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  • KRELL427

    Trump is taking over from where JFK’s last speach left off. Attacking the true enemy to cowardly to show its face until now because it is being exposed.

  • mike

    Would you have the courage Sean? You wont even show your face so we know the answer.
    I for one am as ready as one can be for the collapse and we are so close..There is no way I am voting for Trump. Every single part of gubberment is beyond repair and the entire thing must collapse under its own corrupt weight. I am voting for the Harbinger Of destruction Hillary. Lets get this over with once and for all so we can on with the business of rebuilding.

    • Eric

      govern (v.) Look up govern at
      late 13c., “to rule with authority,” from Old French governer “steer, be at the helm of; govern, rule, command, direct” (11c., Modern French gouverner), from Latin gubernare “to direct, rule, guide, govern” (source also of Spanish gobernar, Italian governare), originally “to steer, to pilot,” a nautical borrowing from Greek kybernan “to steer or pilot a ship, direct as a pilot,” figuratively “to guide, govern” (the root of cybernetics). The -k- to -g- sound shift is perhaps via the medium of Etruscan. Intransitive sense from 1590s. Related: Governed; governing.

      mental (adj.) Look up mental at
      early 15c., “pertaining to the mind,” from Middle French mental, from Late Latin mentalis “of the mind,” from Latin mens (genitive mentis) “mind,” from PIE root *men- “to think” (source also of Sanskrit matih “thought, mind,” Gothic gamunds, Old English gemynd “memory, remembrance;” see mind (n.)). Meaning “crazy, deranged” is from 1927, probably from combinations such as mental hospital.

      You can collapse your “gubberment” at any time and live on the land. But you need to do more research and critical thinking first.

      • Ed_B


        The thing about a collapse is that it is what happens when those in charge lose control. It is completely unmanaged… like a train wreck. Crap just goes everywhere, destruction following in its wake. If the US collapses, who’s to say that what replaces it won’t just be worse than what we have now but FAR worse? That could happen because there is nothing stopping it from happening. It seems crazy to me to be cheering this on. IMO, the devastation would be horrific and not anything that a sane person would be hoping happens. As an optimist, I am hoping that a lot of our problems can be solved. It won’t be quick or easy but if it is still possible then that is the road we should choose.

        • Eric

          “It seems crazy to me to be cheering this on.”

          I agree. But you’ve seen Mike’s comments before.

          Just between you and me, I think he has a screw loose.

    • Eric

      “Reminder that voting for Hillary Clinton this November means proving how much of a spineless, boring cuck you are,” a message on the page read.

      • mike

        No it shows Im not a cowering coward…Lets get this ball rolling..I thought you wanted a world of Marauders trying to kill you for your gold coins. Im not afraid for you I dont even care what happens to you in that scenario 🙂 Trump can not fix a thing, he is an epic moron. The only thing that is going to happen if he is president is exactly nothing. The Dems will own the senate and Paul Ryan hates Trump.
        Like I said before this thing is entirely corrupt and beyond repair. An Angel from Heaven could come down for the world to see and be placed as president and still not be able to get a thing done.As long as te corrupt congress and senate exist.
        Embrace Change its going to happen at some point why not now?
        Once this thing collapses the “Elites” are not safe anywhere in the world. They will all be hunted down like dogs because there will be nothing holding anyone back. So a vote for Trump is just retarded. A vote for Hillary is a huge step in the right direct to finally bring this corruption to a permanent end by ending it. Those to blame will be in plain sight for all to see and they will be dealt with properly by a mob. Hillary totally has my vote.

    • SGT

      Mike, You know why I have NOT appeared in any of my 700+ videos? Because I never wanted them to be about ME. There’s more than enough ‘cult of personalities’ on You Tube to go around. Like this one:

      So stand down and don’t do sh#t and when Hillary gets into the oval office you can tell everyone you did your part, coward.

