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BREAKING NEWS: Podesta Brothers Pedo Ring: MR. TRUMP, DRAIN THE SWAMP!! — V, The Guerrilla Economist


Breaking news to share today as the Podesta #PizzaGate scandal is cracked wide open. Anon has discovered that the Podesta Comet Ping Pong photos contain encrypted data which if decoded my lead to smoking gun evidence of pedophilia. But even more stunning is the news that according to FBI and intelligence sources, the Podesta brothers were in Portugal on May 3, 2007, the date of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Now that Trump has appointed Jeff Sessions to be the new Attorney General of the United States, we call on Mr. Sessions and Mr. Trump to drain the Pedo ring swamp. Guest: V, The Guerrilla Economist.

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79 comments to BREAKING NEWS: Podesta Brothers Pedo Ring: MR. TRUMP, DRAIN THE SWAMP!! — V, The Guerrilla Economist

  • John

    See Michael Flynn’s new book “The Field of Fight” co-authored with neocon Michael Ledeen. Trump advisor James Woolsey (CFR) is a member of the “Flynn Intel Group”. Woolsey is also chairman of the neocon “Foundation for Defense of Democracies” where Ledeen is a member.

  • Millicent

    Meet the new boss same as the…

    • Millicent

      Is there some rule that says a president has to be layered up with “advisors”? If Trump is for real then he would do well to get rid of all these a-holes and rely on just a couple of trusted people. If he did that then he would not be president for very long…

      • theoptimist75

        you answered your own question Millicent. He has no choice but to have some globalists on his staff. They are still too connected within the parties- both dems and repubs, at the moment. The only thing we can hope for is that Trump will go along to get along and then flip the script on them at some time. It will be very easy for us to know if he has been compromised or worse yet, he and his family become targets.

        • fonestar

          fonestar wants to apologize if anyone has missed his critical and insightful daily comments here. It’s just that he has reincarnated as “Draybin Deffercon III” on

          We are looking at hiring a temp worker in Pakistan so that we may continue providing you with what you need to know. Thanks to all for for your patience!

          • Eric

            Yeah they need more dark occult money in the terrorist state of pakistan.

            You have terrorist funding and parasiting to do. But I’ll get back to you later.

            This one’s for millicent…

          • Eric

            It will be back. Cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias must be shattered first.

            “As every divided kingdom falls, so every mind divided between many studies confounds and saps itself.”
            ― Leonardo da Vinci

            “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
            ― Benjamin Franklin

            From bondage to spiritual faith,
            From spiritual faith to great courage,
            From courage to liberty,
            From liberty to abundance,
            From abundance to selfishness,
            From selfishness to complacency,
            From complacency to apathy,
            From apathy to dependency,
            From dependency back again to bondage.”


          • Eric

            “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”
            -George Washington

  • willygroper

    Sean, you are on the cutting edge of a paradigm shift & more power to ya. Thanks for exposing the encrypted pic as i was unaware of that tidbit. i have a personal interest in seeing these maggots come to justice…but, this is something i’ve dug into for over 5 yrs & the global entrenchment is beyond belief, e.g. in the netherlands an exposed pedo joris demink is over both the magistrates & police, so it goes nowhere. the dutroux case in belgium is another example. it’s the black/greymail that keeps this unholy trinity, religion, gummint, finance entrenched.

    it’s going to take the alt & enraged mothers to bang the drums. after the dutroux case including snuff films, 300K folks knew the police/officials/nobility were involved & they all walked off the job, wearing white & marched. i wouldn’t say it stopped as i don’t know, but i would surmise it only went further underground.

    another point is these bastids (supremes) made a ruling iirc 2002, that because of software digital images can be manipulated & therefore are not proof in court. this is in Dave McGowan’s book programmed to kill.

    it simply must gain momentum because the structure of the system cps/dhs & a law slick had passed, some damn child protection act for adoptions, incentivized cps workers with literally more money to conveyor belt these kids right into their hands for exploitation.

    it’s going to take global exposure for a global network.

    thanks again. wg

    • SGT

      wg, that’s super nice of you to say. I’m trying. The global PEDO ring is the heart of darkness and I am dedicating nearly 25% of the space at The Phaser to report on it. I have an admission from Johnny Rotten about Jimmy Savile nearly 40 years ago that will blow people’s minds, it’s posting Saturday morning. The Pedos have been a protected class for DECADES.

