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CLINTON CAMPAIGN INSIDER’S CONFESSION: Trump Protests Sponsored By Soros-Clinton Cabal


As Wayne Madsen is reporting, Hilary Clinton and George Soros have launched the «Purple Revolution» in America. Madsen writes, “The Purple Revolution will resist all efforts by the Trump administration to push back against the globalist policies of the Clintons and soon-to-be ex-President Barack Obama. The Purple Revolution will also seek to make the Trump administration a short one through Soros-style street protests and political disruption.”

We KNOW who is behind this, and we are putting them on notice, there will be a changing of the guard on January 20th, 2017. Who will protect you from the long arm of the law then?

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43 comments to CLINTON CAMPAIGN INSIDER’S CONFESSION: Trump Protests Sponsored By Soros-Clinton Cabal

  • glitter 1

    As the old saying goes: “A new broom sweeps clean”.

    We shall see beginning January 21,2017.

    • Ed_B

      That it does, Glitter. It is more than time to dust off the sedition and RICO laws to see how much of that can be applied to the Clintons AND Soros. Some time in jail would be really good for all 3 of these people, IMO.

      • Eric

        I don’t know why you guys don’t like California. The people are “extremely passionate” and “open minded.” lol.

        • Eric

          Oh and they have been “co-dependently supporting the rest of the country for too long.” 😉

          • Eric

            I talked to my Indian buddy from Delhi and he said Pakistan counterfeits half of the 500 rupee and 1000 rupee notes so eliminating those basically gets rid of a lot of “black money.” I said oh I didn’t know that. He seemed happy about it. Especially when I told him that “I never liked paper money. I like Silver.” He said, “Or Gold.” We both agreed.

            • Ed_B

              ANY paper money can be counterfeited these days, especially when it is an enemy state that is doing it. Back in the day, doing this was considered “an act of war” and was treated accordingly.

              Not that digital money won’t be counterfeited, though. In some ways, it’s probably easier to do that than handling all the paper.

      • aa

        Some time dancing at the end of a rope and a permanent dirt nap would be a much better solution for these three turds.

        • Eric

          Welcome back to the resistance bitches!

        • Ed_B

          “Some time dancing at the end of a rope and a permanent dirt nap would be a much better solution for these three turds.”

          While I must admit that has its attraction, I would prefer to see them live out their remaining years in a steel cage with a concrete floor. If they need something to listen to, they can have a radio that only receives Rush, Hannity, and Levin. I am sure that the libtards would see that as “cruel and unusual”, while others would see it as just desserts.

    • glitter 1

      The final vote count is in and it has Trump winning both the Popular and Electoral,

      I’m still of the opinion that Trump won by a landslide not just the Electoral,but in the Popular.We all know the electronic voting is controlled/rigged to paint a picture,in the end the criminal riggers couldn’t overcome/surmount the tsunami.

      We still have to get past 12/19,when the Electoral College votes.You can bet Soros will attempt to control/influence the results.

  • Guido

    Soros color revolutions are nothing new to long-time SGT visitors, but they’re still quite new to Mr. and Mrs. America, many of whom are just now waking up to the shenanigans. But some are still completely oblivious to all of this, and naively view the protests and riots sweeping across the US as part of a grassroots, organic movement. It is up to us to bring a swift conclusion to their naivety.

    A close family member who still gets 90% of her information from the MSM asked me this weekend what I knew about George Soros. Evidently she is hearing bits and pieces about this treasonous beast, and is now concerned enough to begin inquiring. If SHE is asking questions, then I know that the information is beginning to penetrate the barrier and is going mainstream.

    Many American cops, particularly those in the larger cities that have been the subject of BLM protests, are already hip to the agenda. And while the political pressures (and the political correctness) that exist within their respective departments demand that they tread carefully with the knowledge they have, you could bet that many of these officers take what they know very personally.

