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Paul, Trump and Sanders Show Elite Control of Society Has Fractured

from The Daily Bell:

Republican Politicians Have Only Their Fears to Blame … In calls this morning, many Rs privately want to defect from Trump. But they say the debate gave them pause since he roused their base. … Remember, there were already an unusual number of high-profile Republicans who had broken with their own nominee, with many saying they would support Hillary Clinton and others just refusing to vote for Trump. Why did it take so long for the rejection to build? -Bloomberg

Bloomberg thinks rejecting Trump is an obvious choice for Republicans but this article doesn’t recognize the larger trend is to reject modern Republicanism itself.

This really started with the GOP’s removal of conservative libertarian candidate Ron Paul from political contention by intimidating his supporters and unilaterally changing and suspending rules. This sort of approach to non GOP-approved candidates has continued with Trump.

Ron Paul, who wanted to educate more than he wanted to win, was nonetheless squashed by a variety of evil and panicked GOP attacks. Donald Trump recast many of Ron Paul’s views but basically moved down Ron Paul’s political track and due to his celebrity and wealth succeeded where Ron Paul had failed.

Ron Paul was anti-tax, anti-central bank and anti-war. So is Trump, though Trump is closer to the elite mainstream than Paul. But the GOP leadership is pro-tax (though it pretends not to be) … also pro-central bank and pro-war.

The GOP leadership and the Democratic leadership are aligned on most points. It’s the details that are different. But the bulk of GOP supporters take GOP rhetoric at face value. They are specifically, legitimately libertarian in many ways.

The difference lies in the support of the military, but even here, GOP support at the base is far more nuanced than GOP leadership. Support for American wars involves perceptions of necessity. In other words, there is not unlimited support.

Both Ron Paul and now Trump hold views that are in many ways closer to the views of the GOP base. This is why Ron Paul was so successful when he ran a second time after people came to understand his views. This is why Trump has been successful.

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7 comments to Paul, Trump and Sanders Show Elite Control of Society Has Fractured

    • anon

      Bankers Destroy Global Economy by Design to Consolidate [THEIR OWN] Power

      The W.I.C.B. use the Hegelian Dialectic, or “Problem-Reaction-Solution”: 1) Create the Problem (i.e., global fiat-based “money” system inherently designed to eventually implode), 2) Wait for the INEVITABLE implosion, and the consequent public reaction to that global implosion/economic collapse, 3) Stand ready to offer up a pre-planned “solution” with the main object of gaining even greater control over every nation, man, woman and child on the entire planet (with one further “elite”-stated goal: Global depopulation, or “culling” of the herd (of “cattle” or “goyim”).

  • anon

    “Paul, Trump and Sanders Show Elite Control of Society Has Fractured”?

    In terms of the “elite” control of the narrative, maybe. The “Fed” is still in operation, as is the IRS. And how many other 3-letter, alphabet-soup agencies, which didn’t exist prior to 1913?

    Ummm… I think “elite” control of society is still a matrix of control, that everyone is still “locked-into” from birth to death. We are still all little more than low-wage-, tax-, and debt-SLAVES. So, you wish to go to college? The W.I.C.B. (Western International Central Banking) system has a DEBT/LOAN for you. So, you want to get married (& have kids)? The W.I.C.B. system has all kinds of DEBT with which to load you up! So, you wish to start a business? The W.I.C.B. system has DEBT/LOAN(S) to dump on you. Unless you are born into one of these Western Oligarch (“elite”) Families (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.), or are born into say, the BUSH-CLINTON family (or any number of other low-level “elite” servant families) – you’re an un-connected, low-wage-, tax-, and DEBT-SLAVE. Am I wrong? IF SO, feel free to explain how I am wrong.

    • MarcS

      Nope, you are correct.

      We are all slaves to the plantation money system, where if you worked your entire life, the have already reduced your savings to below zero with their zero interest rate crimes, and their destruction of the plantation money by targeting 2% inflation per year, as now the plantation dollar is worth about 3% of what is could buy prior to the installation of the

      Remove thyselfs from the plantation slave system, quit contributing to a system that rewards the lazy, fat, useless ones, and criminal elites who skim off the system with their financial engineering.
      This only brings death to the good, honest hardworking people, as you know you support a corrupt system. Build local markets in your community, where your goods or services are rendered only to the ones that work.
      Starve the beast and the lazy ones with no more support, before they starve you.

  • Sayldog

    These establishment Republicans who have either refused to back Trump or even come right out and stated that THEY will VOTE for HILLARY are biting off their noses to spite their face.
    Do they not see the multi-thousands attending every Trump appearance?
    These turncoats have emphasized the point that it doesn’t matter what party is put into office (of course we all knew that).
    My prediction – Trump 2016, and huge losses for Republicans down ticket.

  • MarcS

    sanders show elites control has fractured?
    What a joke, sanders is the one who fractured into a millions pieces, like most leftists.

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