  • mike

    Wasn’t the Gorilla going to come out into the light and say who he is?
    What about the the Masked Crusader for Silver the Watchman? Really who are these guys?

    I thought it was a good man on the street type interview since the Gorilla can not be verified as anyone that knows anything at all..He might even consult Bo Polney for advice for all we know?
    It was just two dudes talking current events.
    You could have had this same conversation with the King penis of perpetual loss aka the Eric entity and it would have been just as good..Probably even more entertaining since he has Jews and Aliens hiding under his bed trying to steal his 10k oz of silver.

    I like the fact your not just a Trump shill aka Neocon dressed in Freedom Fighter clothing…You were worrying me for a while. Renewed my faith in the SGT.

    Next time ask the Gorilla one easy Question..Whats your real name? Lets start holding the “Truth Tellers” accountable.

    • Millicent

      I think that their real names may be tied to Jim Silly… another character who won’t come out of the closet.

      Remaining anonymous adds to the mystical aura that these people paint around themselves in order to con the gullible into thinking that they have some “inside information” that is a threat to the establishment.

      They are con artists.

    • SGT

      Thanks Mike. Trying to wade through the mire to find the truth, it’s a confusing landscape, I really do “hope” Trump is the real deal. I am cautiously optimistic.

    • Eric


      You need to know something yourself first if you want to verify what others know.

      You and Millicent still don’t have any clue what’s going on.

      What books do you read?

      • Millicent

        Yup, and your buddy Glitter knew for sure that PM’s would do a moonshot at the end of the year… He probably reads the same books that you do… I called him out shortly after he said that and he told me: “Like I said, I know what I know and what you don’t”. Apparently I knew more than he did and had a “clue” whereas he did not…

        Aside from trying to focus the blame for his failed predictions on me I am curious as to what his explanation will be. Oh, I have one… how about “I listened to the advice of a lot of pumper clownz who claim to have “inside information” from secret sources and I shot my mouth off”?

        glitter 1
        February 15, 2016 at 1:07 pm · Reply

        I will make a call here, then book mark it for later.

        December 2016 – Gold = at least $3,500oz/ Silver = at Least $100oz

        I will repost it in December,regardless of what the prices are. Providing of course the internet is still up.

        • Eric

          Okay miss I ran away and left the US because I was scared and I know more than he did,

          What is the difference between money, legal tender, US Treasuries, and fiat currency?

          Did he actually say he knew that for sure? Or was he speculating and making a prediction?

          You see millicent, the funny thing about you is that you only hear the part that you want to hear. You wouldn’t know the fair market value of anything because all you can see is price denominated in something your government (mind control) to you is valuable. That is why you are poor. You can’t think for yourself.

          I still have yet for you to explain to me why “we are all being conned” or say what books you read. Until then, I’ll have to keep exposing you as the grump old ignorant fool that you are.

          Care to try again? When exactly did Gold and Silver stopped being money?

          • Millicent

            Here you go smartass… straight from the horse’s ass.

            May 26, 2016 at 12:51 am · Reply

            Only a Moron would make speculative predictions like you did, based upon nothing Did you conveniently forget what you said in your post?

            glitter 1
            May 26, 2016 at 11:16 am · Reply

            What I say is not based on speculations. Like I said, I know what I know and what you don’t.

            • Eric


              What books do you read?

              Might I suggest Doug Casey’s new book “Speculator?”

              It’s a fictional tale so you should be able to relate to it.

              Speculation builds wealth.

              Sitting there complaining all the time builds anger, depression, and resentment.

              $3500/oz. Gold price is going to be cheap soon enough.

            • Eric

              The Ecuadorian Sucre (which was under a Gold exchange standard at one time) didn’t survive but you think the U.S. Dollar wil???