      • mike

        That’s just mean Sean, I’m not standing down I’m trying to stand up to end this nightmare quickly by letting it take it course instead of festering a little longer…How many interviews have you done where your guest say there is no hope, no repairing the current system? Most of them with the exception of Bix.
        Point is there is no hope to repair this system it is entirely corrupt. Why kick the can down the road? Why not accelerate the inevitable? I believe without a doubt Hillary is the single most corrupt individual ever in the history of politics and is in fact the Devil. She will END the already destroyed country. She is just the final nail in the coffin. What is going to happen when our country implodes with Trump in the White House? I think capitalism which is pure human freedom will be blamed. If Hillary is in office then the blame can rest squarely on the shoulders of Authoritarianism.
        Trump is two decades too late to do any good at all.
        I do think Trump will probably win and that will be terrible for freedom in the future. When this thing goes during Trumps reign Humans will not know freedom for 1000 years. Now is not the time to play checkers for a quick win (Trump)..We must play chess and think 10 moves ahead of these people.

        • Eric

          If you want to play chess, why are you fiddling around with bitcoins and digital blips rather than real tangible wealth like Gold?

          Change of subject…

          removed another $300 in cash from the ATM this morning. Which made me think more about how much does one need to maintain in paper cash to ride through this? Putting bitcoin aside for the moment which I know mike and fonestar will hop on, let’s assume bitcoins, credit/debit, electronic payments, etc. are not an option.

          I think we all know that the paper currency is garbage and nobody really wants it except the mindless sheeple who still haven’t figured this out yet. But until a revaluation of currencies and an exchange of the debt occurs, cash is still king.

          Obviously this depends entirely on one’s own situation as each one of us here have different lives than the others. Someone with a wife and kids would probably need more than a single guy like myself. For now, I would exclude items than can be paid with by check or the like such as mortgage, rent, insurance, utilities, etc. and ask what you guys think as far as just grocery money, shopping money, general spending and emergency cash?

          Gold, Silver and Coins I would consider cash, but obviously those are better than cash and nobody wants to use their coins for tender because of Gresham’s law.

          I think the best strategy is to hold as little cash as possible while still maintaining a comfortable level for your own needs. Right now, $1500-$2000 is my limit. I see no reason to hold more than that in physical cash when a 1 oz Gold Coin is a preferable storage method of wealth for me and can be easily exchanged back into any currency if needed. I used to keep it higher in the $5000 area which would give one more flexibility, especially if they still needed to buy supplies. Perhaps a higher cash level would be a good idea since limits on withdrawals may occur at some time like in Greece.

          Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this at this time.

          • Eric

            Another option to consider is if one plans on going “off-grid” in the near future, in which cash will be your only option and you better have a lot of it tucked away and hidden. Don’t forget there are civil asset forfeiture laws now.

            While difficult in this day and age, I do not see it as impossible. I have no plans to do so, but I would say, have lots of cash, ditch the cell phone, the wallet, rfid chips, and electronics; hide in plain sight (crowded city), avoid cops and people in general, change you name, change your appearance, change your habits, make up stories about your past, and get used to lying about yourself. Scope the obituaries and try to assume another’s identity. Avoid confrontations at all costs.

            Not a bad idea even just to test the waters the next time you’re around a bunch of people with nobody who knows you in sight. While some of this could be considered “illegal,” I do not recommend it. But better to be safe and prepared and ready

            • Eric, surely you realize the impossibility of what you recommend. Your current strategy of keeping a bank account but using it sparingly is far more pragmatic than leaving the financial grid entirely. Digital systems are immortal and we must interface with them to exist – your concession to FoneStar that you actively use dollars and a bank account simply because of their liquidity is indicative of this.

              We’re communicating, this very moment, on a protocol written by CERN, for fuck’s sake.

