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WARNING: The Coming Collapse Of U.S Net Worth Will Wipe Out Millions Of Americans

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

As the Financial Circus continues today, pushing down the precious metals prices, millions of Americans are going to get wiped out when the collapse of U.S. net worth begins in earnest. Anyone with a tad bit of common sense realizes these financial markets today are totally disconnected from reality.

With new stories of 40 million Russians to take part in “Nuclear Disaster” drill, the Philippine President telling President Obama “To Go To Hell”, he’s buying weapons from Russia, U.S. Suspends Diplomatic Relations With Russia on Syria, U.S. Ends Fiscal 2014 With $1.4 Trillion Debt Increase: Third Largest In History, Deutsche Bank Troubles Raise Fear of Global Shock, it’s completely hilarious that the gold and silver prices are selling off big time today.

With 90% of the U.S. media now in control by six large mega-corporations, Americans have no idea just how bad the U.S. financial system has become. News stories today that would have caused a stock market crash and a spike in the precious metals years ago… no longer are a realistic barometer of the market today. Instead, the broader Stock, Bond and Real Estate Markets where 99% of Americans are invested, continue to be propped up.

How propped up? Well, let’s say by a staggering $31 trillion in the past six years. According to the wonderful folks at the Federal Reserve, U.S. net worth increased from $57.9 trillion Q2 2010, to a stunning $89 trillion Q2 2016:

I would imagine a lot of wealthy Americans believe they are living life “High On The Hog” today. However, that $31 trillion in additional wealth is a nothing more than a “Digital Mirage.” For wealth to grow, more energy must be burned and positive economic activity must be generated. This is the foundation of all economic principles.

Unfortunately, Americans did not burn more energy to create this additional $31 trillion in U.S. net worth. Matter-a-fact, total U.S. energy consumption in 2016 will likely turn out to be less than it was in 2010:

This chart is very simple to understand. The left axis shows U.S. net worth in trillions of dollars while the right axis indicates total U.S. energy consumption in quadrillion Btu’s (that’s one hell of a lot of energy). As we can see, total U.S. energy consumption has fluctuated a bit, but has been relatively flat for the past six years.

Moreover, total U.S. energy consumption will likely be lower in 2016 (96.5 quad Btu’s) compared to 2010 (97.4 quad Btu’s). On the other hand, total U.S. net worth has climbed to $89 trillion versus $57.9 trillion in 2010. So, the real question is… where did this extra $31 trillion in U.S. net worth come from if total energy consumption was flat?

In all likelihood, the increase in U.S. net worth came via the tens of trillions of dollars of Fed and Central Bank liquidity. Basically, hot air and lots of smoke and mirror accounting.

We can clearly see the same type of financial insanity taking place in the growth of U.S. GDP – Gross Domestic Product:

How the U.S. GDP increased nearly 25% in six years while its energy consumption remained flat is one for the record books. Now, this wasn’t always the case. U.S. energy consumption nearly tripled from 34 quad Btu’s in 1950 to 98 quad Btu’s in 2000. Thus, U.S. GDP increased as total energy consumption increased.

However, the magicians at the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury figured out a NIFTY way to increase our Net Worth and GDP for the past six years while energy consumption remained flat. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t understand this “Ponzi Finance 101”… including most of the highly educated intellectuals.

This is what I call “Intelligent Stupidity.” The country is full of really smart people who are completely stupid when it comes to basic financial and economic sense. Instead, they have been infected by what James Kunstler calls, “Wishful Thinking.”

WARNING: Most Analysis Out There Is Completely Useless

There’s quite a lot I can write about this topic. Let me start off by saying, we can totally write-off the Mainstream media (MSM). Once you understand that, you have 90-95% of the battle won. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of incomplete, faulty and lousy analysis by the internet alternative media.

I am not trying to be harsh here, but the truth of the matter is that a significant percentage of the alternative media is full of companies and sites that promote lousy conspiracies, pump & dump stock scams and precious metals selling fraud or thievery.

This is really a horrible situation. When some poor American finally wakes up to the Greatest Financial Ponzi Scheme in history and starts to read the alternative media, chances are high that they are misled or taken advantage of financially.

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42 comments to WARNING: The Coming Collapse Of U.S Net Worth Will Wipe Out Millions Of Americans

  • Hymie Weiss

    collapse will come when my tribe says it will come but 1st we need goyim blood WW3 for our G_D lucifer.