              3400 fiat paper currencies all went to zero. Do you know of one that didn’t? Please share.

        • willygroper

          millie, i agree with you on many things & abhor the adhoms, but you rarely offer anything.

          have you priced gold in forex? your plans?

          i don’t expect an answer, as you almost always dance around the subject. given that, the kitty litter jokes must be appropriate.

          • Eric

            lol! meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow…

            meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.

            Meow meow millicent lives in a different reality than this world.

  • Phil Downunder


    Congrats on you and V keeping on message. This Satanic pedo network needs to be outed. Too bad if the sheeple find it distressing.

    You or V need to track down Fiona Barnett and interview her. She is a survivor and has recently gone public Downunder. The stuff she speaks of will make your vomit and, as V says, want to take some of these scumbags out behind the woodshed….

  • Guido

    For those in the alt-media who were already on the anti-Trump bandwagon long before Trump won the election, NOBODY he proposes to man his cabinet (whether allegedly or actually) will pass their litmus test. They will be sure to find fault with EVERY one of his selections or rumored selections, and then revel in their own “brilliance” by telling us in their articles, videos and posts that they warned us. Essentially, Trump’s alt-media critics are doing the job of the MSM, who on the very next day after Trump won the election went on a tear about how he was planning on staffing his cabinet with insiders.

    It’s clear that those who engage in this sort of “reporting” are intent on disrupting Trump’s support base by giving the impression that he is defaulting on his promises and engaging in business as usual. I’m dubious of anyone who engages in perpetual rumor and speculation by relentlessly parroting names that are circulating about as part of an organized disinfo campaign. When the choices are made and announced, then we could fairly engage in worthy critique if need be. Every one of us is bound to find fault with at least someone in his cabinet. This is all completely normal because no reasonable person ever expected that his choices would be saints who were free of all unsavory baggage. But the key word here is REASONABLE, something that is sorely lacking these days.

    In so far as the aftermath of the election, the MSM seriously miscalculated the intelligence of the American people in the days following the election. They thought that by giving the pampered protesters carte blanche coverage, their support base would grow beyond all proportions as a mass anti-Trump movement swept the nation. Instead, the shattered hearts of the coddled candy-asses who lack the basic fortitude to handle defeat of ANY kind, has been laid bare for all too see. They are the poster children of everything that is wrong with the deviant and dysfunctional left in the US. The Purple Revolution is backfiring miserably as the nation is waking up to the reality that a minority of snot-nosed deplorables are attempting to rip the country apart at the seams. It ain’t gonna fly, no matter how much cash massa Soros pumps into their basket.

    No, the left isn’t quite dead yet, but it’s gasping for air. The cat’s out of the bag now, and the blowback that will come down the pike in the following months will leave no doubt as to what side of history this gaggle of miscreants will end up on when the final chapter is written.

    • Ed_B


      Agreed. The back-stabbing has commenced and all the sore losers in our country are lining up to receive free blades from their masters. Perhaps it is they who could use some time in a “re-education camp”?

      It’s now clear all with an IQ above room temp that the MSM have completely sold their credibility for political access and favors, which leaves them with NOTHING of any value to sell.

      But all this is OK. Their complaining and whining will pale to insignificance when Trump succeeds with various promises he’s made. Not that he can keep them all, of course, but the general direction in which he moves will be a substantial improvement over the past 8 years.

      Speaking of idiots, lol… did you see where Obama was telling Trump that he “needs to be tough with the Russians”? I almost choked on my morning coffee over that one. The dish rag is counseling the pit bull on how to be tough! LOL!!

      • Guido

        Ed, did you ever see that video where Barry is pretending to workout with weights? Tough? Not quite. What about that one where he’s throwing the first pitch at a major league ballgame? Not exactly my idea of toughness. Compare this pansy to footage of Vlad engaging in the martial arts, shooting firearms, riding horseback shirtless, or hobnobbing with that outlaw biker club in Russia (some of whose members volunteered to fight with the pro-Russian resistance in Ukraine after the US-led coup). Granted, it’s all theater, but it does get the point across in no uncertain terms.

