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Big Brother Bans Entire #PizzaGate Sub-Reddit Investigation

by SGT,

It didn’t take long for big brother to show himself over at Reddit.

The powers-that-be don’t like the effective #PizzaGate investigation being done by citizen journalists around the world, so they’re shutting it down. As I noted in a Tweet Tuesday night, DC pedos will enjoy the same protection that Jimmy Savile had for DECADES.

You see friends, pedophiles are a protected class in Washington, DC – and London. And if you think I’m joking, recall last year when Tom Delay told the world that the U.S. Justice Department wants to LEGALIZE 12 ‘Perversions’ — including SEX WITH CHILDREN!

And Tuesday night the Reddit #PizzaGate Sub-Reddit was officially nuked.



As our friend Brittany Pettibone tweeted at 8:34 pm tonight:


I recorded a call about #PizzaGate earlier today with John B. Wells which will air on his program soon. During that expansive and detailed interview I thanked the amazing citizen journalists from Reddit and 4Chan who are doing the investigative work the mainstream mockingbird whore media refuses to do. In fact, rather than investigating the alarming Wikileaks Podesta emails that strongly indicate the existence of a widespread, entrenched DC pedo ring, the NY Times has deemed the entire discussion nothing more than “fake news“.

But they won’t win this battle. In fact they are already losing the war. Thanks to Wikileaks, TRUTH media and amazing citizen journalists around the world, the tide has already turned.

We know that where there’s smoke there is fire, and we have just begun to expose the evil that so many of these elites gleefully engage in.

As I Tweeted tonight, we will not stop.

…The #PizzaGate investigation continues unabated on Voat as you read this. ย 

#PizzaGate is a world-wide citizen investigation now. It cannot be stopped.




The De-Occulting of John Podesta

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