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John McCain Endorses Hillary Clinton – Withdraws Support for Trump

from Mark Dice:

John McCain has withdrawn his endorsement of Donald Trump, and by default, endorsed Hillary Clinton, after a recording of Trump making comments about women during a private conversation over ten years ago surfaced. Liberals and Establishment Republicans are pretending to be outraged in attempts to stop Trump from winning the 2016 Presidential Election.

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13 comments to John McCain Endorses Hillary Clinton – Withdraws Support for Trump

  • Guido

    It’s as though the Establishment Republicans have been salivating for months in anticipation for the moment when they finally have the excuse they need to turn their backs on Trump. And the timing of this is impeccable. It’s all been by design, and anyone with a brain can see it for what it is. But judging by the manner in which the MSM is reporting on the release of the locker room Trump recording, they obviously see the majority of Americans as gullible fools who will forever allow the wool to be pulled over their eyes. It’s simply taken for granted that they will fall in line.

    These are not only psychopaths in the truest sense, but quite likely demonically-possessed as well. They are hell-bent on war and destruction, and are intent on getting it. And they will steamroll anyone in their way.

    If the American people prove them right and fall for the psyop, then I’m sorry to say that the American people will get what they deserve.

    • MarcS

      No reason for you to be sorry,
      It’s the zombies that vote in these scumbags every election.
      The usaempire is falling quickly, thanks to the good folks who voted for a criminalwhore-in-chief and associates

      • Guido

        I hear you. It was just an expression. I should have used the word SAD. Because that’s what it will be if they continue on this course. It’s sad because they will have put ALL OF US in harm’s way. In fact, they already have.

        As for them, if they make their bed, they will have to lie in it. As sad as it is, they will get no pity from me when the SHTF, not even maybe. F-’em.

        • MarcS

          LOL, agreed.
          It is also unfortunate that attempting to talk with family members about these things end up making you the black sheep of the family.

          • Guido

            Just experienced that this weekend. They worship they’re t.v. and their MSM. They’re mental slaves. Oh well, they better make a choice… FAST.

  • boyo

    John “Songbird” McCain

  • randy0302

    McCain endorses Klinton….net positive for Mr. Trump 🙂

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Politicians, Congressmen, banksters, Judges, CEO’s, etc, are TERRIFIED of the prospect of a President who is not controlled by the “elites”.

    Trump has already been exposing the collusion of “the-money & power elites” by the way that so many big-shots have been fighting against trump and supporting the Goldman-Sachs candidate (Hillary).

    Trump may not have a good attention span or focus (I think he’s really hyper active), but he is intelligent (and horny bastard), but at least he’s not a rapist as is alleged of Bill Clinton.

    And there are more than a few women out there, who are groupies for the rich & famous. That’s just the way it works. You don’t see women chasing after high-school janitors, but they fall all over themselves for sport stars, movie stars, or rich CEO’s and banksters.

    Heck, even JFK & Bobby were both “boinking” Marilyn Monroe, but at least it was all “adult consent” rather than a crime. (But hey, just about everything born in this world with a penis is a horny creature, some of us know how to control it, and some of us don’t.)

    OK, I’m looking forward to TRUMP upsetting a lot of elites along the way.

    • Guido

      And how ironic that a bit of macho locker room talk would be exploited in such a way as to be used against Trump, while the exploiters stand diligently behind the wife (even if only a wife of convenience) of one of the biggest sexual deviants and pedophiles ever to hold public office, and the very wife who excused her husband’s (publicly admitted) improprieties and went so far as to threaten some of the woman and underage victims. But when you have a MSM standing guard over what information gets released to the public, the cabal can act with absolute impunity and without any fear of appearing like the hypocrites that they are.

      The full extent of Bill Clinton’s perversions are not known to the general public, at least to those who only get their information from the MSM. The locker room recording is essentially a warning to Trump not to divulge what he knows about Bill Clinton and the Lolita Express. In fact, it’s quite possible that false allegations against Trump regarding an encounter with an underage girl will be released by the Clinton camp, or at least left dangling over Trump’s head as a warning.

  • d

    IF anyone is surprised by this info…then YOU are really not paying attention to YOUR master…for they have been telling us what they are going to do you like it or not….AND they keep getting re-elected…( as mc cain has )….this country will not survive and honestly who wants it to…under the same leadership for the past 50 years…not I… …imho

  • The Clintons are dirt specialist and I’m sure there is more where that came from. It won’t work, she is done like burnt bacon.

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