        8 years of Barry has been too much to take, but just think of the entire generation of numbskulls and meatheads who not only went through their formidable years while this fool played pretend at the White House, but actually cite him as one of their top influences and heroes. It’s no wonder these wanna-be community organizers and communist revolutionaries are prancing around the streets at professional protests chanting the trendiest slogans of the week.

        Oh well, at least mommy and daddy have a bit of free time to themselves while the kiddies are away playing dress-up. But they’ll be back to the basement soon enough.

  • videoctr

    I like the idea of calling the alt-media, new media instead. I also like the idea suggested in this interview, to not only confiscate George Soros money and arrest him. Also, efforts should be made to go after the Rothschild globalists if they are connected with funding radical groups. Confiscate their wealth the same way drug dealers money is confiscated by the police.

  • dcm

    Hello Sean , My take away from this video which will challenge you . The interviewee espoused a core premise of modernism , when a person physiologically internalizes this concept , the process of natural or organic , if you will , understanding is diminished. Put hand in fire – hot it burns- etc . This psychological meme ( what is called modernism) is man made , a product of what is referred to as the “enlightenment” period historically . The names of the practitioners of this FALSE meme is recorded historical fact , as well the reason for the development of, and the spread of. My challenge for you is to search human history for societies that practiced infanticide as well societies that practiced sodomy , were there cultures that practiced both at the same time ? Or did one diminish and the other take over , or variations such as open human murder , referred to as human sacrifice. What was the out come of these cultures ?

  • Millicent

    I decided to make a project of tracking some of the dumbest statements made on this blog…

    When I saw Glitter make the “call” for December 2016 PM price points of $100 Silver and $3500 Gold back in February of 2016 I knew that I had a winner.

    December will come & go and his “call” will not be even remotely close. Eric will keep yammering his psycho babble about books, how I’m stupid, etc., etc. but the the fact remains that Glitter did not have a clue about what he was predicting and somehow I will be blamed for calling him out and telling him he was a moron for making that “call”.

    Eric keeps asking why I say that he is being conned. Eric is so hopelessly immersed in the con that he has become a part of it and will probably never wake up to the fact.

    • Eric


      You ARE stupid. I’m sorry I have to be the one to tell you.

      Now can you at least have a little credibility and tell me what the con is? If you want to make a point, provide some information.

      Monetary base and Fed’s balance sheet increased 5 fold. There’s no good reason why the Gold price won’t increase by at least the same amount.

      Don’t forget to remember my speculative prediction of $2500 Gold/$60-$75 Silver by end of 2017.

      Too bad you missed my Trump wins in a landslide if there is an election. Nailed that one.

      Millicent = useless eater and comment critic.

    • glitter 1

      November 13, 2016 at 12:30 pm · Reply
      My “guru” is actually Glitter… just do the direct opposite of what he says and you will make out very well.

      glitter 1
      February 15, 2016 at 1:07 pm · Reply

      I will make a call here,then book mark it for later.

      December 2016 – Gold = at least $3,500oz/ Silver = at Least $100oz

      I will repost it in December,regardless of what the prices are. Providing of course the internet is still up.

      May 26, 2016 at 12:51 am · Reply

      Only a Moron would make speculative predictions like you did, based upon nothing…
      Did you conveniently forget what you said in your post?

      glitter 1
      May 26, 2016 at 11:16 am · Reply

      What I say is not based on speculations. Like I said, I know what I know and what you don’t.

      glitter 1
      October 27, 2016 at 1:25 am · Reply
      “I’m with Andy Hoffman & Bill Holter, I think it’s a stretch to think we get through the end of 2016 without a major conflagration of some sort.”

      glitter 1
      November 13, 2016 at 2:09 pm · Reply
      Milli,Your “OCD” is showing again,

      Obsessive-compulsive disorder
      Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions).Often the person carries out the behaviors to get rid of the obsessive thoughts, but this only .

