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Why Everything You Hear About Aleppo Is Wrong

from RonPaulLibertyReport:

What’s really going on in Aleppo? Are Assad and Putin exterminating the population for sport? Is it a war against US-backed “moderates”? That is what the mainstream media would have us believe. We speak with Vanessa Beeley, a journalist who just returned from Aleppo for the real story.

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2 comments to Why Everything You Hear About Aleppo Is Wrong

  • MarcS

    She is a brave woman for speaking the truth.

    You just want to vomit after hearing her words about the absolute crimes on humanity in Aleppo and Syria.

    The evildoers in usgov, other govts, assassins, and their associates, I pray for their immediate destruction to hell.

    The Syrian people have amazing strength and courage through this horrendous, murderous, sickening ordeal. I pray for their strength, safety, and being victorious over the criminal evildoers. God bless the Syrian people, and Russia.

  • a guy from Ukraine

    The US has come to be associated with everything EVEL there is to this world. It appears the Satan himself is guiding the country’s international policy. I have no doubt Clinton (if s/elected) will put the end to life on earth.
    The end days are here and most people have no clue.

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