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Facebook Censors Eric Dubin, Again: Real-time Example of Social Media Tyranny

by Eric Dubin, The News Doctors:

A few minutes ago, I posted “Putin, you Jackass! You’re late with sending payment to The News Doctors!” with a link to ZeroHedge’s story about mainstream media’s effort to censor media. Earlier, I had posted to my personal Facebook page (click here) my initial reaction to learning that The News Doctors had been named in The Washington Post. I forwarded that post to a few other Facebook groups. Now, attempting to simply post a link to the follow-up “jackass” satire story on The News Doctors to my original Facebook comment I had shared to other groups results in that effort being blocked across every single “share” of my original posting to my personal Facebook “wall”.

Here’s what it looks like when I attempted to post a link to The News Doctors’ “jackass” satire piece. This screen capture of the “error” message you see is now being posted anytime I attempt to post the TND URL web address link to the “jackass” satire piece. Facebook is blocking my ability to add a link to this second story. I’m still able to post a link to the “jackass” satire story to Facebook groups as a fresh story. What this suggests is that my original post on my personal Facebook wall has been flagged by Facebook’s automated tracking system, and a block was placed on my original post that prevents me from adding The News Doctors story URL to the “jackass” satire story. I have attempted to post the link to multiple groups where I posted my original comment and I’m blocked from posting the link to all of my previous “shares” of the original that is sitting on my personal Facebook account “wall”. This is a real-time example of how Facebook’s censorship algorithms operate.

Censorship will destroy America. Wake-up, America. — Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors

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4 comments to Facebook Censors Eric Dubin, Again: Real-time Example of Social Media Tyranny

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    It is more clear every month why Snowden moved to Russia, it was to live in a MORE FREE area of the world.

    Is there a “Russian or Icelandic equivalent” of Facekrap” everybody could migrate to? Bolivia, Portugal etc?

  • Millicent

    When they can no longer fool you then they resort to force…

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      @Milli, Well said. Short & sweet, accurate & correct.

    • Guido

      Yep, and when they resort to force, they show their desperation. We should be celebrating their transparency. It shows us all what they REALLY are. It isn’t a sign of strength, like they want us to think, it’s a sign of weakness.

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