      I don’t have to sling insults at you,Sean,the site owner has already.His Intellect nailed it with just two words: “Hey Moron”.Every time you make a showing here,it’s confirmed over and over.

      a stupid person.
      synonyms: fool, idiot, ass, blockhead, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, imbecile, cretin, dullard, simpleton, clod; informalnitwit, halfwit, dope, ninny, nincompoop, chump, dimwit, dingbat, dipstick, goober, coot, goon, dumbo, dummy, ditz, dumdum, fathead, numbskull, numbnuts, dunderhead, thickhead, airhead, butthead, flake, lamer, lamebrain, zombie, nerd, peabrain, birdbrain, scissorbill, jughead, mouth-breather, jerk, donkey, twit, goat, dork, twerp, hoser, schmuck, bozo, boob, turkey, schlep, chowderhead, dumbhead, goofball, goof, goofus, galoot, lummox, knuckle-dragger, klutz, putz, schlemiel, sap, meatball, dumb cluck, mook

      Let’s change the subject here for a second,the final synonym here on this list is “mook”
      Interestingly,Hillary’s campaign manager’s name is Robby Mook. Now isn’t that Poetic Justice or something? Just sayin

      Milli, I have nothing against you.I just call um as I see um.

      Oh,one last observation,anybody can draw conclusions after the fact,like after the headlines begin to report the obvious,such as Trump’s popular vote was actually millions more than the rigged electronic voting/controlled MSM would lead you to believe.

      November 13, 2016 at 9:33 am · Reply
      The popular vote for Trump was massive… They tried to conceal and rig it in HC’s favor but it was too much for the crooks to overcome. If there was a true accounting Trump would have won the popular vote by a margin of millions. That would have been too demoralizing for the Hillary clones so they had to make it look like it was a close race. The truth is that Hillary got her ample ass handed to her… by the “deplorables”.

      Great call there Milli,why don’t you post all my comments on the election results since 11/09,which were the result of Deductive/Inductive reasoning.I’m sure you have them all cataloged.

      Deductive reasoning is a logical process in which a conclusion is based on the concordance of multiple premises that are generally assumed to be true. Deductive reasoning is sometimes referred to as top-down logic. Its counterpart, inductive reasoning, is sometimes referred to as bottom-up logic.


      glitter 1
      November 13, 2016 at 10:06 pm · Reply
      What’s interesting about Milli, if she/he/it detests the host and others by continually mocking those on this site,why doesn’t she/he/it just leave.It just confirms the level of psychosis.


      I already explained to you where/how I came to my conclusion,It would appear your comprehension skills are lacking.More and more you are becoming just like,in some cases, worse than those you rail against here.Your fixations/OCD are becoming more and more obvious.

      • Eric

        Millicent’s inductive reasoning is still on the ground floor.

        Emotional. Not logical.

        I don’t expect that to change any.

      • Millicent

        Gee, I got you to write a whole bunch of stuff about nothing…

        You are still talking out of your ass.

        December Glitter, December.

        • Millicent

          p.s. Thanks for the amateur psychoanalysis…

          • glitter 1


            I’m going to make your day here in front of all these witnesses.Yes I did make a call/prediction way back on Feb 15 about where gold and silver would be by the end of December. I’ve explained the rational behind it in terms even you could understand,so I would go through it again.I’m here now saying the chances of that transpiring have gone from 90/95% probability to maybe 10%.Only because Obama doesn’t leave office until Jan 20 and there is still time this year for a creative destructive event to occur,but most likely will now carry over into 2017.

            All because of divine intervention in which Donald Trump over came/achieved the seemingly impossible by defeating Hillary.Obama was about to hand over the reins of his police state and Middle East wars for Hillary to move forward on.But, all that changed after midnight on 11/9 when it was obvious the tide was shifting against Hillary,right at the same time all of the market futures were crashing with gold and silver exploding upward.Yes the end of the year market crash/melt down was commencing while Hillary was leading.When the election results was reversing and it was obvious that Trump was going to pull off a stunning upset,the markets/gold and silver all reversed and we all know how it went later on that day.