              Going completely “off the grid” is a pipe dream, and this is coming from someone who actually lives off the grid. That’s not to say one can’t actively detach themselves from parts of the system. My house runs on solar and will never see a “Smart Meter,” which is still legal here unlike many parts of Kalifornistan (and as of this year, Vermont). My “house” also isn’t a house, but a “seasonal cabin/outbuilding” as far as the government is concerned, which means no building/health inspections and much lower taxes (all legal). Not only is the house powered by solar, but the in-wall wiring is all 12v DC as opposed to 120v AC, meaning no electrical inspections, either. A commercial composting toilet also means no septic, yet another inspection/permit avoided.

              But I still have a bank account because I need it to survive. I still have an internet connection because I need one for work. I still have a driver’s license and car insurance because I don’t have the time or money to fight the “Sovereign Citizen/States Rights” battle in court. I still have a Passport in case I need to get the hell out because the border guards with guns say I must, though the guys over at have evidently had success traveling to Mexico with a single-issue, notarized “Writ of Travel” from the State Department, albeit not without hassle.

              And of course, a Social Security number can NEVER be rescinded once you’ve got one, aside from expatriating, a very expensive process.

              If you want to “leave” the system, truly leave it, you essentially have to become a homeless vagabond in a foreign land. None of us are willing to go so far just yet as we are still here, typing away.

              And the few avenues for a true agora available to us – non grid-tied solar installations, skirting building/zoning codes, saving in gold and silver, and yes, ACTIVELY TRANSACTING outside the Fed Wire system with cryptocurrencies, are rarely acted upon by even “awake” individuals because it’s “too hard” or “too expensive” or “too risky” or “too inconvenient.”

              A MOOvement that continues to make such excuses at this late hour is an unlikely one to be successful. Most would rather bitch endlessly and “vote Trump” than actually do anything.

              • mike

                That was essentially a point both Fonestar and I attempted to tell Eric.

                BTC you can actually purchase real goods/Pms/anything taking out the middleman and circumventing the JEW Banks he loves to rail against. He also loves Trump who LOVES ISRAEL even more than Clinton? Eric must be a Jew. There are different ways to get BitCoin for instance selling items in BTC or using your credit/debit card. Using the debit/credit that is only one transaction utilizing the banks the rest of your transactions are bank free. I prefer to just sell my junk in BTC although I did but a bunch after the first big crash of BTC thank God. Was going to buy 10 more oz of gold at that time, thank god I didnt and got BTC instead.Around that time was selling a lot of stuff on Ebay etc. I saw first hand and the rip off that is paypal and asked myself how I could circumvent that system. BTC is amazing.

                Eric just talks to talks and owns SGTREPORT. He is against Zionism but want to put a Bigly Zionist in office? He ates the banks but wants to put a hugely Debt predator in office? I mean even SGTreport is turning into the twilight Zone.

              • Eric


                Ignoring mike’s comment for the time being which I see no reason to dignify with a response, leaving the financial grid is difficult, challenging, and more trouble than most could bare. But I do not think it is impossible. Certainly I have no reason to pursue such action. But I have see enough homeless people to know that it is not an impossibility.

                But I am not considering such a move as an alternative to anyone’s lifestyle. I am not talking about homesteading or long term camping out. I am referring to a last resort. Certainly one cannot be off grid or offline while still holding a mobile tracking device.

                Didn’t our ancestors survive for centuries without electricity, internet, solar power, social security, mobile phones, and much much MUCH more? I miss the days of only being able to receive 2 TV stations (if that) with rabbit ears, and being able to leave my parents house and NOT have to carry a cellphone. As much as I like having it while I’m at home, I can’t stand carrying the thing around with me. Most of the comforts I am accustomed to I have grown to enjoy including money. But they are not necessary for survival.

