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How Much Gold and Silver Do You Need For Retirement?

by Gary Christenson, GoldAndLiberty:

You want to retire soon but you don’t trust debt based fiat currency paper assets. Besides, the stock market looks toppy and bonds have about run their 30+ year bull market to its inevitable and ugly end – as indicated by negative interest rates, QE, helicopter money, ZIRP, central bank insanity and more.

How much stacked gold and silver do you need to retire? It clearly depends upon your individual situation – your age, expenses, other income, medical expenses, and more.

Assume that average annual US wages indicates a rough estimate of your annual retirement expenses. Below are graphs of average annual wages expressed in ounces of gold and silver based on their average annual selling price.

Note that the US average wage, measured in both gold and silver, as I have drawn the dashed line, has been declining for the last three decades. Given that gold and silver have recently emerged from four year corrections we expect their prices to rise more rapidly than wages, so the ongoing decline should continue.


Use average wages (approximately $40,000 per year) as a starting point. Adjust for your situation, taxes, life style, age etc.
Hope you have other income, such as Social Security, a pension, or 401(k), that will pay 25% or 50% of your needs.
Assume about 2,000 ounces of silver or 30 ounces of gold are equivalent to US annual average wages.
Assume the needed ounces for retirement expenses decrease by (at least) one % per year for both gold and silver as gold and silver prices accelerate higher.
If markets crash and central banks can’t prevent a deflationary collapse, gold and silver will probably protect your purchasing power as their prices will fall proportionally less than other prices and assets.
If central banks create hyperinflation, gold and silver will probably rise far more rapidly than prices for what you need.
If “stagflation” dominates, then gold and silver should more than cover the increase in expenses for your needs.
If the powers-that-be create a nuclear war, or manage a total financial collapse, we will have other more pressing concerns than ounces of gold or silver.

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2 comments to How Much Gold and Silver Do You Need For Retirement?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Academic exercises & formulas, historical studies etc are all useful in a lot of ways. History is filled with all kinds of examples of what works.

    Today, in parts of Venezuela, you can feed 2 adults for a year, with as little as 5 or 6 ounces of silver!

    Back in 1923 Wiemar Germany, a people were able to feed their family for months at a time on the scrap value of a typical gold chain necklace.

    During the “siege of Sarajevo”, a single can of beans or spam was said (by somebody who survived it) to buy a night with a woman.

    Right now, and for the last year or more, college age (and other ages too) women are selling sex for the price of a sandwich or a meal.

    So how much silver is needed for ONE person to eat, live & pay bills for 10 years?
    There is NO solid answer to that. In Zimbabwe, Venezuela, ancient Rome (when the silver was removed from the Denarius), etc. it takes VERY LITTLE silver to live & survive well.

    To plan for the worst scenario, a WILD GUESS, is that a person may be able to survive & live above the poverty level for just 10 ounces per year. It could require fewer ounces than this. Here is the sobering thought, if a person can live OK on just 5-10 ounces of silver per year, it’s gonna be a BAD world.

    But it’s much better to be the guy who has a couple hundred ounces of silver instead of the cat-lady who has none.

    Just another wild guess, but if you’ve got 500 ounces of silver (hopefully more), and a year’s supply of everything else, and even some space to grow a garden and raise chickens, then you’re in very good shape for some bad times.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I forgot to specify the country for this.
    (Right now, and for the last year or more, college age (and other ages too) women are selling sex for the price of a sandwich or a meal.)

    The country is GREECE.

    Of course, also in Chicago, Detroit, etc, you can probably get some ugly woman sex for a 3 piece chicken meal at the drive-thru.

    Long after BTC has no value, there will still be a market for VGC transactions.

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