  • Howard Roark

    Whether sarcastic trolling or genuine there’s no doubt that’s the plan and has been since the filthy cockroaches murdered God in flesh.

    But, then, jews, they always go too far, ALWAYS…so you better light that candle fast, kike.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    One thing that will be a bit ‘funny’ (and a bit sad too), is all those uppity, rich-bitch-(expired)-milfs with lots of paper money, will be demoted very quickly to the “Clearance rack”.
    They’ll be as desperate as a heroin addict, hungry for a can of Spaghetti-Oh’s.

    Any man who stacked the PM’s & plenty of food, will never have to cut the grass, take out the garbage move the furniture or paint the walls, ever again.

    We won’t have to listen to: “not tonight, I’ve got a head-ache”…

    … and the man with the silver, gold & cans of food will respond to the female:
    … “then perhaps your headache will feel better if I don’t feed you for a few days, eh?”

    I’ve seen some of the female mindset. Buy me a nicer house, I need a new car, take me shopping. Lobster restaurant tonight. I need new shoes. You never take me anywhere. I’m bored sitting at home while you run away to work 50 or 60 hours per week. How come you’re so tired? Get dressed up and take me out.

    My old girlfriend had NO CLUE about what is coming. She has a nice home, and a nice big GLASS Greenhouse in back that she wants to get rid of. She’d be even happier to live in a high-rise Condo. She rarely has enough food at home to last for a week. But she has nice shoes, jewelry, slacks, jackets, blouses, and a nice car, etc.

    I still have the same old car (2001 rusty mini-van), and a simple, modest home (950sq-ft 2bd mobile home in a farm area). I think I’ve got a wonderful situation, and will be alive and well long after the fancy city dwellers are begging for beans & spam & toilet paper.

    • Eric

      I know women like that. Most of them are of the boomer generations and some from my generation X whose marriages usually end in divorce. They have a rude awakening ahead of them but so does everyone.

      If you’re happy Craig, more power to you. But I expect a lot of people are going to die, starve to death, lose their homes, their minds, etc. Your wonderful situation could change to a totaled mini-van, expensive medical bills, hurricane ravaged mobile home, and general hell on earth quite rapidly. Especially if your diet consists of beans and spam. The purpose of preparation is to limit the downside when the SHTF. But no amount of physical preparation can save the divine within each of us.

      I take no pleasure in seeing people suffer. The lessons we come here to learn are harsh. But they are important for us to learn. I have no interest in having a slave to do my chores in exchange for Spaghetti-Oh’s. I’d rather help them wake up, learn, prepare, and empower themselves now while they still have time. It’s better for America. And it’s better for the world.

      • KRELL427

        Remember the saying ” give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish , you feed him for life”

        • Eric

          I know a guy in his late 50’s dying of cancer right now Krell. He’s basically a goner because his entire life he has eaten Spaghetti-Oh’s, Spam, beans, fast food, etc. and is too set in his ways to change despite the enormous effort of me and others.

          He doesn’t know how or even want to eat healthy food. He doesn’t want to be healthy.

          Prescription For Nutritional Healing. Get this book. It’s worth it.

    • nycjeff

      Perhaps you’ll consider offering to remove the greenhouse from her property and installing it on your own. Free of charge.

      • AgShaman

        I second the motion…it’s really the best plan. Move it to your next girlfriend’s house…free of charge of course

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        @nycjeff,…no way would I struggle with that greenhouse. About as big as a 3 car garage, high ceilings, & it’s located between Stockholm & Moscow. (Lithuania) Way too far. I’m gonna be happy with a hoop-house. Got most of the materials to make it 12 X 35.

        Learned another tidbit about GoldMoney accounts. When you reach 1kg, your account must be upgraded to the “wealth acct”.

        My last 3 deposits (this week) took 3 days or longer to show up. I normally expect debit & credit card deposits to resolve in less than 3 minutes. Something to watch.

        I’m sure TPTB don’t like Goldmoney, & perhaps they are under increasing pressures? Tinfoil radar-hat is active.

        • Eric

          Craig, I am still far from that. But what is a “wealth acct?” Is it just a title they put on it for some reason or does it require attention in some way? I’ll look it up later. Just wondering if it means I need to re-upload my ID or disclose it what that means exactly.

          I would love to build it up to that much and then take delivery of a 1kg bar. But I wonder if all it means is that you reached the winning level or if it is something that requires more attention.

          • Eric

            Oh I see. Buy Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Hold 9 different currencies. Personal Relationship Manager.