    I do not expect that anything positive will come from the Obama White House. Just more of the same hollow jive talk that he’s famous for. After all, he IS the Messiah in Chief, forever linked to the very movement that’s hell-bent on the destruction of the Republic. His very existence as POTUS, after his preliminary period of indoctrination and grooming, was to create the conditions in which this treason could flourish. And now here we are.

    But the fact is, the US is unlike other nations where these color revolutions have succeeded. There WILL be blowback at some point, likely on multiple fronts. The chaos and rioting will not be allowed to go unabated, nor will those responsible for funding and organizing it go unpunished. It’s very conceivable that an increasingly-concerned and irate public will begin taking matters into their own hands if lawful measures either fail to address it or fail to contain it.

    This cold, hard fact will become increasingly apparent moving forward. Because if there’s one sure way to wake up the sleeping giant, it’s to continue drawing blood while he’s sleeping. Eventually he awakens, he stands up, and he stomps out his attackers.

    If Soros, his minions and his street soldiers had any brains, they’d scurry like cockroaches before the first burst of RAID. Because it’s coming.

  • mike

    Trump is already going back on appointing a special prosecutor for Clinton and the Wall..You got played like a fiddle if you voted for him. Our Jobs, they took our jobs!
    Unfortunately there are no good guys. You either need to be a multibillionaire who made lots of friends on the way or belong to a political dynasty.
    How exactly is Trump going to stop “Globalism”? Why would anyone want that? You really want to pay 10 times more for some crap made in the USA or buy a superior Chinese product for 10 times less? You guys have really lost me for sure…What happened to the truth? I am not a Neocon republican partisan like you dudes. I am not for anti free market protectionism like you dudes, that is Socialism and really pathetic.
    Keep hoping but looks like your savior is just another devil in disguise.

    • Eric

      You were lost a long time ago.

    • JC

      Yes, all is lost, we should just put a gun to our heads, or wait for the collapse…our only two options. The reaction of the left to Trump should tell you this is not an ordinary election. Hell, Bush getting re-elected in 2004 never yielded this kind of post election reaction. This shit is real – being played out as three dimensional chess, and Trump is a real player now. He is not perfect, and his support from the base will only be maintained if he lives up to his material promises on health care, immigration and the rule of law.

      As for the jobs, they can be replaced. In the long run, China needs us to manufacture as well to have a balanced world. They will negotiate with us, and will help us restore some industry to this end. Russia will do the same and will cooperate as the primary provider of energy to Europe and Asia. They used WTO and NAFTA to take them away, so they can negotiate other deals to bring them back. Bi-lateral deals based on respect and understanding will yield a positive future as nation states stand together and move past empire ambitions.

      This is a rare time to be alive – the globalists have failed, and now the fight is on. Patrick Henry is alive in the souls of decent Americans…

      • KRELL427

        Mike is a looser who voted for Hillary.He was off for a few days probably crying his eyes out. Is always negative and can’t help his low IQ.

        • mike

          Your a loser for voting Trump you moron..What do you think he is going to do?..Nothing at all. You saw him with Obama, the reality is hitting Trump now and he looked like a Deer caught in the Headlights…That Oh Shit moment. I dont care who runs the country the only thing I care about is that this country goes down ASAP so all the Mechanisms in place now are a thing of the past. There is no repairing the country it must be completely reset. It has never been great and was always corrupt. The only hope for the country is total collapse..I may have made a mistake thinking Clinton is the Harbinger OF DESTRUCTION..Looks like Trump will fill that role nicely being the epic moron he is and all his backpedaling now..You voted for that lol because yu actually believed he would build a wall or bring justice to the Clinton..Amazing morons ah hahahaha. You retards haven’t learned there is no one that will save you and all politicians are complete psychopaths especially your dear Trump. Clinton would have kept it going as long as possible so in hind sight Trump is much better Harbinger. He is just as bad as Clinton only Trump is clueless and a total moron like you which is Great to end the country. If you voted for Trump for any other reason than him destroying America then you are just an ignorant fool. A fool that believes in fairy tales and a moronic sheep.You wont make it unfortunately because of your ignorance in the great collapse. You concentrated your efforts in the wrong areas like your political opinions. 1 Ton of silver is going to awfully hard to run around with strapped to your back. You will have left your self with no means to get out of an area etc. Good luck 🙁

