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Donald Trump Remains 4.7% Ahead of Hillary, as Clinton’s “Smear Campaign” Fails Horribly – Nathan McDonald

by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money:

ince Hillary’s literal collapse witnessed around the world on September 11th, during the 9/11 memorial, Hillary’s campaign has been in free-fall.

On September 12th, Donald Trump overtook her in the widely-watched general election polls hosted by the Los Angeles Times and since that time, Hillary and her campaign staff have been attacking Trump from every angle, calling on the masses to ” dig up ” any dirt they can find on their opposition.

This strategy has largely been a bust, and the only information that they have thus far been able to find and make stick has been a story from 20 years ago. This story has made international headlines and is of course about the former Ms. Universe Alicia Machado, in which he called “Ms Piggy”, following her rapid weight gain after winning the contest.

Unfortunately for the Clinton campaign, this person was not properly vetted at all, and in the past week a plethora of evidence has surfaced, showcasing the incredibly poor judgement and characteristics of this new “champion” of the left and women’s rights:

Despite the countless shortcomings of this woman and her incredibly questionable past, the Clinton campaign has continued to run with this strategy, likely hoping that it will keep the attention on this matter and not the countless corruption allegations that have shown to have a massive impact on Hillary’s favorability.

In addition to this, old footage has surfaced, which shows Donald Trump defending Alicia in front of the media, further hurting the Clinton story:

With all this taken into consideration, it is not surprising to see that Trump has been pulling away from Hillary since her health scare episode and it’s of no further surprise to see that he has maintained this lead following the first national debate, in which he won the mass majority of online polls in a landslide.

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1 comment to Donald Trump Remains 4.7% Ahead of Hillary, as Clinton’s “Smear Campaign” Fails Horribly – Nathan McDonald

  • a guy from Ukraine

    Here in Ukraine I accidentally saw a running line through a TV screen the day after the debates claiming Hillary smashed Trump with a 63% to 27% post-debate vote. The information was broadcast again and again making Trump performance look pale in comparison to that of Clinton. No mention was made of the source which was a heavily biased pro-Clinton CNN, not the fact the overwhelming pro-democratic majority taking place in the poll. This is a typical example of manipulating mass conscience we witness on a daily basis.
    Well, I can well understand the desparation of the Powers that Be here. They have a hack of a lot to lose – Trump refused to meet the US-installed Poroshenko while on a visit to the US…. This bodes very bad for Ukraine living off of an financial life support extended by the US…

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