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HSBC RED ALERT: Stock Market “Severe Fall” Based on THIS Chart!

from The Money GPS:

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3 comments to HSBC RED ALERT: Stock Market “Severe Fall” Based on THIS Chart!

  • Fraser

    The coming crash needs an excuse and I think it will be tied into the election. Which probably means Trump is allowed to win, shock, horror. The Fed crashes the market and the sheeple get wiped out. Soros funds some riots. Then a “lone gunman” shoots Trump before inauguration and the TPTB ask Obama to continue. The markets recover and the 1% (who shorted the crash and then bought everthing) emerge with total ownership of America. The the real riots begin!

  • Ed_B

    All nice and neat until… “and the TPTB ask Obama to continue.”

    It would take an act of congress to grant a 3rd term and even then there might need to be an election. Besides… shirking all those official duties is time consuming and tiring. Better to retire on many millions of dollars in graft and corruption so more time can be spent on the basketball court, golf course, and in various bath houses. Any time spent avoiding Moochele would just be an added bonus.

  • Fraser

    See your point, but Obama is a good puppet who also happens to suffer narcissism and meglomania. That said, happy to change sentence to: “and the sheeple plead to Congress to change the Constitution and allow Obama to rule under the new title “Supreme Emperor” and to cleanse America of all that is currently wrong (including guns, gold, cash, banking restrictions, etc).

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