            Let me know if there’s something I should know. Sounds good otherwise. Do the fees change any?

            • KRELL427

              Craig are you affected by the hurricane?

              • Craig Escaped Detroit

                The nearest approach will be when it skirts by Jacksonville (on the east coast), and I am located about 315 miles WEST of there. I invite any able SGT preppers to come to what is probably the MOST safe area of the entire Gulf Coast, is a somewhat narrow strip of land, perhaps 20 miles wide, (10 miles each side) of Hwy 331 in Walton county Florida (central panhandle) because the weather patterns of the gulf, and the land, etc, for some weird reason, really has made this the safest zone for more than 50 years. Very rare for hurricanes to make direct hits onto this zone.

                This zone also contains the highest elevation above sea level in Florida (350 ft), rolling hills, good well water (also rare for Florida) and property tax structure that is 50% cheaper than the rest of Florida (12.5 mils) makes the house taxes cheaper than Ky, Tn, Al, etc.

                My area is not even going to get any clouds from Matthew unless it goes westerly. I chose a region that is about 50 miles inland away from the beaches, lower home insurance rates, higher land, and diminished hurricane strengths coming into this higher elevation.

                Other benefits? Stand your ground laws, “shall issue (ccw), 7% total sales tax, $50k discount OFF the assessments for homestead tax calculation, and homesteaded residences cannot be “sued” from under your ownership.

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            @Eric…I think a ‘Wealth account’ may require more verifying documents? They are jumping thru a lot of regulatory hoops to placate TPTB. KYC, AML etc.

            I think JPM, The FED, & G.S. don’t like GoldMoney competition.

  • fonestar

    You guys are a lot of fun but lately I’ve been making way more sales by cold calling senior residences and telling them how they can make it big with Bitcoin. If anyone answers who sounds like they’re less than 80 or not suffering from dementia, fonestar just hangs up the phone.

  • Millicent

    What is “hillaryious” is that you are clueless about PM’s.

  • Eric

    Good article by Steve. There are a lot of rude awakenings coming. And they probably will just be angry zombies.

    Just pulled up a long term chart of the US Dollar Index on

    There is a long term tightening wedge from the breakout in April 2014 at 79.00 and the high in December 2015 at 100.50

    It is currently in a very tight trading range between 95.25 and 96.40 and getting closer and closer to either breaking up or breaking down one way or the other.

    Keep an eye on this range.

    Gold and Silver support levels are 1260 and 17.50 respectively.

    • Millicent

      “There are a lot of rude awakenings coming.”

      Yup, like the one that you called on 8-25-16…

      “October 1st. The RMB gets included in the SDR. Euro loses 30% mostly. I figure half the dollar index is the euro so look for $1495 Gold around then. $25 Silver. Best guess…”

      Keep listening to Rocoocoo and his buddies and you will be “a head” of the game.

      • Eric

        Boo Hoo. The US Dollar didn’t collapse in purchasing power yet. I am so sad.

        Get back to me when Italy has their referendum. Until then, you should stick with what you know and keep stacking cat litter, cat food, and more cats.


        • Millicent

          My point is that you are an idiot who does not know what he is talking about…

          So is Rocoocoo… He publishes reams of content and manifold charts to promote his PM BS. When what he says does not come to pass then he is reduced to saying “this is hillaryous” when PM prices tank.

          As I have said before, you are all being Cahned here. Keep waiting for the Shemitah.

          • Eric

            Opinion is not an argument one thousandth of one cent. You should use specifics rather than vague non-arguments and point out exactly where he was wrong.

            What is PM BS? Is that anything like your permanent and constant PMS?

            An idiot is a mentally handicapped person. In other words, someone who still doesn’t know that Gold and Silver is sound money and calls them “PM’s” while forgetting what the P stands for. Have you spent years learning how to read charts, balance sheets, and National Instrument 43-101 technical reports? Or were you too busy kvetching about everyone else?

            I look forward to hearing your plan for future individual prosperity. Until then, I’ll keep saving in real tangible wealth, buying the bottom of the range, and taking profits on my well researched trades.

            If you can’t explain your argument, you should listen more and shut up.

            Go to NetDania and draw the trendlines yourself. You’ll see I’m right. I’ll be shocked if you can even figure out how to do that.

  • Hymie Weiss

    The Story Nobody is Reporting On by Karl Denninger of Market Ticker

    The government intentionally destroyed almost 8% of your paycheck and your savings last year, running a $1.423 trillion dollar budget deficit.

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