          • Fraser

            My view is that until the sheeple figure it out, cash will remain king. When the SHTF, the bank ATM’s will close, jobs will disappear and shops will only accept cash. People will sell property to repay debt and personal assets (including gold and silver) to get cash to feed themselves. Furthermore, because the ratio of monetary wealth to physical cash is absolutely astronomical, any sniff of banks being in trouble will result in a huge dash for cash. The fact that Governments hate cash and that banks hate giving it out proves the point. So I think holding up to half in cash is reasonable, with a finger on the button for when TPTB send gold and silver to near zero, in order to buy back their Comex shorts. Six months later, prepare for a moon shot in gold and silver as Governments bypass the banks and flood the system with (physical and electronic) cash.

            • Eric

              Thanks Fraser. Half in cash is a bit much in my opinion but I agree with you about the dash for cash and the rest. Gold should be the foundation of one’s wealth second only to Silver. Start your own central bank!

              I think I need to keep increasing my cash reserves as much as I can right now. My buddy who helps me a lot is somewhat all of a sudden interested in Silver and I will probably sell him some of mine not that I really want to, but he needs to have a little and I think after 4 years he is kind of figuring it out. There are others in my neighborhood that are figuring it out more, but as you said, “cash will remain king.” Cash is lighter than Silver. I’m not saying sell Silver because that’s stupid. But my load is heavy, and lightening up a little doesn’t hurt or help me. But it helps him a lot. And I like to help others.

              Cash is still king until it isn’t. Gold and Silver however are so much better than paper cash. And I do agree with Jim Willie that the USD will rise, and rise, and rise, and rise, and rise some more… and then DIE!!!

              • Fraser

                When I say half, I mean half my liquids. Not including cars and properties etc. Eventually I want to get to 90% silver (around 2 metric tonnes) with expectation to again see the day when 5,000oz buys a substantial home. So I’ll get four more (one for each child) and then retire like a king on the balance. Job done!

            • Fraser

              PS Most small retailers I know and even one PM wholesaler offer a discount for cash. Which is a flection of both the desire for cash and the Government’s onerous reporting and taxation policy. While I don’t strictly approve of this, I certainly don’t agree with how our tax dollars are spent. While they have money enough to bomb innocents in Iraq, Libya and Syria etc, they certainly don’t need anything from me. In fact, we the people could easily and immediately bring down every bank and every Government by using only cash and reporting nothing.

              • Fraser

                PS. It all comes back to the “Social Contract” in that we the people agree to be governed and pay taxation in return for good and fair government and protection of our rights under the rule of law. But when government is run by criminals like the Clintons and Bushes etc, the contract is broken and we should neither agree to be governed, nor pay taxation.

          • Ed_B


            Thoughts? Sure, lots of ’em. 🙂

            I favor more cash on hand than that, typically $8-10k. About 1/2 of this is in $10s and $20s and the other half in $50s and $100s. I know that some suggest the small denominations to reduce the need to make change but anyone who’s been to the grocery store lately knows that feeding a family is not a cheap endeavor. Spending $150-200 at a time is not at all difficult.

            As to gold, yes, it is a better way to store wealth over time but I choose not to spend my gold if I can avoid it. I want the choice of whether to spend it or not and not be in a position where I HAVE to spend it to live, whether or not I want to spend it. Having cash gives me that option.

            Cash could well crash and die at some point but since even $10k is a tiny fraction of my wealth, it is worth it to me to keep it around in that form for the options that it opens up.

            Those who think that their credit and debit cards will do much for them in an economic collapse are dreaming. Those will be the 1st things that do not work. Cash in hand, silver, and then gold will be real wealth over time. Cash is for spending, silver is for living, and gold is for saving and to buy big items.

            • mike

              All you want is $20s..Saw a report on Katrina and the only cash people would take for fuel etc was $20s..No one took $50s or $100s. A $20 would buy you a gallon of gas. No one took PMs but you might have been able to sell a 1oz gold coin for $20 to buy a gallon of gas? I doubt it though, ever seen those Mark Dice Videos?..No one knows what gold is or its value and the average person has no way of verifying if it’s real or not. Gold is essentially valueless in a real emergency scenario.Cash and BTC your best bet.