            • mike

              Your a Faggot Krell proven by your own admissionyou surround yourself with Testicles…Obviously you never read why I supported Clinton..I dont care about Clinton at all..She was in my mind the Harbinger. Turns out you were right Trump is a much better Harbinger.It wouldn’t matter who i voted for Trump won by a “landslide of the purest of ignorance”..They took out Jobs, Build a Wall, Regulated the internet, Stop and Frisk, Most militaristic candidate EVER..All things the moron sheep support. You were clever to figure that out quickly and Bring in the Harbinger of Destruction.
              If you would have just pointed out Trump would do a full 180 and was indeed the Harbinger not Clinton I really would have listened and voted Trump. I just think you drank the Kool Aide and actually believed in a vile politician and made the right decision with the wrong reasons..

            • Eric

              mike the pussy.

              votes for an evil chick guilty of rape.

              “Oh she worked so hard to be the first woman president. Oh the humanity!”

              Get some baby wipes and play-doh for mike. He’s a cuckolded pussy. No more.

              mike what books do you read? go cry for hillary.

      • Guido

        Agreed, JC, there’s much to be positive about even when the deck is stacked against us, and I’m not even referring to Trump or any other personality because this battle will resume long after they are gone. Anyone with a fighting spirit understands this, although not all have that spirit in today’s pussy generation.

        However, I don’t believe that the deck is even as stacked as some say. Not even maybe. The psyop wants us to believe so, and unfortunately there ARE parrots in the alt-media who do nothing but strengthen the psyop by telling us day in and day out how screwed we are.

        There’s nothing more pathetic to me than grown adults who wallow in a stew of perpetual negativity and defeatism. They could just as easily harness their energies and actually contribute to fighting the good fight instead of waging a campaign of demoralization.

        Grab the damned gun already and end it if it’s so bad!

        • KRELL427

          Right on Guido, this was one giant psyop and when the bubble burst these crybabies lost their whole belief system. Problem is they are not strong enough to admit they were wrong.

  • Zickster

    War Does what War Is….

  • Zickster

    Love does what Love is too….

  • Tony

    NZ EARTHQUAKE 7.5 Today

  • Millicent


    On Steve Quayle website on 11-13-2016

  • anon

    This is what Trump is up against (if he isn’t actually the “Jews’” backup plan):

    The City of London’s Re~Colonization of America

    John Kaminski is correct about the “Jews”. They are the REAL force behind the ‘Empire’/’Deep State’, ‘Secret’ or ‘Shadow’ Gov’t. (You can find John Kaminski’s article, here: ~ thanks to KNOWTOOMUCH).

    Of course, it’s the SAME forces behind SHILL-ary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. [Rothschilds, GOLDMAN-SACHS, W.I.C.B., Georgy-boy SOROS, CFR/CIA, etc.] The ONLY reason why the BUSH/CLINTON CRIME SYNDICATE has gotten away with murder, for these past several decades, is because they are on the CFR/CIA Western “elites'” TEAM.

    For more info. about which people and organizations represent the ‘Empire’/’Deep State’, or the ‘Secret’/’Shadow’ Government, which exercises near-complete control over the “official” U.S. Government (all 3 branches!), the entire Western MSM (Mainstream Media), Hollywood, the entire Western Public “Education” System, & LEGAL SYSTEM ~ go here:

    THE FINAL DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA: JFK’S 1961 Prophecy EXPOSES Obummer, SHill-ary, the ‘District’ of Columbia, the Pope, Vatican ‘City’, the Rothschilds, the ‘City’ of London & the NWO/JWO (“Jew” World Order)

    and here:

    Soros-Linked Voting Machines Cause Concern Over Rigged Election

    Read all the comments. Click on all the links. Read, view, listen to ALL content.

    It helps to KNOW your enemy if you actually plan to defeat it.

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