! It’s a “Jew”-ish INVENTION, based upon the CLAIMED “6 Million” “Jews” who are REPORTED to have been gassed in NATIONAL SOCIALIST Germany during WWII. Except, it turns out, the reported “Holocaust” is actually a HOLLOW HOAX! (But, don’t take MY word for it, look into it for yourself! But, you’ll have to ~ DIG DEEP ~ in your investigation, to make it through all the B.S. with regard to the HOLLOW HOAX. BTW, did you know that, according to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, in his book, GULAG ARCHIPELAGO, that some 66 MILLION Russians, mostly Orthodox Christian peasant Russians, were SLAUGHTERED at the hands of the “JEW”-ish “Bolsheviks” between 1917 and the end of the Stalin era? 66 MILLION! That sounds more like a “Holocaust” to me. What about the 40 MILLION that were killed under Mao? Sounds to me, more like AMERICA, has a “JEW”-ish power problem: GLOBALIST/ZIONIST/COMMUNIST “JEWS”. And, AMERICANS had better wake up QUICKLY, to that FACT, before we see the same thing that happened in Russia, in 1917, happen right here in the supposedly ‘white power problem’ USSA.

    “Thomas Friedman suggests how Trump could quash white nationalists”

    Friedman… Hmmm… ‘Interesting’ name. (HINT: FRIEDMAN is “Jew”-ish)

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