      • Sean, your “lesser of two evils” narrative is collapsing around you almost as fast as the “BRICS Saviour” meme has collapsed over the past two years:

        If Donald Trump is elected and makes positive changes as a true anti-Globalist, I will gladly eat my words and cover these positive developments as well as his inevitable failings like his hard-on for the Military Industrial Complex.

        But if, two years from now, we’re in the midst of a Trump administration that has continued the lock-down of the Internet, expanded Smart Grid via Public-Private Partnership, and changed nothing with regard to the Deep State drug, arms, and sex trade, will you admit your naiivete? Will you own up to having led your readership down yet another primrose path?

  • KRELL427

    The spineless boring cuck Mike probably has a fly tattooed on his forehead.

  • glitter 1

    Trump has the biggest set on the planet along with a divine hedge of protection placed around him,just as did Job before Satan was allowed to touch him and his family.

    Nobody,but nobody has ever made statements such as these,ever in the history of this country.Everything he says had to be said,was said and lays it all out to bare.The cat is out of the bag!The jig is up!

    Here is Trump’s Rally in Cincinnati Ohio today.It’s live streamed by “Rightside Broadcastng” they have their own camera and pan the crowd,unlike the MSM guys.The estimate on the crowd is 21,000 and the live viewing audiance during the event was over 30,000.Just think of all these irredeemable deplorables,many of which showed up 6-8hr ahead of time to get in and participate.

    • glitter 1

      In reality we here in these United States reside in Modern Day Babylon,the Great Harlot- Masonic(Secular,Gnostic Republic),the signs/symbols of this kingdom are all around,visible in plain sight if one has eyes to see and insight to understand.

      It’s all just an illusion,a failed attempt and proof of the inability of men(with their internal corruption) to govern themselves.

      All just sign posts along the way to the ultimate destiny of man/history.

      Some of us are just passing through,in the world but not of it,citizens of a kingdom that is not of this world.

      Democracy is not/= freedom.

      Democracy is a herding tool/ruse for enslavement.

      “Democracy leads to Communism” – Karl Marx

      “Communism is Judaism”- Henry Makow,Texe Marrs et al,

      The god of Judaism is “The Holy Serpent”(The god of this world) and his symbol/star is the six pointed star of Remphan/Chiun (Moloch,Baal,that old serpent the devil).

      Let he/she with eyes to see,ears to hear gain understanding to what the spirit has to say.

      All just daily machinations in the ongoing march towards global destiny.

        • glitter 1

          I could only view about the first couple of minutes,but what I see so far is like a review of everything I’ve got in my library.I will watch it in total later,thanks for the link.Now I’m off to Home Depot to purchase a dimmer switch for the kitchen.It was a good dimmer/switch,it lasted 24 years.

          • Eric

            Lol. I bet Americans don’t make dimmer switches any longer. Doesn’t sound like they make pencils either.

            I planted some onions. Scallions. Hope they grow.

      • Fraser

        Don’t understand any of that, I prefer to live and breathe in the here and now. Instead, I draw a simple parallel to the movie “ANTS”. The reality is that the elites need us, but we don’t need them. Eventually, we will stop being afraid of their beatings and taxation and we will stand up and purge them from our society. When that day comes, I don’t know. But until it comes, we must support en masse men (like Trump) who promise honest Government. If he fails, we should thank him and move on until the result is achieved. Personally, I would prefer Ghandi or Mandella to Trump, but Trump is what we have today.

  • Loquito

    MY thought on all of this is NOT TO VOTE and take your freedom back. Yes Trump saids all the

    right thing to get people fire up. Your vote selects your master. Sorry but trump won’t defend

    the law of the land(The Constitution). Which is our Freedoms. Are your action representing

    Freedoms? Is the your country representing Freedom?