            Yes, because of Trump’s stunning upset,The Boys had to change plans and go to plan “B”,which we’ve been witnessing ever since.Nothing has changed,there is still going to be a global financial conflagration,the start of which, will most likely move from now into 2017.
            Probability no $3500oz gold,no $100oz silver this December.Just think how that large entity who took out that large call option for December is going to feel.Sucks to be them,right!

            No Hillary as president,no escalation/war with Putin,no global economic crash in 2016,the NWO may have to move their goal posts out a little further,most likely into 2017.However,the Bond Market is sending a big message.have you been watching Milli? Do you even know/understand what a Bond sell off of the magnitude seen since the election results portends in the near future?The fuse has been lit.

            So,I’m here to say I’m probably going to be wrong on my Feb call/prediction.Not because you are smarter than me or your insights are better than mine,you just thought it was dumb even though you offered no information to the contrary.

            I still know what I know and what you don’t!

            Another update for your OCD project.

            P.S. I still have nothing against you,I’ll not mock any of your comments cause everyone has an opinion and is entitled to them,because moving from ignorance towards understanding is a journey.

            • Eric

              Millicent doesn’t even have her walking shoes on yet.

              Things change. Gold will still be money.

              • glitter 1

                I learned a long time ago it’s prudent to be quick to listen,slow to speak because you don’t know what you don’t know.It has work very well for me over the years.

                Yes gold and silver have been and will always be money.Just ask a person from Venezuela or India.

    • Howard Roark

      “I decided to make a project of tracking some of the dumbest statements made on this blog…”

      What an unproductive, megalomaniacal, no life fucking CUNT…collapse can’t come soon enough…her cats are counting the days…

      • Millicent

        Ah Howard, what an intelligent and relevant comment… How better to illustrate to casual visitors who come here the mentality, civility and knowledge of the key people on this blog.

        Come here to look people but you will not see very much but a bunch of hateful and spiteful people who revel in their ignorance.

      • willygroper

        WOW @HR,

        ad hom displays overwhelming strength in logic & rhetoric!

        thanks for the enlightening contribution.


  • Jacobson

    So now we know better that many people talk BS, hiding behind their nicknames.
    Selling hopes to the masses.
    There are many of them here and out there.

  • knowtoomuch

    Please listen to the followinginterview frm “108morris108 & John Kaminski”, titled ” Who is the new boss? Same as the old boss!” :

    And PAY attention to what John says between 6:10 and 6:50

    You “trumped” bitchez ..

  • knowtoomuch

    And OF COORSE Donald Duck won’t drain ANY “swamp” :

    Because “they” have put a child on his face 40 years ago and (of course) kept the polaroids.

    Too bad for (zio-bitch) Mr Duck.

  • knowtoomuch

    The latest News Letter from J Kaminski :

    “Fooling ourselves”

    “Who is the new boss? Same as the old boss!”

    By John Kaminski
    [email protected]

    President-elect Donald Trump’s claim he is reinvestigating 9/11 is just so much meaningless hot air — more neocon crapola — if he intends to solve the greatest crime in American history by including two of the event’s participating perpetrators — Rudy Giuliani and Lewis Eisenberg — on his team of detectives.

    What kind of truth can we expect from this kind of sandbagged scrutiny? None at all. Once again our government is investigating itself with predictable results. It will do no better than the first time — which was a total whitewash, because it is the very system itself that all these political functionaries are trying to defend which bears responsibility for this event and its impact on history.

    Hiring the people who played minor supporting roles in the 9/11 bloodbath to identify its architects and actors may yield a few sacrificial scapegoats like Cheney and some generals, but the top of the line power structure will remain solidly in place, hidden from view and utterly in control of world events.

    That Trump has surrounded himself with the tainted players who have carried out all these wars for Israel augurs for a dark future in which the militarization of America will further shrink individual rights, and the harsh crackdown on legitimate dissent — which will soon be banned — plainly signals the end of free speech as we have known it in the United States.

    Recall Thomas Jefferson’s dictum: “Freedom of the press cannot be limited without being lost.” Today, it is long gone. The press prints only what the government allows it to print.

