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Irwin Schiff Remembered

from Peter Schiff:

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  • joe

    My condolences to the family of Peter Schiff, a political prisoner of a country I’ve become ashamed of.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Irwin was a dedicated man of great integrity and never wavered. Our shameful government revealed just how corrupt & rogue they are when ever they don’t want to obey our own laws to perpetuate the frauds that they rely upon.

    And his son, Peter, is another honest, “truth speaking” man who is doing his own great job of spreading truth and helping the common man to wake up and have an understanding of how to protect ourselves to all the frauds of the Fed, FIAT, etc.

    Irwin was fighting in the courts and was rail-roaded, and Peter is fighting with PM’s and the News media, blogs, interviews and with his business dealings.

    Like father like son. A honorable pair of men who are great for their workings to stop corruption of money, and to help the common people to survive and to protect ourselves from the evil systems that used to be hidden from our understanding.

    I am thankful for their strength to do what they have been doing. I am thankful for all the TV news appearances that Peter has done, even BEFORE the 2008 crash to warn us.

    It was AFTER the crash that I began to research what happened, and found the Youtube compilation video called: Peter Schiff was Right, showing various clips of his warnings that a crash was coming because housing etc was in a bubble and that sub-prime was the trigger and would crash the nation.

    They always laughed at him until it happened, and suddenly, they no longer invited him back on the NEWS shows because they were frauds and Peter was right. Then I found many others who had more information that helped to educate me on SOoo many details.

    A few of them are: Gerald Celente, David Morgan, Bill Holter, Mike Maloney, Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert, Rickards, Faber, Rogers, Hoffman and MANY more.

    Not only did they educate me about the frauds and how the system works, but that education gave me the information of how to protect myself for the future crashes.

    Stack some PM’s, grow a garden, become more self sufficient and be able & equipped to protect my own safety.

    And THANKS to SGT report, ZH, etc, as they have kept up with gathering news, information and helpful advice how to prepare, survive and live well thru all kinds of things.

    Thanks for bringing all kinds of world news, local news, etc, of how so many events are connected, and how so many situations are the result of so many evil manipulations by TPTB who want power, money & control at the expense of the entire planet.

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