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Deutsche Bank Is On The Verge Of Collapse: Andrew Hoffman

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3 comments to Deutsche Bank Is On The Verge Of Collapse: Andrew Hoffman

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Did Andy answer the question: “Do you think it’s going to come down slowly, or quickly when the SHTF?

    I think it’s obvious. (it’s NOT going to come down quickly– it’s going “Nuclear”).

    The entire world “financial systems” are truly a “house of cards”, held together, NOT by anything reliable, but all the connections and foundations of the “house of cards” is held together by FIRECRACKERS and the room is filled with a bunch of drunken-idiots running around shooting off a bunch of “Roman Candles”. (and I think the floor is covered in gasoline).

    Eventually one of those sparks is gonna ignite the firecrackers, the floor is going to burst into flames and the entire thing is gonna catch the world on fire.

    Perhaps I need to watch some “end of the world” movies again…such as Mad Max (I kinda enjoyed BARTERTOWN). But there are SO many “end of the world”, starting over, and surviving movies that have interesting-useful insights.

    Even the movie “The Martian” (Brad Pitt) was interesting how he turned the Mars shelter into an indoor grow room to make food to survive, and he used all the solar panels he could gather for his own needs.

    Growing a garden will save lives. (Look at Venezuela!)
    Here’s a Solar Panel Tip.

    When the SHTF, you’d better have a nice, long extension ladder (or perhaps a cherry picker truck), get your ass out there with a couple of “survival buddies”, and start grabbing all the solar panels (and batteries, and circuits, cables, etc) from the top of all those ROAD SIDE BILLBOARDS along the highways, and located on road-crew trailer mounted road signs (parked in the city’s fenced in equipment yard), etc.

    In a couple of days of “scavenging”, you may be able to get enough panels to power several homes (but you can be sure that you will NOT be the only guy who is getting ready to grab those panels.)

    I’d imagine the BEST strategy, would be to steal a big CHERRY PICKER truck, and gather your crew to get the job done faster, easier, safer.

    If you guys grab a couple of “service trucks” would be MUCH BETTER, and you lay out the ORANGE Road cones & barrels, (make it look 100% OFFICIAL), put on the reflective vests, WORK BOOTS and the YELLOW HARD hats (safety regs require all LEGITIMATE construction crews/road crews to wear the hard hats), it will make you appear TOTALLY LEGIT, you can even drive up, and ORDER all the other scavengers to give up their “stolen solar panels” and order them to leave the area so that YOU can grab all the panels and associated system.

    Bring the wives or daughters along too, dress them up in the reflective vests, WORK boots, Hard hats, walkie talkies, and they can baby-sit the orange road-cones, and with a HAND HELD sign, etc, they can “direct traffic” safely around the “construction site”. Yes, set up those temporary road warning signs that says “Warning- Work Crews Ahead”, Slow down, etc.

    If this is going to be like “Mad Max”, etc, then remember also to visit the CELL PHONE TOWERS, (again, set up the road-cones, hard hats, work boots, reflective OSHA vests, etc) and remove the HUNDREDS of deep cycle batteries in the “back up systems”.

    Those towers often have a backup genny and fuel tank, but the tanks will most likely be empty very fast when the grid goes down, but those batteries and inverter systems, cables, etc.(and your stolen solar panels) will work just fine.

    Don’t really waste time trying to steal any of the big generators because FUEL may become IMPOSSIBLE to find. But hey, if you’ve got your own GAS WELL on your land, then yes, set up a genny system running from your own gas well, but you’d better have some SUPER MUFFLERS on it to prevent from making ANY engine noises that will attract the MAD MAX warriors/killers to your homestead. That’s why I will be using ONLY solar power because it requires NO fuel and makes NO sounds.

    Save your own life, DRILL your own water well !!!!!!

    This is a “skill” (knowledge) that will be VERY VALUABLE when you want to make “money” (or barter for food, livestock & materials).

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    PS. (I forgot to mention this important tip).

    depending on the situations, you may or may not be able to make it look like a “fully approved”, day-time legit operation.

    While we still have everything working normally, use your computer, printer, scanner, etc…and go to the store…etc.

    1= buy several ‘clip boards’, hard hats, vests, etc. (the vests & hard hats are not always stored in the official work-trucks.

    2=buy the materials for printing-making some Laminated Work tags & i.d. for everybody in your work-crews!

    3=print out the (official looking) WORK-ORDERS directing you to “remove solar panels, etc” to be transported back to the yard-secure location, etc. try to print work locations, such as “Hwy 273, from mile marker 125 thru 187, both sides of road” etc.

    other possible tips…………

    …make full i.d. with their pictures, even using their real names just in case some well armed troopers stop to check the crews & the work-orders.

    (hey, you could actually call the local cops, etc, and tell them that you need a “safety escort” and to have them meet you, and your emergency removal crew at the work site to protect you while you safely remove this vital equipment.)

    It would be best to show up at the police station in person with work-orders, i.d., and good explanation AFTER the phone systems & power grid is dead so they cannot double check your story. (have some boxes of food & ounces of silver ready to BRIBE anybody who resists your plans.) Getting a police escort is risky, Perhaps just let them know you’ve got a special crew out there. But still be ready to offer some life-saving, juicy bribes to any armed officials who might cause trouble. Play it right, and they may stick around to assist your plan & you may gain some valuable partners.

    If martial-law is going full retard, then the 100% official work crews & work-orders will be the only way to handle it.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    PSS= Bribery Tips!

    Try not to make the mistake of Bribing the LOW LEVEL FLUNKIES when you SHOULD be bribing the CAPTAIN, CHIEF, Commander!

    Get the Chief on your bribery team, and let him ORDER his low level flunkies to escort & protect your work-crew.

    If you bribe a low level flunky and the chief starts snooping around, then everything will quickly fall apart, etc.

    Bribery works on many levels. You often need to be ready to bribe LOW level flunkies, because they are the BIG FISH in the little pond, (and they sometimes are motivated by the need to feed their own family, but you can always expect them to be cocky, arrogant and dangerous. But your BEST strategy is to be FRIENDLY and “accommodating” in ways that will win him over to your temporary needs.

    The world is full of clever little bribery stories. Handing over money, drugs, food, or sex for many different favors. I’ve watched as a small cash bribe (in eastern Europe) to a hotel-restaurant worker-boss, got us a behind the scenes fantastic meal that was normally reserved only for high class, paying guests. We were served in the “side room”, and the paying-guests had paid hundreds of dollars for the same kind of service. We were NOT paying guests! We were treated as “valuable bribe customers”, and were let in & out thru the side door, etc.

    I’ve seen road-cops, take a few bucks to avoid a ticket. (not in the USA), but hey, there are people in EVERY country who respond very well to a pay-off. Just look at Hillary CLinton, Judges, Congressmen, contractors, inspectors, etc.

    When the SHTF, the previous “big shots” will be cocky, dangerous, and HUNGRY. They may be very helpful with something as simple as a “food bribe”, or they may be so cocky, arrogant and dangerous, that they may need to be dead. Call it as you see it.

    Some people are so accustomed to getting everything they want, that there is no way to reason with them.

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