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Caught On Tape: Multiple Fights Break Out Among “Black Friday Zombies”

from Zero Hedge:

It’s Thanksgiving, which means that media commentator Mark Dice is back to his annual tradition of shaming the “Black Friday Zombie” shoppers lined up by the hundreds at Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and other Box Box retailers. In his characteristic style, he urges viewers to “have a look at these parasitic consumers who can’t wait to buy more flatscreen televisions, tablets, and toasters, while they go deeper into credit card debt.” As the video below shows, there was not even the faintest reaction to Dice’s public shaming.


To be sure, while most of the so-called “zombies” were docile, waiting patiently in line for deeply discounted items, we reported that violence had already broken out, when earlier today a man was shot and killed at a south Jersey mall.  In Reno, Nevada, a Walmart customer was gunned down during a fight over a parking spot just after doors were opened Thursday night. And in Tennessee, a person also was shot Thursday at a Memphis mall while shoppers were taking part in early Black Friday sales.

Less than lethal violence broke out In another video, this time from a Walmart in Bainbridge, Georgia The American Mirror showed shoppers fighting to grab every last towel from the display.

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Elsewhere, in a Houston Walmart shoppers tussled over a $99 12-Volt convertible car for children. Shoppers began grabbing the large boxes as quickly as they could, with one man digging for the bottom box and nearly losing his pants. He repeatedly threw elbows and slaps, and fought off another man trying to grab the box, before another tried to claim it, too.

The following video taken shortly after midnight on Friday at the Modesto mall, shows punches being thrown after tempers flared. It was not immediately clear what prompted the fight.

It wasn’t just the US: in South Africa, a fight broke over rolls of toilet paper for sale in Durban.

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1 comment to Caught On Tape: Multiple Fights Break Out Among “Black Friday Zombies”

  • Ed_B

    “As the video below shows, there was not even the faintest reaction to Dice’s public shaming.”

    Well, that’s just it. Libtards have no shame and guess who makes up the largest part of these mobs?

    If I need to do any Black Friday shopping, I do it on my PC while dressed in a nice pair of flannel PJs, fleece-lined slippers, and a nice robe. Next to me is a glass of excellent Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, or even a blend of these. Just the thing when working up a thirst over a hot keyboard. 😉

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