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7 Essentials You Must Have in Your Survival Kit

by Mina Arnao, More Prepared:

Are you all packed up and ready to survive in case of a disaster? Maybe it’s a hurricane, a storm, or even an earthquake. Whatever the situation may be, you’ll need to have a kit ready to help you get through any disaster. The survival kit should contain most of the basic amenities – from food and shelter to first aid and personal hygiene. Make sure you have the following 7 items in your survival kit:


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3 comments to 7 Essentials You Must Have in Your Survival Kit

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I think this was a great little list of essential items.

    However, they did forget to think about & include a variety of bug, bee & vermin control.

    If anybody is stuck having to become an emergency “tent & dirt camper”, the entire world is covered in wonderful bugs and animals that sting, bite, infest, and carry diseases.

    In real life, even in my own back yard, I’ve got spiders-snakes-mice-hornets-wasps- & bees to live with. Consider how many people die from allergic reactions to venom from bugs.

    If you go on a mission, both indoors and outside, trying to find what kind of bugs or vermin are all around you, then some of you may be shocked to find a LOT more Black Widow spiders, Brown Recluse spiders, Brown Widow spiders then you even knew about. I’ve found them under my porch & patio, living around the door trim, in basements, attics, kitchen cupboard, tool shed, garage, and then they can get into your car, or your clothing hamper, etc.

    Fire ants are very common in about 1/2 of America. Walking around the yard, it’s easy to find (in places where there is no grass) an abundance of little HOLES in the dirt. Looks like somebody stuck a pencil or a nail in the dirt. These holes are nesting places of spiders, bees, wasps, & hornets. If you lay down to sleep on the ground, these guys will almost always be UNDER your sleeping body. You GOTTA put a “tarp” down first.

    Going outside at night, hold a bright LED light next to my nose or my head, pointing away from me,,,at the ground, perhaps 10-40 feet ahead, you’ll see MANY little sparkling dots looking like DEW DROPS on the grass. Don’t be fooled. These are SPIDER EYES looking for something to eat.

    So, for both emergency camping or recreational camping, you’d better have TARPS, Bug & Bee Spray, and even some bug POWDER or Granules to lightly powder the area where you will lay down your tarp, and also, put some powder as a “barrier” around your tent, etc. (re-apply after rain). Fire ants (and other dangerous little critters) that tunnel under the soil, you never know where they will pop up.

    Do NOT forget about TICKS. The tiny, juvenile (young) ticks, are as small as a dot, or a comma in this sentence!!! …… ,,,,, Look at those dots and consider how impossible it would be to find ticks as small as that.

    Lice are another life threatening tiny bug.

    Having a decent supply of Mosquito repellent can HELP to repel some of them. Wearing high rubber boots when you are walking around may help to keep a lot of bugs off your legs. DUCT tape may be needed to close your pant legs.

    Another VERY bothersome bug, is the CHIGGER. Impossible to see (very small), but their “feeding behavior” is like a mosquito, but the bite-site, is FAR more itchy for up to 2 weeks. These little monsters crawl up on blades of grass or weeds, just like ticks, waiting to catch a ride. If you ever had even just a couple of chigger bites on your ankle, leg, arms, tummy, etc, then you can imagine what it would be like to be covered in bites.

    Don’t forget to have some MOUSE TRAPS (and RAT TRAPS) and rodent poison-baits as part of your supplies. These guys will chew HOLES in your cooler, ziplock bags, they will crawl into your sleeping bags, food containers, etc. Rodents (& other animals) are known to sometimes carry deadly diseases (plague, rabies, hanta virus, Lyme disease, and many others).

    So, to be REALLY well prepared, but not need a pickup truck load of stuff, you’d be WELL advised to have a FEW pair of those WHITE PAPER (painter’s) coveralls for each person in your group. Put them on after you’ve dressed up to go out, even if you have to tape the sleeve and pant legs shut to prevent bugs from climbing in. Spray some repellent or even a bit of bug KILLER spray around the cuffs and ankles, and legs.

    If you have ever been annoyed from BITING FLIES, Gnats, NoSeeUms, Midges, or yellow jackets flying around your face, ears, etc. Here is something simple that keeps the tiny bastards away from your ear canals, is to rub a small amount of Camphor Grease (commonly known as Vick’s Vapo Rub) or generic copies, around your ear openings.
    I’ve done it, and it works.

    I wonder if it might also keep other problematic bugs away? It should be another IMPORTANT part of your “kit”, even for your home so when you go outside on hot summer days to do some yard work, and those damn no-see-ums / gnats are flying around your face and ears, use some of that aromatic camphor-vaseline stuff, and you won’t spend all your time swatting them away from getting into your ears.

    I don’t know how “wide spread” these little monsters are, but around here, there is a type of flightless, ground walking HORNET that is commonly called “the VELVET ant”. They grow to be normal, or large size hornet. up to about 3/4″ long. ALWAYS wear some FOOTWARE. NEVER go bare-footed (also to prevent parasite worms from getting into your flesh).

