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ALERT: “Most Systemically Dangerous Banks are LARGEST SILVER DERIVATIVE HOLDERS!

by Bix Weir, Road to Roota, SGT Report:

As we approach the final days of Silver Market Manipulation it wasn’t surprising that the Financial Stability Board has named JP Morgan and Citibank as the most Systemically Dangerous banks in the World!!

Forget Deutsche Bank: These 2 US Banks are the Most Systemically Dangerous in the World

Yes, this is a very big deal as the two largest holders of Silver Derivatives in the United States are…JP Morgan and Citibank!

Here’s the FACTS from the Office of the Comptroller of Currencies (OCC)

(Table 9) Prec Metals= Mostly Silver

JP Morgan = $16.7 Billion
Citibank = $8.3 Billion

Although those numbers may seems small in the grand scope of their total derivative positions (JPM = $53T & CITI = $50T) these are the only two banks listed on the report listing ANY silver derivatives! Also, with silver being so massively undervalued a 10x move would mean losses in the 100’s of billions for the silver shorts. (*you can add Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank to the list of silver derivative shorts in Europe!)

Of course, the OCC reports on only US banks but the near fact that the two most dangerous banks in the world are the two holding the huge silver derivative positions is a clear indication that SILVER MANIPULATION GAME MAY EXPLODE AT ANY MOMENT!

Stay tuned for more on this in the coming weeks/months as their game goes sideways.

May the Road. you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

PS – IF Donald Trump actually makes it to Jan 20th and gets sworn in as our next President then he will be in charge of the Exchange Stabilization Fund and can pull the plug on the Global Market Rigging Operation at the moment of his choosing.

Let’s pray he makes it that far as the “forces of darkness” (aka The Bad Guys) are clearly lining up to stop him from taking office.

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