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Do You Feel The Urgency To Top Off Your Food Storage And Preps?

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

I’m not sure if it’s because I spend a fair amount of time each day reading alt-news (news other than the ‘mainstream media’), but lately I have had the gut feeling to urgently prepare even more. The thing is, I feel like I’m already quite well prepared, however I’m getting the feeling to do even more… and to do it quickly.

Do any of you have this sense of urgency lately? And why do think that is?

The title of this article includes the word “Urgency”. I definitely feel the urgency. And then there is the phrase to “top off”. To top off? One wonders how much is enough to feel as though you have enough? Surely that depends on what we’re talking about. In this case, lets say ‘food storage’ (but that’s just one of many categories that I feel urgent about).

When I look at my own long-term food storage, I know that I have lots, and I feel pretty good about it. When you wonder whether or not you should acquire even more, if you already have enough food storage for your ‘comfort zone’ it may seem like you don’t really need to acquire more. However there are several logical reasons why you can’t go wrong acquiring even more…

1. The prices of food will not be going lower in the future, so by acquiring more now you will be saving money into the future. A good investment while exchanging ‘paper’ fiat dollars into a very important tangible asset.

2. If stored properly, and while using good food rotation practices, the food will not be wasted – even if there is no ‘collapse’ condition in our future.

3. Having more food will always buy you more survival time. That’s a good thing.

4. More food on hand will enable the possibility to feed others. Others who may be able to help fortify survival.

5. Your food storage and the caloric content thereof may not be as much as you think – so having more will bolster your deep pantry in calories and nutritional content. Variety is the spice of life – so use this same principle in your food storage.

Okay, back to the word, urgency.

I cannot ever remember a time in my life when there has been so much risk at once in the world. And it’s all building while barely being held together by propaganda, false perceptions, manipulation and control by the-powers-that-be. With the election coming up and ‘globalism’ on the line, the globalists can not and will not allow their power to be taken away. There are just a few weeks remaining and one wonders what ‘they’ will do…

I will turn this conversation over to you.
Do any of you have this sense of urgency lately? And why do think that is?

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3 comments to Do You Feel The Urgency To Top Off Your Food Storage And Preps?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Yes, I have also been feeling an increasing level of urgency & dread pertaining to a collapse, war, starvation, civil unrest, gov’t tyranny, etc.

    Preps are the most effective form of life & living insurance you can have. Prep well, sleep good. My ‘awake friends’ feel it too.

    If you feel like you’ve got a good stockpile of preps & wish to expand into a new & worthy area, I’d suggest a good solar-power kit or system. Got that & want to diversify it?

    you can charge & use an Electric car or bike. Golf cart. (panels for less than fifty cents per watt!)

    Want to expand your barter kit? tobacco seeds for growing. Buy ‘pipe tobacco for rolling cheap cigarette. ($10 for 1 pound loose= makes 30 packs), don’t forget to buy rolling papers and/or injection tubes & a few ‘pocket rollers’.

    If you spend more than $120, you can get free shipping too. I bought the “Buoy brand” full flavor PIPE tobacco (avoid rolling tobacco labeled as ‘cigarette’ because the Federal taxes add about $50 onto each pound…but “Pipe” tobacco is EXEMPT.) Smokers will be desperate.

    62-75% alcohol content HAND SANITIZER in the pumper bottles (it’s drinkable too), AND it cleans hands well, AND it burns VERY well for heating up a can of beans, cold fingers for changing a car tire in winter, etc.

    Extra bottles of BOOZE (for barter). Garden seeds and supplies. People who run OUT of (or never got) garden fertilizers will die without some. pH meters, calcium, Lime, Iron, Epsom salts, wettable sulfur, bug chems, etc. (D.E. too)

    Plenty of CANNING jars (150-200 per person) and enough lids to reuse those jars for several years! 2 or 3 pressure canners, plenty of extra canning salt (swimming pool salt=$6 for 40 pounds), plenty of extra gallons of pickling vinegar. 25 pound box of Pickling spices=from .

    This is just about the right time to plant those FRUIT & nut trees. Get your winter crops started, even if it’s just GROUND COVER CROPS. (Diakon Radishes are edible, and really improve the soil.) etc etc.

    Buy odd, but useful seeds, such as Amaranth (Google it, and see how HEALHTY & useful it is.)
    I know we cannot grow COFFEE in most of the USA, but we CAN grow TEA & Chicory, poppies, and many “medicinal herbs”. Buy some supplies to make a home made greenhouse (swimming pool bubble wrap-solar pool cover, the CLEAR stuff, works better than anything but glass or double walled polycarbonate. The winters of 2017-19 is likely to be the time when you’ll try to be growing things all winter long.

    Water filtering supplies may be a life saver, but plain old water gets really boring!
    Plenty of packs of Kool Aid, Cocoa Powder, extra jugs of cooking oil, and no less than 100 pounds of SUGAR.

    I don’t mention the typical, standard prepping foods, because you should have all of those already in good supply.

    Tire plugging kits? Fix-A-Flat? Cheap, portable tire inflator? Hand pump? Spare car parts, fluids, belts?

    OK. All of you WELL Prepped preppers, get out there and DIVERSIFY YOUR PREPS.
    Spare roll of house WINDOW screen and other supplies, tools, etc.
    Window repair plastic, tape, etc.

    Solar YARD lights (great to bring indoors for when the power goes out).
    Solar MOTION sensor flood lights.
    22 caliber, 35 caliber, or 45 caliber AIR RIFLE (and hand pump). You’ll never have to buy gunpowder type ammo again. Bullet mold, lead melter, etc.

    Crossbow anybody?

    Paranoid & ambitious? How about some rolls of RAZOR WIRE in the shed, deploy it when you are not worried about getting a ticket for it. Most people are not afraid of barbed wire or a farmer’s electric wire fence, but NOBODY wants to touch RAZOR WIRE.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Proof that clever people can survive OK. Don’t forget to rotate those crops to prevent diseases & reduce pests.

    Cooking without gas, electric, wood or liquid fuels?

    Make a simple FREE solar ovens!

    Drill your own well.

    read how to make black powder for a muzzle loader.

    Home made solar heaters. some for water, some for the house.

    google how make beer, wine or hard liquor.

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