    For Trump to hire such rancid refugees from the Bush administration means that he won’t be investigating 9/11. Instead he will be crafting a new more realistic coverup that lambastes Saudi renegades and totally omits the overwhelming presence of Israeli Jews in all aspects of the tragedy — the same presence that now dominates the U.S. government and its criminal activities throughout the world.

    Preemptive war is criminal activity, in case you didn’t know. The U.S. is practicing it everywhere under the cynical guise of fighting terror, which it itself creates by hiring thugs from around the world to fit into the proper terror slots and become believable enemies for the press to vilify and our military to bomb.

    The U.S. has literally slaughtered millions of people around the world at the behest of a small group of mostly Jewish men (and the gentiles they have bought) who control not only virtually all the money of the people in the world, but also control their thoughts as a result.

    Mayor Giuliani ran the command post in Building 7. You remember Building 7, that building that was knocked down by not being hit by an airplane. Giuliani knows everything that happened, and who did what.

    Eisenberg, one of the world’s foremost financiers, was the head of the New York Port Authority who leased the Twin Towers to Silverstein. Silverstein, who spoke frequently with top Israeli leaders, wound up with $4.55 billion.

    The question with regard to Trump’s integrity kind of splits down the middle since he seems to have a genuine desire to succeed and restore the peace, but he is indebted to forces far larger than himself, which he is now trying to placate by surrounding himself with the traditional pseudo Republican goons like Gingrich and Romney.

    If only they were genuine Republicans it wouldn’t be so bad, but they’re poseurs, all ultimately working for the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.

    Business as usual in the Jewish American empire, gnawing on the fatted calf while the rest of the world bleeds.

    Trump’s choices reveal a desire to continue the swashbuckling sadism of the Bush Administration. Throughout his campaign I always shuddered when Trump would proclaim that we needed a stronger military, and I thought, tell that to the people beneath the bombs because they want no part of any of this.

    As a newspaper blows trivial events into earthshaking issues, so politicians identify all manner of enemies that demonstrate the desperate need for them to be elected.

    Like the Boston Marathon bombing that turned a mercenary drill into a region wide suspension of freedom of movement, the worst story possible is presented even as inconvenient facts are left behind.

    Think about the atrocities and false flag shockers that have been foisted on us since 9/11. Statistics reveal that more than 90 of significant terror incidents began life as FBI sting operations manipulating low IQ bigmouths into capital crimes.

    Why is it the cops can commit crimes against the people but the people can’t commit crimes against the cops? This is not the kind of freedom we thought we’d get while growing up.

    Trump certainly is not addressing any of these issues, and a Trump administration will merely continue the clumsy depredations and smokescreen lies that have exemplified the utterly corrupt and criminal nature of the United States as it is run by Jews bankers holed up in the City of London, and wreaking havoc throughout the world by their control of everyone’s money.

    What is really needed is a full accounting of what the Jews have done to the United States, and restitution to United States citizens over moneys illegally stolen by the Federal Reserve Corporation to be taken from its stockholders immediately.

    Of course this is impossible because the Jews own the government and all the corrupt minions within it. One word from them and you’re out of a job.

    The avaricious Jews are really only a reflection of the darker side of humanity. Like good sociopaths, they learned everything they know by mimicking others, and have become better than everyone else at what they do simply by practice and cooperation.

    They have never once considered that the fate of the world ultimately depends on treating everyone in the world as members of your own family, even as that becomes impossible on a continent overrun by hungry savages who were put there by these very same sadists who control the United States and its fearsome war machine.

    A war machine that is now being used against its own people — through media, medicine and food — as the people who control everything consolidate their hold on a population rapidly being shaped into the cattle our Hebrew herders have always called us.

    John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


    IF you wish to subscrbe to Kaminski’s (free) news letter, please send a mail to his “galaxy” adress and refer to R Bahlmann (my name). At least you’ll be sure to receive them 😉

    ( NO Jacobson, this offer doesn’t include you ; you’ve been deliberately lying (far) too much )

  • knowtoomuch

    Erratum : NOT “galaxy” but “skylax”.

    So “[email protected]

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