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Elections vs. Reality – Newsbud Roundtable

from corbettreport:

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3 comments to Elections vs. Reality – Newsbud Roundtable

  • willygroper

    wow, that little voting exercise is not only indoctrination, it’s now part of Sibel’s child’s permanent psychological profile they’re gathering on the nextgen automotons.

    act/sat tests are now dynamic based on their outcome based skinner model & the kid’s previous profile thru testing which is permanent data gathering to follow her through out life & possible re-education.

    even more insidious THAT is what will determine whether or not he/she is “employable” thru the corporate model.


  • anon

    1) Either the “elites” are not as “in control” of the Presidential “Election”, OR, they decided that their SHILL-ary (Clinton) was DAMAGED GOODS?

    2) Sibel Edmonds is right: The American people are DONE! with the Establishment crimes of murder, fraud, and THEFT (among other crimes, like pedophilia). THIS “MEME” isn’t going away, anytime soon.

    3) “Trump & Change” ~ James Corbett makes important points ~ & yes, the “alternative” media has definitely taken the lead over the lying, conniving MSM.

    4) Kurt Nimmo makes an important point: Trumps cabinet & key administration posts will likely be filled with establishment “insiders”, such as CFR, Trilateral Commission, & Neocon-type people. Just watch.

    5) At the beginning of this segment/episode/roundtable ~ James Corbett made a VERY IMPORTANT point: We need to stop following along with THEIR AGENDA & DOG AND PONY SHOW, and begin creating our own reality. “The Real Revolution is already here”

    6) J. Corbett makes an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT point at about 28 & 1/2 to 29 mins. in.
    We DON’T REALLY NEED ~ THEM! He also talks about de-centralization, and just how brain-washed the masses really are. “Screw THEIR sport ~ let’s play our own game.”

    7) The MSM won’t admit that the people are winning the information war, but SHILL-ary Clinton did admit it once. In retrospect, she should have given up her Presidential aspirations, right then and there.

    8) The Judaics are KILLING THE HOST ~ America, Americans, just like they killed England, and the English people (before it became ‘Brit’ain, and they became ‘Brit’ish) ~ as well, they are killing the U.S. Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and FORGET ABOUT EQUALITY UNDER THE RULE OF LAW! ~ THAT went out the door, A LONG TIME AGO!

    9) At 42-43 minutes in, James Corbett makes AN EXTREMELY IMPORTANT point about engaging in “counter-economic” activity that doesn’t go to taxes to support the government and its endless war(s), and everything else that goes with the NWO/JWO.

    10) Ha! ha! By home-schooling you’re giving the system the “third” finger (50 mins.)

    11) BE YOUR OWN REVOLUTION. Hint: EDUCATE YOURSELF first, then figure out how to be as INDEPENDENT, AS POSSIBLE, from the BEAST SYSTEM.

  • anon

    Keiser Report: Meme Wars (E995)

    After watching the K. Report, be sure to read the comments.

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