    VELVET ANTS.. LOOK at these images and BE VERY afraid of these BEAUTIFUL, fuzzy critters, because they have such a monsterous venomous sting, is said to last for about 4-5 hours and feels like a 6″ red hot nail was hammered into your flesh. These hornets have a common nick name, they are called “COW KILLERS”, because if a cow or horse, rolls around on the ground and gets stung, the poor animal will scream and bellow for HOURS as if they are gonna die.
    These hornets walk pretty fast, and cover some long distances.

    Snakes? Good luck with that. There are some “snake repellent” products at my local Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

    You could have a couple of those plastic “pumper” bottles, and fill them with water and a bit of something either to repel or kills some bugs.

    Even some dish-soap & water in a spray bottle, not only is good against bugs, but also to wash your hands.

    OK. I hope this HELPS everybody to be aware of the many little, hidden dangers out there, or inside your home, or in your own front yard.

    NEVER reach into anyplace without looking. NEver step OVER a log and put your foot on the hidden side (you might step into a yellow jacket nest, or an ant hill, or on top of a snake.)

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    PS= Be aware (educated) about a couple more things. SCREW FLIES, lay eggs on living flesh, the maggots hatch and burrow into (eating) living flesh, and go deeper and deeper and will result in your death. These nasty things, kill livestock, deer, dogs, people, goats, horses, etc. READ up about them. We have them in the USA. (as well as Chaggas disease, kissing bugs, assassin bugs, etc…they have migrated up here from Mexico, etc) Those bugs, get onto your face and lips while you sleep, sucking blood and infecting you.

    Here is a simple tip that can SAVE you from those little “manure infesting” parasites that lay on the dirt, and burrow up into your “bare” feet. They live and travel under the surface of your skin, and later, go DEEPER and can get into your heart! But, when you get the itchy little skin trails, red irritated, you can kill them with a few short sprays from an INVERTED can of “canned air” (keyboard blaster-cleaner). It’s super cold, and will FREEZE your skin, and yes, it KILLS your skin (frostbite), but will kill the parasitic worm too.

    Don’t forget something like a “combination wormer” with IVERMECTIN & other similar, but different wormer meds mixed together. (Ivermectin won’t kill tape worms). Some “horse wormer” meds, like this COMBO mix, can SAVE the lives of your family, your pets, your livestock, etc. You gotta read about how to manage the proper dose per body weight. Duh.

    You can buy this stuff on line, Ebay, Tractor Supply, etc. for less than $20, for enough to treat up to 1200 pounds of “flesh”.

    The cool thing about ivermectin, (also prevents “River Blindness” in humans) (and yes, these “drugs” are considered VITALLY important by the World Health Organization (WHO). Ivermectin, can be taken orally, injected, or as a skin ointment. HERE is the cool part. It can effectively turn your body into a walking talking bug killer for up to 2 weeks.

    Any bug, any flea, bed bug, mosquito, lice, or tick that bites you will die. Yes, it is deadly toxic to SOME dog breeds, but those dogs who can take it, this stuff also kills HEART WORMS for just PENNIES per dog, cat, etc. It’s fairly safe for most animals & humans, but of course, there will always be somebody who is allergic, and there are always plenty of idiots who don’t know how to divide the stuff into smaller doses the right way, and will overdose themselves or their animals to death. DUH.

    Don’t forget about DIATOMACEOUS EARTH. It’s a FOOD safe powder that kills “hard bodied” insects by getting into their joints, and grinding their “moisture saving” membrane they die from dehydration. Fleas, ticks, roaches, bed bugs, grass hoppers, etc. But have NO effect on SOFT bodied things (worms, maggots, etc). This stuff would make WONDERFUL, NON TOXIC barrier under your camping tarp, and around your tent, in your yard, even indoor on your carpet to kill all those deep hiding fleas, ticks, bed bugs, roaches, etc.

    I don’t waste my money on the little $10 (3 pound bags) at Home Depot or Lowes, I went to the FARM SUPPLY store and bought a 40 or 50 pound sack of it for $25. I’ll be using a lot of this in my garden, and save some for the house in case the house gets infested with any kind of bugs.

    This is just ONE item of many “combo” items to learn about or purchase.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    PSS !!

    I just remembered, on very unusual, very useful “chemical” (linament), banned for “human use”, but USED to be “approved” for humans. (It seems the big drug companies did not like this useful item, so today, it’s sold as HORSE LINIMENT rub or ointment. Many people use it as pain reliever for painful joints. SPORTS medicine sometimes uses it.

    DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide). On line, or at the farm supply stores (and perhaps a few other places). It is a chemical that is QUICKLY (almost instant) abosrbed into the skin. Any chemical mixed with it, also gets into the body. It makes your mouth taste like garlic, and my own friends told me, when they rubbed some on their feet, they quickly could TASTE it in their mouth.

    So, if you are treating somebody ELSE with this stuff, you will wear rubber/latex/silicone gloves to prevent also treating yourself.

    If this stuff gets mixed with poison, it would have the same effect as injecting the poison.
    But if you mix pain killers, or many other things into it, it will get into the body very effectively (I’m thinking about the worm medicine, and other stuff.)

    When somebody has a dark black & blue bruise, you can apply a little of this, and the chemical will travel into the body, thru the bruise, and dissolve the bruise as everything gets carried into the blood stream. (it will NOT heal the damage, but the discoloration will go away.) This trick is sometimes used by sports coaches or sports doctors to quickly remove a bruise from being seen.

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