    PolitiCon grills Ben Shapiro about opposing Hillary AND Trump

  • Fraser

    Whoever wins the election, there will be riots. The one chance to avoid this was a joint Trump / Sanders ticket to unify the country. But for some reason, no one thought this through.

    So now, the elites are looking for an excuse to crash the market and blame someone but themselves. So they will give Trump the election by a thin margin. Then the markets will crash and after a few months of false flags and riots, Trump will get shot. The sheeple will beg for Obama to stay on and Yellen’s QE4 will pump the markets back up again.

    Forgive the cynicism, but I am old and have seen this movie too many times. Like 1974, 1981, 1987, 2000, 2008. Some say the world will end in 2016, but I say the world will keep turning in 2017 and the elite’s wealth and power will double (again) and middle class wealth and rights will halve (again).

  • Guido

    After reading the response that SGT gave to Mike in an earlier post, it reminded me of something I told a Shillary supporter (and close relative) recently when he attempted to rip me a new a-hole for supporting Donald Trump.

    I explained to him that this race is NOT about Trump the personality or Trump the messiah. I further explained that I have no illusions that that this man will ride in like a knight on a white horse and single-handedly bring about the Utopian States of America. Jeez, the Republican Establishment spent $42 Million on the campaign of Mittens Romney in 2012 and $0 on the campaign of Donald Trump in 2016. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it? This in addition to rabid opposition from every sector of the Establishment, be it banking, political, military, media or entertainment. Donald Trump is virtually alone in this race and he will remain alone should he make it to the White House. But only in so far as THAT clique is concerned. Frankly, they’re irrelevant. In actuality, he is NOT alone at all.

    I continued to explain to this relative that Donald Trump is merely a symptom, a symbol and an outward manifestation of the exploding discontent in the US. He carries the flag of the resistance, but HE is not the resistance. WE are the resistance. This fact cannot be overstated, and those who only view this race as another episode of Dancing with the Stars are completely oblivious to the bigger picture here. Shillary Clinton is not campaigning against Donald Trump, Shillary Clinton is campaigning against US. She is as aware as she can be that Trump represents something much larger than the personality or the man.

    Whether Trump wins or loses come November, the resistance will grow regardless. Business as usual politics will continue IN SPITE of a Trump presidency. Not only will it be made intolerable for him, they will attempt to set him up to fail miserably. Furthermore, you can bet that nothing is off the table, including assassination. None of this will go unnoticed by the public, and it will only cause the resistance to become a freight train without breaks. Essentially, it already is, only the train’s horn isn’t quite within earshot just yet. Give it time, it will be. It’s getting closer by the day, and it cannot be stopped because conditions that gave it its momentum many decades ago will not stop. They will only worsen.

    I concluded the conversation with my relative by explaining that the Establishment in akin to a gaggle of mental patients in a psyche ward whose medication has been withheld for months. They are frantically attempting to maintain control of that which they have always taken for granted will exist indefinitely. But they have no REAL solutions. All they know is force and violence, but they’re also keenly aware that force and violence is a double-edge sword. Don’t think for a second that visions of the guillotine don’t haunt these devils day and night. You better believe this goes FAR beyond Donald Trump, and FAR beyond American politics.

    • Eric

      “I continued to explain to this relative that Donald Trump is merely a symptom, a symbol and an outward manifestation of the exploding discontent in the US. He carries the flag of the resistance, but HE is not the resistance. WE are the resistance. This fact cannot be overstated, and those who only view this race as another episode of Dancing with the Stars are completely oblivious to the bigger picture here. Shillary Clinton is not campaigning against Donald Trump, Shillary Clinton is campaigning against US. She is as aware as she can be that Trump represents something much larger than the personality or the man.”

      This is worth memorizing.

      YOU are the Resistance!

      • Guido

        Yes it is, Eric. And yes WE are. This is the reason you seldom hear me discussing Trump policies (besides disagreeing with some). Ya, sure, when they’re deserving of it I’ll give them a nod, but this race goes SO FAR BEYOND THAT, why get caught up in diversions?

