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Could Turmeric be a Solid Natural Solution for Alzheimer’s?

by Alexandra Preston, Natural Society:

Whether you’re a celebrity or factory worker, much-loved or infamous, Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t care who you are. Like a mindless monster, it eats everything that makes people who they are. But even though you can’t reason with it, an increasing number of nutritional and herbal medicines are showing potential in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Now, researchers are finding a connection between turmeric and Alzheimer’s prevention, focusing on a increasingly popular herbal solution.

Turmeric, more specifically curcumin – its most “active” component – has attracted the attention of researchers after population studies showed that it may reduce the risk of dementia. One study published in 2000 found that Indian people in their 70s had a 4.4 times lower risk of dementia than Americans of the same age. In another study of 1,010 Asian people aged 60-93, those who ate curry, even including less than once a month, performed better on the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) than people who didn’t eat curry.

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1 comment to Could Turmeric be a Solid Natural Solution for Alzheimer’s?

  • Johny Comelately

    For over a year I’ve been making a super porridge for breakfast. It includes a ton of foods that are good for mental health. My ingredients are:

    Organic steel cut oats (80%)
    Other grains like quinoa, barley, spelt (20%)

    Add ins:
    1 or 2 fresh fruits
    raw grated organic turmeric root
    raw grated organic ginger root
    Hemp seeds
    1 tablespoon coconut oil
    1 tablespoon honey
    Saigon cinnamon (a generous amount)
    2 tablespoons raw cocoa powder (added at the end when the porridge has cooled a bit)
    Sometimes I add Cayenne pepper and mustard seeds
    Himalayan pink rock salt

    Several times a week I drink Yerba Matte Tea the way Argentinians prepare it.

    I also supplement with borax (read about it) and nascent iodine. Sometimes magnesium.

    My mental focus has improved dramatically!

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