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Pound hits 31-year low, US Initial Jobless Claims Hit 43-year Low

from Boom Bust:

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1 comment to Pound hits 31-year low, US Initial Jobless Claims Hit 43-year Low

  • poundingeetout

    The mighty £Sterling is an “Original Sin” in that the beastie is an entrenched part of The Monied Few extravaganza and yet, via BrExit, said £Sterling could be “Brought Down”. Being a different Face of The Monied Few Coin, what BrExit really does is finding a new way of “Taxing & Crediting” The BrExiters much like “Global Warming” and “Carbon Emission” are merely different forms of “Taxing The Taxables”.

    For The Unwary of Thought, Malevolence, who exists because Benevolence exists, is not bothered who “Wins” or who “Loses”. So long as Division/Disagreement/”Gambling” is liberated, The Greed-Fear Within Humans will “Do-The-Next-Bit”/Fill-In-The-Blanks. You know, when Toilet Paper is exchange-able for Chattels & Property/”Sump’fing Real”.

    Be conscious and be aware that the mantra behind Gambling is “Sump’fing fer Nuffin’”, hee-hee, haw-haw. No wonder the main export of “Democracy & Freedom” is The Turnkey Casino Operation called Da Exchanges. Ever wondered why, regardless of the emnity between Kapitalism and Kommunism, Da Soft Drinker is ALWAYS the first to setup a Softdrink Bottling Plant before “Democracy & Freedom” is able to “Gain a Foothold”?

    Whaat? You are not through “educating”the Slumbering yet? More so when “The Awakened” are merely awakened to judge “Wickedness-in-Progress” instead of judging self. You know, being able to Finger-Point at “That Evil Thang Over Thar”. Be aware that being “awakened” to merely Judge Another is the means of driving said Awakened back deeper into its “Rabbit Hole”. That of Devolving the Devolve-able.

    “Eet Kanny Be?” You bet Sweets. Be conscious that whenever a mere Energy Transformer tussels with Dracula/”The-Devil”, said Dracula will “Suck the Life Outta Da Hero”. EACH and EVERY time. Leave Malevolence to Benevolence but that is ONLY possible when self is able to realise/”see” one’s Weaknesses AND Neutralise-Dissipaste one’s Beacons for Malevolence. Like it or not, this reality has ALWAYS been so and it will remain so for The Vast Majority of The Unwary of Thought.

    Just because Relative/Superficial Confidence are able to fool one-anotherr via Popularity/”Back-Patting” does not mean that Over-vs-Under Confidence is Absolute Confidence. More so when Addiction becomes Regret once Absolute Confidence is realised/”viewable”. This is why Toilet Papering is The Con Game “sucessfully” conning The Stupid-Dumb until they are Living “In-The-Streets”/”Off-Charity”. But what Benevolence will that offer when Sating Hunger comes from “Generosity”/Enslavement instead of having “The Ability To Fish?”

    ALL knows that but when The Vast Majority are unable to realise so except when it is Too Late, that is what Malevolence needs to Replicate. Be aware that “The Knowledge of The Roots” is merely to report what had been witnessed with The Cruel & Cunning fooling The Vast Majority of The Blind-Blinded into imagining that said mere Reportage is having the ability to Realise The Truth.

    One may have The Complete Knowledge of, say, Baking a Cake, but that is entirely different from being able to realise Who or What Formulated & Implementd, say, The Periodic Table. If so, what is “Gravity”? Other than being able to report that Gravity is when, say, 2 Large Objects automatically exerting a force between them, Knowledge is unable to explain why. For example, EVERY budding and established “Medic” is able to see The Miracle of Creation whenever they see Cellular Division in progress but most, if not all, said “Medics” are quick to forget said miracle other than trivialising The Miracle via “Gene Splicing”/”Stem-Cell-Research”. How did “Dem Medical Professionals” became Quacks that quickly? Because when Fame, Fortune & Immortality are Winking their Eyes, it is very hard to say “NO” to The Wh*res.

    Reporting is not the same as Being. The Spiritual is Real – but NOT when most are unable to realise so. Reality is Complexity but Reality has NO meaning when Complexity is not Simplicity too. As such, it order to realise The Spiritual, the individual must have “The Desire to be Pure”. When Humans are NOT Truth, being constantly Truthful is then the Next Best Option.

    EVERY Human realises when He had acted against Self/Reality. Just because The Malevolent are able to popularise Might-is-Right, does not mean self has to be arrogant, selfish, and so forth constantly/”enthusiastically”. There is No Gain Without Pain. Those who imagine that they are “The Chosened” but are otherwise imperfect will be “The Last to Realise”. It is like the Divine appearing before A Preacher with said Preacher being The Last To Realise that The Divine is actully standing infront of him. And all because said Preacher “knows” all about The Divine other than being able to realise so.

    Most merely know Right from Wrong but they are unable/not-equip to realise The Absolute Difference between Benevolence & Malevolence. Most do not like to be “Slapped by Another” because they know The Difference between Right/”not-being-Hurt” & Wrong/”being-Hurt” and yet most are Easily Beguiled by a Paedophile when The Kreature is On the Prowl – against their very own Children ! Is this Insanity or merely Insanity posing as Sanity. The answer is that a Paedophiile is able to prowl “successfully” because the parents of said Paedophile’s victim gave The Kreature access to their Chuldren.

    DO NOT Act-React/be-Angry-Guilty at the suggestion because that is merely “Posturing”/A-Mental-Hypocrisy meant for prolonging the reality/”agony” via Anger-Guilt. Just “arm”/defend self against Malevolence – by becoming a part of “Benevolence”/The-Desire-for-Purity, which is NOT a Mental-Projection/Thought/”Hypocrisy” but a reality. Reality is not about What You Do. Reality is Who You Are. As such, Reality is ONLY possible when What You Do is Who You Are – and it does NOT matter if Another is not so.

    Like it or not, when self has no means for realising The Absolute Difference between Benevolence & Malevolence, self is already At The Hands of Malevolence. Should this be UnTrue, that is merely one Nutter Running Amok but what if It Is True?

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