        People could debate all that ’til the cows come home. The fact of the matter is, the wicked witch represents every vial and despicable thing on the face of the earth, something I’ll shout from the roof tops if need be. And there’s no better person to carry the flag then Trump. And they’re f*ckin scared!

        • Eric

          Guido, I told this to a buddy who is mostly on the left last night.

          He is anti-Trump but certainly not pro-Hillary. In his 60’s and grew up with all that marxist propaganda of the 60’s. He generally gets the big picture and supporteed Ron Paul but misses a lot of it and needs to be reminded.

          Worked great. We’re getting along again. He knew I was right.

          • Guido

            Good to hear it, Eric. Rational and open-minded people on the left WILL get it. They don’t even have to endorse Trump’s policies, so long as they understand the bigger picture and what’s at stake should the devil Clinton get in. I’ve only had a few negative head shakes at my anti-Shillary bumper stickers on my vehicles, mainly from spoiled brat liberal elitists who go to a popular university in my area. I even caught one lurking around my car a few nights ago when I was returning from my 5-mile walk, after I parked on a dark side street in the university area. He ran when he saw me approaching from a distance, so I probably saved my tires. But I’ve had substantially more positive reactions. And not just from white people. Far from it. Trump said all the right things in Florida on Thursday. He needs to maintain that fire and direction. Freedom-loving people can relate to it, the reason the weenies at CNN are in a panic.

  • chuck

    Donald Trump cannot stop the inevitable collapse from happening. The collapse was etched in stone when Bush the elder wedged himself and his cabal of criminal globalists into the White House in 1984. This corrupt mob has held the reigns of power, uninterrupted, ever since with a plan to deconstruct our “civilization” and replace it with a globalist design of their own. This cabal is losing control of what they thought would be a controlled demolition of our republic. The outcome of the collapse in terms of political rule is not determined. Who will end up on top of the heap when the collapse happens? Us, or the globalist elite? I believe Trump, with all his faults, is raising the flag of the people and uniting them, for better or worse, against the globalists. Our chances of coming out of this with an advantage over globalist / statist power are greater with Trump than without him. Even if he is a liar and his goal is to lead us further into complete domination by government control, because of the discussions about him, our knowledge of the powers that enslave us has been made greater and awareness of our need to take control of ourselves is keener. Ultimately, we are responsible for the outcome. We will get what we deserve.

    • Eric

      “Donald Trump cannot stop the inevitable collapse from happening.”

      Actually he could tell the khazarian mafia to go fuck themselves, pay your own debt, and sign an executive order issuing currency direct from the Treasury.

      That’s not likely. But I would love it. 🙂

      • chuck

        That would make for the best speech in American history.

      • Fraser

        That would work, provided off-shore holders of old Fed-Res-Notes got paid out. Otherwise there would be nuclear war. At some stage, we also need to hunt down the khazarian mafia and confiscate their wealth before impailing their heads on sticks as a warning to others. Starting with the Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, Soros, Buffet – a real night of long knives!

  • rich

    Special to EPJ: Russian Mafia Money Laundering, the Clinton Foundation and John Podesta

    HOT EXCLUSIVE Address Designated By Podesta for Mysterious Holding Company Was That of His Daughter’s Residence

    BREAKING Clinton Campaign Chairman Transferred Shares in Putin-Backed Energy Company to Mysterious Holding Co…

  • petedivine

    Well done micro-doc. Loved every minute of it. By the way, I’m voting for Trump. We’ll see what happens after the smoke clears and the election is over.

  • anon

    “Our lives are run by a small group of psychopaths.” To find out more, go here:

    THE FINAL DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA: JFK’S 1961 Prophecy EXPOSES Obama, Hillary, Pope & the NWO

    Read the comments section. Follow the links. Read/view/listen to all content.

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